Safe blogs are great, but often they aren’t specific. I know I’ve told my family that I run a Star Trek blog, so giving them a url of an aesthetic blog isn’t going to help. So I’ve made @yamoksauce.

@yamoksauce is a safe blog that posts only Star Trek. Nothing will be controversial, no gay ships, no Star Trek meta that is risky (like the abortion posts, etc.), nothing that could endanger someone closeted or in an oppressive household. It will only post innocent screencaps and funny textposts that are to do with Star Trek (all series).

If you ever need to give out your url but don’t want to endanger yourself, use this blog! No personal details will be on there so anyone can use it, and there will be a basic theme including a tags page. Signal boosting is appreciated!


[6 gifs from Star Trek: Next Generation. A man named Riva is standing in front of Geordi with his hands up next to the side of his visor. Riva’s interpreters stand behind him.

Riva: And you don’t resent it?

Geordi: The visor or being blind?

Riva: Either.

Geordi: Well, no since they’re both a part of me and I really like who I am there’s no reason for me to resent either one.]