anyway the anime I’ve been yelling about is a deconstruction of the “normal guy stuck in a fantasy world” trope where this guy goes to this dangerous fantasy world and dies instantly…. and then wakes up at the last save point (and he has no control over where / when the save points are) and has to figure out how to progress. His only skill is he knows what’s going to happen because he’s lived through it several times. So he tries to gather intel by staying alive as long as possible and doing different things every time to get the full picture and THEN maybe kill himself, restart from scratch, and save the day.

So imagine Groundhog Day mixed with Madoka Magica and a splash of every fantasy harem anime ever and that’s Re: Zero

It’s good but also very frustrating because the main character hits rock bottom several times and lashes out at people for not understanding

Also he’ll die if he tells anyone the truth 

Anyhow I’m probably going to take a break for a bit (length, type, etc undetermined) because it turns out being told I’m responsible for pedophilia puts me in a bad way and I have a lot of obligations in the air rn.

But like I know when a trans or queer person drops out people usually are like “did they die” so no! I didn’t! Like, or at least it will be unrelated.

Be well! 😇💁🏼

Ok at the beginning of goblet of fire they say “people die in these tournaments” so why the FUCK is anyone shocked when Cedric is killed lol??? Like what the hell chances are he could have gotten killed another way.

Also why didn’t voldy destroy the port key when Harry was stuck in the graveyard for so long??? That’s what I would have done. I mean maybe he was just cocky but I thought he was smarter than that

These damn movies I swear

I love em tho

Tbh, the reason why so many of my art and writing projects die out after a while is because not enough people react to them the way I’d hoped / I never get any sort of feedback / they never take off enough that I stay motivated to continue working on them. I have five original novels I’ve been working on for a cumulative total of fourteen years give or take the age of some ideas, four dead comics, inactive character interaction blogs, a pile of unfinished sketches… Because I lost the motivation to continue.

It doesn’t matter how much you love your projects, there comes a point where you start to wonder if it’s worth pursuing. Artists are insecure af and need validation that we’re doing good work and should keep going.

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I know quite a lot of people think Aaron or rob may die in October but didn't Danny say he wants a bright future for them and he can see them getting married?

Personally, I don’t put much (if any) weight into what the actors say they want to happen, even if it can be nice to hear sometimes. :)

That said, there’s no reason to believe either of them will die in October. At the moment it’s just speculation by worried fans. 

Really I spent most of my life upset that I’m never going to be beautiful enough For love. Never got any love from family and I never experienced having a crush or having someone be really interested in me. I’m definitely gonna die alone. Whenever people look my way they immediately look the other direction like yep I’m ugly lol.

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30, 35

30: One book everyone should read

idk man books that are important to me might not be to other people y’know. i hate when there are lists of like ‘100 books you should read before you die!!’ bc people should just!!! read what they enjoy!!!! but if i had to pick i would make everybody read one day by david nicolls bc then they’d watch the movie and then ppl would actually know who im on abt when i get excited about the time i saw jim sturgess on the tube 

35: What do you think of Ebooks

i love the feeling of reading a real book and i love the #aesthetic of filling up your bookshelf but i do also have a kindle because if you’re churning though books quickly it can get expensive to buy physical copies and also its brill for travelling!!! 

I’m trying. It doesn’t appear that way, I know. But I’m trying to be okay, I’m trying to stay positive but I can’t. I got tickets to see my favourite band live today, I had a nice day out. I have things to look forward to but I don’t smile. I’m exhausted. I want people to leave me alone but I also want certain ones to pay me more attention. It’s fucked up. I assume everyone is going to leave so I let them, I will let conversations die and I won’t hold onto people. But I’m miserable being alone. I’m tired of battling with my body. I’m tired of going into work and seeing my dead name. I’m tired of waiting for good things to happen to me because I don’t have the energy to go find them. I can’t keep doing this.

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I don't understand people saying a main character needs to die. Like, I understand it would give the show more shock value, but at the same time ARE YOU FREAKING TRYING TO BREAK MY HEART???!!!!?!?!?!



“Why don’t you ban one of the biggest problems in the world? Alcohol? How many fights happen, how many people die every night? How many people die from having altercations due to being drunk? How many accidents happen from being drunk? How many problems and altercations happen because of alcohol? Why don’t you ban alcohol then? ‘Cause it makes you too much goddamn money. “


reminder that ples transmercy is an abuse apologist who excuses the fact that xyr partner, my abuser, is a child abuser, despite admitting that he abused me on more than one occasion as well as saying things such as “I would never, ever, defend a child abuser” when xe was still denying that he abused me (which lasted months.) xe also worked hard to convince my abuser, a 19 year old, that i, a 15 year old at the time, was the abusive one despite our age difference and the fact that i had already spoken out about him abusing me. and also abuse apologists are ugly and a waste of oxygen

im making this post for no real reason besides the fact that i want to die bc im sick of my abuse being the exception jst bc people like my abuser its disgustinfg and im tired and not over it bc literal abuse was involved

i don’t deserve to be hated or silenced or invalidated for standing up for myself. i didn’t deserve to have to read through pages of chatlogs about why my abuse was justified. i didn’t deserve any of it and you’re fucking sick if you think otherwise.

is it me

or for the most part, Riarkle shippers and are the sweetest people ever??

even tho they die hard and protective of their ship, they’re respective of the other ships.

Like majority love the idea of smarkle and as well Rilaya. they obviously aren’t keen on r*cas but will be polite to those shippers who are atleast respectable to them.  Which is rare and I admire that tbh