ok but like. why is the panic fandom so fucking toxic. especially the rivalry between ryan stans and brendon stans. for example: the hardcore ryan stans think brendon is an irredeemable asshole who ruined ryan’s life by stealing the panic name and playing songs that ryan wrote without crediting him and they try to twist everything brendon does into proof of him being actual scum of the earth,, and on the other hand the hardcore brendon stans think ryan was abusive and try to twist everything he did and said into this elaborate plan ryan had to manipulate brendon? like yall need to chill out for a sec, go outside, drink some water,, nothing fuckin matters my dude just enjoy the music and don’t ruin the experience for everyone. this goes to both ryan stans and brendon stans and everyone in the fandom that makes “theories” about the members’ behavior/relationships/the split.

tl;dr: ryan stans need to stop demonizing brendon and picking apart his behavior and brendon stans need to stop demonizing ryan and picking apart his behavior

Getting Black Hair in DAI!

Ok, so @roguelioness was wondering how to get black hair for her characters in DAI, and I thought I figured putting together a quick little guide with pictures and stuff would be the most helpful. So here you are!

First, you will need to download the DAI CLI Save Editor by ricco19 at the Nexus. It’s a really neat tool that lets you manually adjust the colors of several aspects of your character, from make-up to hair and eye color. The save editor isn’t a mod, so you can save it in a separate folder from your mods. I put mine in its own folder.

The rest below the cut!

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take your time but please tell me the secret on how to be better. I am the night sky and a dimly lit room all in the same sentence and I don’t really know where to put the period. some days I am better and I’m here with this abundance of love in my heart and the other days I am all alone and no way to cope with the sadness. give me the grass stained jeans and give me the love I used to feel but not while in the arms of others. I’m not alone but sometimes I am. let me learn how to cope with the bad days and let me learn how to find comfort in my own arms and my own bed and then I swear I can give them the best parts of me after that. let me learn how to feel innocent and lovely again. let me learn how to heal again. let me learn.
—  let me learn how to heal again

OKAY so let’s be clear here… Bellamy’s entire arc this season has been about finding his own self-worth. He’s been trying to figure out why he deserves to live after all he’s done. He didn’t want to be inside. You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved, he said. But with that scene, he decides he’s going to live because Clarke Griffin “died” for him. He meant that much to her. He owes his life to her so he will live for her. Bellamy Blake finally found his self worth because he was loved.


Please papa SEGA, let Sonic have more than 2 pairs of slick kicks.

You ever think about the fact that the only way to save everyone from the squip was with red mountain dew and michael’s main color is red 

Like im not saying Michael is the main hero of BMC but im saying Michael is totally the main hero of BMC and I love him