Polish Navy 1939

Blyzkawica 2,144 tn
Grom 2,144 tn
Burza 1.540 tn
Wicher 1,540

Torpedo boat
Kujawiak 325 tn
Podhalanin 365 tn
Ślązak 365 tn
Mazur 420 tn

Gryf 2.227 tn

Orzel 1.110 / 1.473 tn
Sep 1.110 / 1.473 tn
R 980 / 1.250 tn
Zbik 980 / 1.250 tn
Wilk 980 / 1.250 tn

6 units 183 tn

Komendant Pilsudski 342 tn
342 tn General Haller

River gunboats
5 pieces 100 and 200 tn
3 units 32 tn

River monitors
2 units 69 tn
4 units 110 tn

River motorboats
1 unit 24 tn
32 units 16-24 tn

Meet my family. We made not be united by the same mother and father but we are related by Christ. This week I got to spend an amazing time with them and learn more about Christ while I even learned more about myself and was able to grow closer bonds with these people. I love them and am so grateful to be a part of this family.

Table Number 4  chapter 6 preview

“Penguins are cute.” I blurt out and blush. Saying awkward things is my specialty.

“Yes, they are.” he gives me a half smile before he looks back to the screen where two emperor penguins are paddling around the ice. I bite my lip, the silence feeling awkward now. Damn me and my mouth!

“I dressed up as a penguin last Halloween.” Christian suddenly tells me, surprising me. “It was horrible because the party was indoors and it was so damn hot in that costume.”

“Really? A penguin?” I smile at the thought of him in a penguin costume. I would have assumed he would dress as James Bond, he would look hot in a suit. Of course I am in no position to think about him as hot, not even if he is wearing a suit or a penguin costume.

Groaning, he rolls his eyes. “Yeah. It was a bet and I lost. The worst thing was that it was the Halloween party at work, my colleagues made fun of me for the rest of the year.”

I can’t suppress it, I have to laugh out loud. He looks at me in shock at first, then he gives me a hurt look. “Yeah, laugh at my misery. One hell of a friend you are.”