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ShootWeek: Day 3 ↳ favorite Root friendship(s)


Presenting to you, Hyunjin in four different shades!
Here’s version 8, 3, 1 and 2 respectively-


anyway this is way overdue but! i generously got a bog egg from @verdantlair from a bd giveaway (thank u again!) and who popped out but this lovely goirl!!! she was such a lucky hatch lmao- cerulean/ pink/ blush…..her colors are so bubblegum pop i love it

had to make her a sugary-sweet croco beast of course. still thinkin bout her character, but so far i guess she may have been the product of an arcane lab who’s egg developed in ice territory instead. (sympathetic runaway lab tech? magical accident? SENTIENT EGG?? who knows lol) anyway she’s an obnoxious bubblegum bitch lesbian with a lot of magical problems and such. i love her

also her theme song is cut to the feeling by carly rae jepson. in case u were curious. (she just wants u to know that. its her fav)