I was just on the Today Show site looking for info about Louis and Steve’s upcoming performance, and it looks like the NYC studio will be closed on Friday as the show is going to be broadcast from DC that day. So my guess is their performance will be prerecorded from an LA/Vegas event.


This song [Christmases When You Were Mine] I think is really different, because it’s a different spin on a Christmas song. You know, my favorite kind of thing to write about is, you know, heartbreak or something like that. And a lot of times in the holiday, you’re reminiscing about holidays past, maybe with people that you’re not around anymore. And so this song is really special to me and I hope that it’s a little bit different than any other holiday songs.


Hip-hop artist Common calls “Hamilton: An American Musical” “one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.” Creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda says he actually based his George Washington character on Common and John Legend.

Common: Hamilton fanboy