Things are rarely as they seem and you mustn’t become too comfortable with a given scenario or season of life, lest you take it for granted. It’s all about that old saying that you don’t really know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Owl City is about capturing the ups and downs and enjoying them to the fullest.

back in the studio!

so things have officially happened! turns out since my move over the summer, my commute to the studio is like twenty minutes shorter, so that’s rad. anyway, i dropped off my payment— see receipt— and received my clay, and then just messed around for a while to warm up. made some cute little bunnies. obviously i need to get to work on reward stuff, but i didn’t really think my first day back when i’m all creaky and rusty was the best time to start those projects. i’m gonna be messaging people who have custom reward stuff and finding out what they want, then i’ll go forth next week to deadly clay battle.