Movie Night.

Raphael loves movies.
He loves Godzilla and Jaws and Jurassic Park. And, admittedly, he loves disney movies. It’s not something that he shares with his brothers but he has this one memory…
He was a kid and Donnie had found a box of VHS tapes that someone had tossed out. They cleaned them up and the first one they watched was a disney movie:
Beauty and the Beast.
And he watched that movie, he watched a beautiful women fall in love with someone ugly. Someone who wasn’t human. Someone who could be mean and had a bad temper.
Someone like him.
And all Raphael could think was “That could be me. I could be the Beast.”
As he got older, he abandoned his dream and accepted that the chances of him finding his Beauty were slim to none. And even if he did…could anyone fall in love with a beast in real life? But to his surprise, he found his Beauty and she did love him.
It really was a dream come true for the turtle. So he loved movie nights because they were your nights, filled with films and takeout and cuddling.
And tonight, you were watching the new Beauty and the Beast.
Raphael brought the takeout (from that Chinese place you liked) and found you waiting on the couch.
“Hey, you! I see you brought Chang’s.”
You smiled and dug in as Raph took his seat next to you. All through the night, you cuddled and ate fortune cookies and Raphael found himself getting lost in that same old story.
It was the ballroom scence, one of his favorite parts. His eyes were locked on their dancing figures and his heart soared.
He broke out of his daze and looked down at you.
“You really like this movie, huh?” you asked as you smiled.
“Yeah, I…I do. It’s one of my favorites.”
He felt embarrassed to say that out loud but you simply kissed his cheek softly and replied
“It’s one of my favorites too.”
Raphael smiled. He wrapped a muscular arm around you, pulling you closer to him. The rest of the night was spent cuddling and kissing and sharing egg rolls until you both fell asleep on the couch.

“Tale as old as time…

…True as it can be.”

Mikey In Season 4

Mikey improved a lot in season 4 he seem to tone down a lot than he was in season 3. But it did feel that he was on the sidelines a lot this season and he only had to 2 focused episodes (Journey to his Mind and Bat in the Belfry) that weren’t great. But he still had some great moments.

Apart from 2 episodes (Bat in the Belfry and Journey to his Mind) he did not make any mistakes (like accidentally pressing a button ect) 

He did seem a lot more focused this season.

In the last 7 episodes he hardly said any jokes. 

Noticeable moments (these are the only ones I remember)

In Revenge of The Triceratons - He helped stop the space gremlins and he supported Donnie who got upset over not being smart enough.

In Evil of Dregg - He supported Raph because he was broken hearted over Mona Lisa betraying him.

In The Ever Burning Fire - He got upset over missing earth and Splinter, he put his life at risk by saving people (April, Casey and Raph).

In Darkest Plight, Tried to reassure everyone that Splinter is alive, he helped Donnie get Splinter, hugged Splinter too

In Power Inside Her, helping to stop Dark April and trying to get April to remember Splinter, Ice Cream Kitty.

In Requiem he was upset that Splinter died, calling him Papa   

In Owari he turned Baxter back to human, who actually wanted to stay as a fly, he was awesome during the Shredder fight, lasting longer than Donnie and did this badass spiritual move with his nunchucks.

As I said I did feel he was on the sidelines a lot in season 4 but he was a lot better than he was in season 3.

In season 5 i’m hoping he will have more big moments and his focused episodes are more serious tone. I’m also hoping that he will have a moment with Splinter’s spirit

The reasons I leaving TMNT fandom

(don’t take this as a offense or an attack to a particular series. I’m sorry in advance, because I know that this doesn’t apply to everyone, but there are some things I can’t ignore anymore)

Dear TMNT Fandom, 

I discovered this cartoon when season 3 (of 2012 cartoon) was already on episode 6. In my country we only had 1 season available, so that was all I watched. Again, and again. Later, I found out the rest of it online, and I fell in love with the characters, the story, the way they portrait family and friendship. In a way, I identified myself with those 4 teenagers who were having a though time, finding out their place in a world where different is bad. I created this blog, I started watching recaps. I read the IDW comics, saw all the movies. I wanted to learn more. 

It soon became my favorite show. And despite being a teenage girl who is “too old” for this kind of thing, I felt welcomed in the fandom.

I also tried to watch the 2003 series, but for some reason it didn’t hook me the way 2012 did. And that leads me to my point with this whole thing.

Through the past months/year(s), this fandom has changed. We keep demanding more and more. We no longer appreciate the things the TMNT crew give us. We had an awesome, epic season finale, and all you can talk about is that Raph punched Mikey? How am I even surprised that we won’t get more than 5 seasons?Because, Jesus, we have always a thing to criticize, don’t we? If it isn’t Mikey’s personality, it’s Donnie’s. If it isn’t the way April is written, is the whole “Capritello” thing. “The show is too goofy, “the show is too violent”. “The episodes are too rushed”, or “this arc is annoying”. Or, my favorite, “2012 series suck, that -insert one of the past series here- was so much better.”

So, you don’t like this version, or you think that a few years back the cartoon was better. Aaaaand? What do you want? The people behind it are different, times have changed, the audience had, as well. The target is no longer your generation, the target are KIDS. You do realize that, right?

Honestly, try to explain to a kid which version is better. You will have a hard time, and you know why?  For them, it is all about the turtles! Not about which one is less or more violent or deep! Geez, do you really have to set parallels between the 2003 and the 2012 or whatever? Why do we need to say that something is bad, in order to say another is great? You love the 90′s movies? Wonderful! 2014/2016 turtles stole your heart? Great! But for the love of Master Splinter’s spirit, stop saying that “your” series is better that the other! Don’t you realize the ridiculous amount of discussions, people who got offended (including the writers) because of a kids show? I’m going to say it again: because of a kids show. 

For a while I let the other’s opinion shape my appreciation for this cartoon, but I’m tired. You all the right to give your opinion, you really do. I’m writing my own thoughts right now. But you don’t have the right to ruin everyone else’s fun, or to stop another fan from loving a character/series, just because you can’t cope with that fact that is isn’t the one you grew up with.

I’m leaving this fandom. I really loved it for a while, but it is exhausting to see it growing into something like this. And I don’t care if I get hate for this. Again, I’m tired, and I feel bad for the creators of the show and every incarnation. I highly doubt that seeing their turtles in the middle of this mess was in their plans.