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I hate it when people compare Kara's opinion on Daxam and the royal family with prejudice when Mon-El was already a grown man during that time and did NOTHING to stop anything going on there. NOTHING. Kara was a CHILD at the time when he was seen leaving a woman he just had sex with (who was begging for her life) to DIE. She heard HORROR stories about his people, including him. She was probably afraid of them. Of course, she would have a negative opinion on people like him.

wha they sed ^

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I'm a really morbid person, I've never gotten close to many people because I feel like will die young. I never liked ships, not couples or romance, I'm THAT kind of emo. ME liking a couple(Camren in this case) is REALLY rare. So I feel beyond insulted by Lauren(IF she really means her tweets). I will still support them both, and will wait for them to f'cking admit it, but will not wait every day like until now. I got into Camren because of my only friend,she has a few things to answer for now 😐

Don’t be mad at Lauren, she just did what she had to do to try to put an end to all the hate that she was receiving. I don’t think her intention was to kill the love and hope that Camren brought up in people but the hate it awoken in some. You can still ship and believe in Camren, but it has to be done with respect for the girls, by staying out of their way and understanding that they want to keep that part of their lives private.

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guuurl you talking about murphy ;)

u know what…ur right i absolutely am lmao like i completely understand why people hate him (raven fans especially) and that he was a total asshole in the first season but the fact that people were celebrating him getting hit when they think octavia hitting bellamy is the worst thing to ever happen on the show is just….really annoying imo

Sometimes people ask me if I want to die so badly then why don’t I just do it like… my mom literally said no and I’m a good kid, what do you want me to do

the funny thing about that post is that like. its basically already acceptable to essentially kill people for how wealthy they are as in, its an acceptable thing to let poor people die if they dont have enough money for food/water/shelter/health care. this is just one of the many reasons why that statement is fucking terrible but yeah

They vote on the ACA repeal tomorrow.

They added something about allowing states to add work requirements for people on Medicaid.

Meaning. People wouldn’t be able to have Medicaid without a job.

Meaning tons of disabled people with zero options for health insurance.

Meaning people will die. (People were gonna die anyway, but this is even worse.)

Really feelin’ that “Give me Liberty or give me Death” tbh

some good moments from my last few matches as Mercy

-Raised two people and then killed Genji right as he used ult and then finished off a weakened Roadhog

-Killed a Genji that was harassing the rest of our team at spawn

-Let my team push the cart on the last point of Dorado and sat (like emote sat) in the hallway under the point.  Waited for people to die, said hello, and raised 4 people and sat back down while the team finished pushing.  That was a cute potg.

-Enemy Zarya got me and 3 others in her ult.  Turned around, Guardian Angeled to our Torbjorn who was safe somewhere else.  Sure enough, a pulse bomb killed the team a second later.  Guardian angeled back in and raised them all.

-I died and respawned right as our team capped the second point of Dorado.  Meaning I had to walk all the way back.  Then our Zenyatta backtracks and does his peace sign emote and lets me guardian angel to him and I have never loved someone more.

-My absolute favorite:  Tracer killed our Mccree, who proceeded to jokingly ask me to avenge him.  I hunted down that Tracer and managed to kill her with 20 health left.  Mccree was surprised and maybe a little scared.