Sherlock S4 fuckiness and the post-its I keep to remind me of it

In no particular order, I present the list of things that are particulary infuriating to me about S4 that I’ve been keeping on post-its by my bedside table the last month in case I lose hope. They are, for me, enough proof for The Lost Special. Today being 8th of March it seems fitting to keep them in mind.

(Disclaimer: this is a compound of theories developed by hundreds of people over a long time and I cannot possibly credit everyone or explain them at this point, so I’ll just list them.)

  • The Importance Of Being Ernest, by Oscar Wilde being quoted in TFP
  • Mycroft-> Lady Bracknell, the baby in the handbag = gun in the handbag (Euros and Vivian Norbury). The baby gets thrown in the Thames?
  • Queen’s I Want To Break Free in TFP stoping at “I’ve fallen in…” (love)
  • Elephant Glass Shock Proof in Euros’s cell
  • The elephant in the Thai menu in Mycroft’s frige
  • Rosie’s elephant toy
  • The elephant in John’s living room
  • The endless horror film references in TFP (many of them being hyper meta, especially Shutter Island)
  • John/Culverton mirror
  • Una Stubbs’ voice in TFP “Softer, Sherlock” instead of Euros’
  • Russian and Turkish leaks with no reaction
  • Over reaction with the promo chess pictures being leaked
  • Promo pictures being very similar to Clue’s movie poster -> Clue’s different endings and the similar final paused shot in TFP
  • The bulding up to Moriarty not making any sense (especially if we take into account M Theory, because he IS alive)
  • TLD having the gun shown multiple times, a smoking gun that is definitely not a tranquiliser gun. The last shot fading with red, like in Bond movies
  • The enormous red carpet under John in the therapist that resembles the blood pool in the market
  • HLV/TLD paralels
  • Martin breaking the 4th wall in T6T noding to the camera while holding the glass of wine
  • SHERLOCK: Romantic entanglement, while fulfilling for other people … JOHN (interrupting): … would complete you as a human being. NO PAY OFF FOR THIS. This mirrors the greenhouse conversation in TAB
  • Why was Molly upset when Euros called in TFP?
  • John/Molly mirror (Molly wearing the same jumper she wore in TEH while taking John’s place, the framing of that hellish shot with John and the coffin cover “I love you”)
  • “John is clearly standing behind him in the trailer, so unless he’s talking to a mirror for some very bizarre reason, I should think not.” -Mark
  • Sumatra/Samarra pointing out to TEH which lead us to The Lost Special and MINDING THE FREAKING GAP->Moriarty
  • “It’s never twins”
  • The camera shown in the hotel in T6T
  • Season 4 DVD not having “complete” like the other DVD’s had
  • Mark’s picture with the 4 fingers raised in Twitter
  • “Has it just occurred to you you’ve been played for an ad campaign” hello Apple Tree Yard  
  • Moriarty at the end of S4 DVD “You didn’t think I would just disappear, did you?”
  • The whole promotion about S4 and the season itself being about hacking
  • Skull Hell
  • Sherlock saving the tea cup and the boy in the hotel in T6T dropping the tea
  • Tea code being confirmed
  • “Is this a new person? I’m against new people.”
  • “You’d be better off with clown outfits. At least they’d be satirically relevant.”
  • Cake=violent death John and Sherlock going to get cake
  • Lady Smallwood’s name
  • Vatican cameos ignored
  • “And boop, they are fine”
  • Sherlock breaks the 4th wall (like in Queen’s I Want To Break Free videoclip)
  • The Garridebs literally cliff-hanging
  • Chekhov’s gun on the promo picture and literally hanging on the wall in the Garridebs scene
  • “People always give up after three” 
  • Blue Power Ranger gay subtext
  • T6T being an old case about a gay couple -> Margaret Thatcher getting smashed, Sherlock not knowing who she is despite the fact that he knew in THoB
  • “Fresh paint to disguise another smell”
  • Mycroft watching his own romantic movie turning into an horror film
  • T6T starting with doctored footage
  • “That’s not what happened at all”
  • “Why does anyone do anything” Norbury/Moriarty
  • “Sherlock, the dragon slayer” (Mycroft, Moriarty and kinda Magnussen have all alluded to this and now Mary does)
  • Shark hell
  • Sherlock’s recurrent dream (?)
  • “Oh, good, I love an acronym. All the best secret societies have them.”
  • “It is what it is” either being followed by “says love” or being a quote by John Locke
  • "I don’t like loose ends. Not on my watch” says Mycroft/Mark, as he holds a pen and looks at the camera
  • #Ohwhatabeautifulmorning tying in with Oklahoma! and consequently with  Green Grow the Lilacs, a play with gay subtext all over that got misunderstood and very famous
  • Steven starting TLS rumors
  • TD-12 being memory corrupting
  • The freaking guy from the official Sherlock Youtube channel teasing TLS and saying “The greatest love story never told”
  • The girl on the plane being the same one from ASiB
  • The TAB-like transition when John faints in TFP
  • The S1 scripts being released for no reason
  • “Childhood trauma masked by an invented memory. Boring!” THoB (person=dog)  
  • Mary’s death not being realistic as pointed in HLV (thank you for reminding me, @antisocial-otaku)
  • The explosion in 221B not having the consequences in the building that   Mycroft foreshadowed and them being perfectly ok afterwards.
  • Where is Ben’s 26 pages scene?
  • What was Ben’s kissy gesture while saying “Very well. It’s going very well” in SDCC all about?
  • TFP as a whole. Too much to analyze there


  • “Love conquers all” 
  • “Groundbreaking”
  • “History making”
  • “Rug pull”
  • Derren Brown

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The Lost Special Reminder: 
We never saw what John’s Note in TST read, what Sherlock’s recurring nightmare was, why Sherlock went to see Ella, why Mary left London for six months, why John was typing a fake blog entry about a baby that hadn’t even been born yet, why the set and line inconsistencies were impossible to miss and why was there a baby that had no relation to the storyline. Remember: “No loose ends, not on my watch.”

I’ve written this many times but here’s one more time just for fun:

Sherlock hates the idea that his life is laid out for him. He took to writing his own fake endings so he could avoid reality (they explicitly say this in TST). His fake ending included the main character going far away and becoming a pirate.

This is literally what happened in The Final Problem.

Word for word.

Avoided death, traveled far away, became a pirate.

All because the real ending waiting for him scared him too much.

We can argue the existence of a second, hidden ending on the basis of multiple solid reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the Johnlock ship. It is not crazy to believe in that second ending. It is not “wishful thinking”. We have been told multiple times and in multiple ways that the story from this series – whatever that may be – has not concluded.

And just like explicitly said in TFP, the Game Master is the ONLY one that knows the countdown.

I understand how the color blue was used a lot in S4 to represent water, but why the exact same shade? In the final problem, a very specific shade of royal blue is always in the frame.

From John’s shirt (x)

To Mycroft’s tie (x) 

To Moriarty’s entire suit (x)

To the governor’s tie (x)

Almost every scene has the shade of blue represented in some way. Even momma Holmes got in on the fun

Not to mention the little girl on the plane’s bow, the guard’s gun straps, kid Sherlock’s outfit, etc….

Kinda reminds me of another shade of blue…hmm… Maybe a certain detective’s favorite color? 

*casually slides into the back of Mofftiss car holding a gun* ok but the thing is, if Mary isn’t actually evil then why is John in danger? Because Sherlock literally came back to life with that thought: John Watson is definitely in danger. And if Mary isn’t the overarching threat (which you implied continually through subtext and cinematography choices), then what is Sherlock supposedly saving him from? *scratches gun absently against cheek* A dangerously low thread count in jumpers? Tesco’s own brand of porridge? Like literally I have no idea what you’re trying to accomplish here because if we’re to believe series four then Sherlock apparently had no idea Mary’s secretly been fucking them over from the very beginning… But we’ve had lots of clues that hint towards the opposite. Even the scripts said that Magnussen is the one to call the ambulance, not Mary, and that’s yet another indication that Sherlock IS aware that she’s Up To No Good but that’s apparently completely redeemed and fixed by her doing the time warp into a speeding bullet?? *begins loading the gun casually* You can’t have this story both ways. If it’s not Mary, then your entire story makes absolutely no sense. It’s not like Sherlock could have predicted Eurus would be the one to shoot John in the eye so at that point within the context of the narrative you created, Mary is conceptually the only possible villain (unless Moriarty is alive).  So basically what i’m getting at is  *looks Mark dead in the eye through the rear view mirror as I hand the gun over to him*


See, a big problem in believing in the concept of The Lost Special is taking something you believe to be true and putting it into the only version that makes sense allows for almost constant disappointment.

Let me explain: A lot of us believe, for the sake of the show and its homage to Doyle and Wilder, that The Final Problem was meant to be off-putting in an attempt to recreate the social phenomenon surrounding The Final Problem in the Victorian era (or to prove exactly what happens when the “heart” is burned out of Sherlock). That isn’t hard to argue at all. What IS hard to argue, is how they can come back from that, and if they have had that part planned all along. Like “The Prestige” – you can easily make something disappear, but it only matters if you can bring it back. This is the part we’ve been arguing for 4 months. The *only* possible solution we accounted for was the concept of additional footage to tack on to Series 4, to prove beyond a doubt that this was premeditated. The only way to convince the public that they haven’t tanked their own show’s ratings is to prove they had more story set in the past OR filmed in the past. Otherwise the time the next series rolls around (if there is one) they’ll be bombarded with “you’re just pandering to fans” if they happen to correct the gaping plot holes in ways we have theorized they might. WE have only considered an extra episode to be the saving grace to this issue – all ships aside, I’m referring to actual plot inconsistencies and allusions to the originals. We believed the ONLY way to save this show, the only way to give BBC Sherlock its heart back, was an extra episode.

I’m here to tell you that isn’t even slightly the only way for this show to have proven this sharp turn into a Theater of the Absurd was premeditated.

All they needed to have done, at any time within the last 7 years, was to film a couple of scenes in the past, to tack on to the end of whatever series Sherlock finishes with – that’s it. That’s literally all they would’ve had to do. And considering they never thought Sherlock would take off in popularity, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they had their true Doyle-esque ending planned, and waited to add it until the show ran it’s course, dragging it whatever self-indulgent ways they wanted to take it until then.

So here we are, jumping to the only conclusion that makes the most sense to us, but still we’re probably very, very wrong.

We’re suffering from that damn patience grenade. From that countdown we don’t know the ending to – the human experimentation from the perspective of lab rats.

The possibilities truly are limitless. The only question is, do you trust that all this drama is premeditated for the sake of going down in history as a Sherlock Holmes adaptation truly bent on recreating the social phenomenon surrounding the originals now on a global scale OR do you believe this show is nothing but an artistic expression of two men bent on destroying that which they love most?

Only time will tell.

I remember reading somewhere that at Sherlocked USA, Mofftiss said that there was a deleted scene which involved Mary and John’s first night out after they had Rosie.

and I just want to laugh so hard because instead of a happy Warstan (probably not the correct spelling) scene which would finally have said “Okay, yea, John and Mary are at least a little happy together”, we got John cheating on Mary. We got John and Mary comparing their daughter to the devil and the Antichrist. We got John missing 59 calls from his pregnant wife. We got Mary running away from home instead of asking John, her life partner, for help. We got John and Mary sitting a seat apart in an airplane after a lengthy separation. We got “I always liked Mary” “Yeah, me too. I used to.” 

In a way, the scenes they choose to delete speak just as strongly as the ones they put in.