I’m glad that Rebels finally dropped a hammer.

Last night’s episode, “An Inside Man”, wasn’t the full hammer blow that I was expecting (though I am fully aware that the blow is coming, especially given how the episode ended…), but it was all around everything I wanted.

First off, character death. Normally I’m a strong advocate against “Character Death Is Essential For a Good Show”, but Rebels and The Clone Wars are exceptions, because you have an obligation in any war story to remind the viewers that Good People Die. To do otherwise suggests that war is easy and simple. By killing off a named character–even a minor one–the show reminds its viewers that the Empire is not to be trifled with. 

When they revealed the death scene in the preview clip, I was initially worried that the writers would pull back from the death at the last second–and that would just be a waste of time and terrible writing. But when the moment actually happened, I was stunned by the presentation and cruelty. It was, if you will pardon the phrase, perfectly executed.

As for the rest of the episode, it also fulfilled demands–because while the Rebels scored a victory (escaping with the plans), it was really just them salvaging what they could from a disaster. The saboteurs in Lothal’s factories were all exposed (and while the second man was not executed onscreen, he was obviously brought in for interrorgation and will probably never be seen again), Thrawn’s plans are proceeding, the Lothal cell is hiding once more, and Fulcrum’s identity is jeopardized (by which I mean Thrawn totally knows and is going to use Fulcrum to his own ends now). 

This is the stuff I wanted to see: victories and advances for a fledgling Rebellion even as the Empire chips away at their ranks.

Where I stand on the issues!

Abortion- I am Pro-Life and will always be Pro-Life because I feel that it’s wrong to kill an unborn child that has no say whether he gets to live or die. Abortion is murder no matter how you look at it. Many people ask me why am I Pro-Life and I simply tell them that I am the voice of the unborn child that can not speak. I’ve been told that I am an idiot for saying that, but I ask them “why do we have animal rights activist who says they are the voice of the animal that cannot speak” and not ONCE have I have a Pro-Choicer argue with me after that statement.

Immigration- I am not happy with both parties when it comes to Immigration. I feel that anyone who wants to become an American citizen has the right to. They need to follow the rules and fill out the right paperwork and be approved before entering the United States because when they come illegally it cost the tax payers billions to Catch/jail/feed/water and deport them back to either Mexico, Canada, or where ever they are from. My biggest issue living in Texas is the drug cartels and how they are sending Hispanics across the border to smuggle drugs and ransacking homes and business at the same time. I stand firm on saying “If you don’t come legally then don’t come at all”.

Healthcare- Healthcare isn’t a right! Sorry, but it’s the truth. if you work then you should be able to buy into an insurance plan. Medicaid should only be used for those who are not able to work due to an injury that is permanent or they are born with a defect that doesn’t allow them to work. Children should be put on their parent’s insurance and once they turn 18 OR graduates college then they need to find their own insurance plan. It’s not fair ,but then again LIFE’S NOT FAIR. If you do not have insurance don’t think that you can’t go to the Hospital and not get healthcare because they can never refuse you care. Of course, you will be billed and yes they will work with you on a payment plan. Doesn’t seem so bad. Socialized medicine will not only bankrupt our nation but put millions of Doctors out of work. Doctors didn’t spend 8-12 years and thousands of dollars on college for nothing. I do not feel that I should have to pay for someone else’s healthcare while I pay for my own. We as taxpayers already pay for Medicaid and Medicare ( who are both broke) for citizens to have free healthcare.

Economics- CAPITALISM is the only way for our economy to survive and its simple. People start the business and they grow (or they fail) once the business gets big enough to hire workers and get investors then the money trickles down and everyone gets paid. Cap and trade not only kills millions of jobs but it also destroys the economy.

Taxes- I believe in a flat tax Logically if you tax the rich (who are the business owners or big bosses) they have to make cuts at work and in the end, they not only cut benefits for the workers they cut their pay then eventually lay them off because they have to pay higher taxes. Higher taxes kill jobs. If you tax everyone the same not only do employees get bonuses and better benefits but more people in America are employed and the economy survives and flourishes.

Taxing the Rich: I never really understood why the Government would want to tax the rich folks. I believe that the rich are the ones that provide the jobs to the American people. I also believe that they’re the ones that make sure that your family gets fed, and has a roof over your head… you know how they do that? They provide you with a job. You have a job because someone with money created a business that eventually grew, and they were able to expand. I hear a lot that the rich need to pay their fair share….really? Haven’t they already? Like I said they are the ones that are providing you with a job, and paying you… I believe that they have paid their fair share times a million. Look at Sam Walton. He created Walmart. It was a mom, and pop shop. He grew, and he was able to expand his business. If you tax the rich all it does is make them not want to hire, and make cuts. It’s a disgrace, and you shouldn’t punish success.

Gay Marriage- I believe that gays should have the same rights as straight people do. I believe that it’s big government to take away my right to be happy. Let me take away your right to get married, and see how it feels. You think that gays are ruining the fabric of society when it comes to marriage? No, I’m sorry people like Kim Kardashian, and Newt Gingrich who have been divorced, time, and time again are the ones that are ruining a marriage.

LGBT Community- I support FULL protection against discrimination in public or the workplace in all 50 states. I find it very immoral for an employer to fire or not hire someone because they are Gay or Lesbian. This isn’t the 60’s where people are separate but equal. Gay rights are CIVIL RIGHTS! This is 2012, not 1911 so grow up and stop discriminating on people who are with same-sex partners. A felony and Jail or Prison time should be a punishment depending on how bad the discrimination was. Beating or Murdering should be Prison time.

Foreign policy- Provide new strategies to help poor nations but not with taxpayer money. Pursue a comprehensive strategy against WMD’s. Make peace where peace can be made. Fully fund NATO with supplies for workers and food but keep a budget tight and reasonable. If a Country’s citizens go into protest over their dictator leaders try to negotiate with the dictator to help keep the country intact and not break into a civil war. Work with other countries on helping bring down terrorism, but not spend billions of tax payers money. Keep a tight budget that is reasonable. I’m not big on foreign policy because it really doesn’t do anything for me but that’s how I feel about it.

Second Amendment- I fully support the second amendment and feel that all colleges should allow concealed weapons on campus but not in sporting events or bars or restaurants. The reason I support concealed weapons on campus is because (In Texas) you have to be 21 to buy a gun plus take classes and have a full on the background check and take a shooting class before you can even have possession of the gun. Freshmen, Sophomore and Juniors won’t have access to a gun because they are usually under the age of 21. Graduates and facility will have possession. I feel that if you have a felony for a UNRELATED gun crime then you should not have your rights stripped away from you and not be able to own a gun. A gun is not a toy it is one of two things protection and access to food.

Freedom of speech- I feel that you should be able to say whatever you want whenever you want. The right to protest the right to tell someone to fuck off even a cop if he is harassing you, but I feel that when it comes to funerals or hate speech that is harming someone mentally or physically then that’s where I draw the line. You can thank the WBC for that because they protest Gay funerals along with Soldiers and step all over our America flag. There is only so much you can say before it turns into violence and violence should be avoided at all cost when it comes to freedom of speech.

Welfare- I feel that if you are able to get up and go to work then you should have no access to food stamps. I see it all the time in the grocery store. I see a mother and 3 or 4 kids using a food stamp card to pay for their food and once I go out with my grocery’s and I see them get into a new Cadillac or Mercedes it really pisses me off. I am paying with my hard earned money for my food plus theirs and yet I drive a small truck and she has a nicer car than me. That isn’t right at all. The only reason you need food stamps is if you are disabled and physically can’t work or if you are mentally challenged and are not able to work. Laziness has ruined this Country and will get a person nowhere. When you work hard for something you take better care of it. When something is just giving to you more than likely it isn’t taking care of the right way. Take personal responsibility for you and your family and get a job and pay for your own way and stop living off the hard working tax paying citizens. (not directed at anyone just a statement)

princepluto  asked:

i totally agree with you about the spock being jewish thang but i am pleased to report to you that william shatner is still alive

Omg I’m sorry if my meme scared anyone but there’s this thing my friends and I started where every time someone says/does something antisemitic, you say “William Shatner didn’t die for this” in response. It’s a parody of that meme where when you see casual homophobia you say “Macklemore didn’t die for this.” 

So yes, William Shatner is very much alive, but for the purposes of my meme, he didn’t die just so people could be jerks. 

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Have you ever actually listened to a trans person explain to you what transphobia is? I'm not trying to be rude it just seems like you have no idea. Like, did you read Leelah Alcorn's letter? Or any of the trans teens that died?

Why yes. The first time I was called a “terf” was for being a lesbian. 

Do you know why trans teens die? Because people like you tell them if they don’t get hormones and surgery and aren’t validated 24/7 they’ll inevitably kill themselves. 

Another Leftist Endorses Killing People Who Disagree With Him

Here we go again, much like the guy who said Christians and Police officers should be killed, we have another far-left-wing blog here on Tumblr suggesting that people who are “conservative” should die for that reason exclusively. 

Note that this joker has named his blog after the notorious ‘Weather Underground’ terrorist group, which once endorsed the Manson family murders because of their shared ideology of killing people whom they deemed “pigs” in society. 

This is Leftism: Kill people who disagree with you. 

how Magical Girl Raisin’ Project could have gone after the first 6 eps

  • swim swim class changes to ruler and has a redemption arc
  • calamity mary gets fucked up over her loyalty to magicaloid after she dies, and stops being a shit and shapes up, or at least takes revenge in an interesting way
  • lesbian team steps up and forms a resistance against whatever structure was forcing all of this awful carnage to happen
  • we do not see any more of the angels because they have been completely uninteresting from the jump and there is nothing there
  • the plot happens because of a third party and everyone has to come together to overthrow them and fuck em up real good
  • snow white does anything at all thanks to alice’s interaction

what happened instead

  • swim swim murders people
  • calamity mary murders people
  • lesbians die in the most boring ways possible
  • at least one of the angels is in every episode and has lines
  • the plot happens because cranberry says RULES OF NATURE, there is no unity, everyone dies
  • snow white does nothing, alice dies pointlessly

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Tbh u should die because of that racist point of view you have. And because you told other people to die.

i like how me pointing out that white people have done really fucked up shit to poc is me being racist…. really shows who cant take responsibility for their countries wrongdoings against minorities

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im mentally ill and i am /disgusted/. i watch everything i say and do to make sure im not being abusive, the thought of using my illness against someone is repulsive. youre fucking /abhorrent/ if you fake a mental illness and use it to abuse people


like actual mentally ill people dread abusing people bc of their mental illness. when i realize the things we’ve done as a system bc of alec’s bpd and bc of my ocd like….i wanted to die i was so disgusted with myself.

its disgusting that people fake illness to play with others. its gross.

How to save John Watson

read it on the AO3 at

by Goldenheartedrose

I would die for you, he thinks before he hears John’s negation.

“There’s no point now, is there, because there’s not enough time to get away, and if we don’t do this, other people will die.”

Words: 1307, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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hey bri 💕 I'm so sorry you have to deal with these awful people like...if only they would just die already! but on another note "he misses your beautiful armpits" ruined my life sgdbdbhs have a good evening 💖

LMAOO i’m ok i’m bout to be zooted in a minute so i don’t even care all of these geeks can kiss my ass and my anus honestly!

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Do you die a little inside when people call Clarke THE main completely erasing Bellamy's importance? Or am I alone in my pit of sadness?

Yes and no. I struggle with this because even though I do like Clarke, Bellamy is my favorite and obviously incredibly important to the show. Clarke is the female lead and Bellamy is the male lead. But if you had to pick one “main” character for the show it would probably be Clarke. She is very central to the storyline and when the show began we saw a lot of things from her perspective and following her. 

That being said, Bellamy Blake is incredibly fucking important to this show and also very central to the storyline. It does upset me when people ignore that and how incredibly important he is. I don’t think the show could function properly or the way that it does without him, and I think some people who have been involved in this fandom like to pretend that that’s not true. Bellamy would probably be one of if not the most devastating losses on this show. 

Short answer: you are not alone my friend and anyone who thinks Bellamy Blake is not equally as important of a character as Clarke can fight me.