Devourer Justice Spell

This spell is used to bring justice to a situation. It’s not a curse, a hex, or revenge, but rather a call to the universe to do what is right to right the situation, or “you’ll get what’s coming to you but whatever that may be, I don’t know”. Especially helpful when you aren’t sure yourself what the right course of action is. Note: this spell works best if performed on the day of a court case, day of a ruling, day of judgement, etc.

(A little context on this spell: the names you call out are, respectively, the scientific genus names of the Ostrich, the Lion, the Hippo, and the Nile Crocodile. The cardinal candles also represent these animals. The reasoning for this is the myth of Ma’at and Ammit the Devourer. In Duat, inside the Hall of Two Truths, Ma’at’s ostrich feather of truth would be weighed against a person’s heart on a scale. If they were deemed too impure to continue to immortality with Osiris, Ammit – who was part hippo, part lion, and part crocodile – would devour their hearts. Hence, a sense of justice. Just a small cultural/pantheonic note to understanding the reasoning of this spell.)

You’ll need:

  • 5 candles: white, yellow, black, green, and dark blue
  • olive oil
  • a black blindfold
  • a representation of the situation needing to be judged (a photo, personal item, object or idea in the centre of the conflict)

Excuse the horrible MSPaint drawing. 

Step one: Place the ritual setting as shown. Make an offering (to a Deity, to the universe, to the Earth, to nothing, whatever you usually do).

Step two: Place the representation of the situation in the centre (drawn as the black circle). 

Step three: Drape a black blindfold over top of the situation, symbolizing impartiality. 

Step four: Dress the candle with olive oil, to promote peace after all is said and done.

Step five: Light the centre blue candle, then the outside candles, going clockwise from the top. 

Step six: Speak loudly and clearly and with resolve:

Camelus, unbiased in weight, 
Leo, swift in deliverance
Amphibius, just to the innocent
Niloticus, devourer of the guilty

Judge now, and judge true;
From* those who were wronged,
this treatsie to you.

Step seven: Let the candles burn until you feel satisfied. Continue as often as needed until the issue is resolved.

(*: if you were the one wronged, say “From”. If you’re doing the spell on behalf of someone else, say “For”)

Happy casting!

**Spell copyright TheLivingWiccan — DO NOT REMOVE SOURCE. If you wish to use this elsewhere, or copy it into your spellbooks, etc, PLEASE ASK PERMISSION FIRST**


He reached out to stop her before she headed back to her house. He pulled her close and began to kiss her. First her lips, then her cheek, and then her neck. Her skin was like fire, as if she’d been lying in the sun for hours, and when he kissed her lips again, he felt her fold her body into his. He buried his hands in her hair, continuing to kiss her as he slowly backed her against the wall of the workshop. He loved her, he wanted her, and as they continued to kiss, he could feel her arms moving over his back and shoulders. Her touch was electric against his skin, her breath hot against his, and he felt himself slipping away to a place governed only by his senses.

TheLivingWiccan's Spell for Power


  • root of an oak
  • carving tool

Step one: Find and dig up your oak root. This is easy to find on eroded hillsides, cliffsides, riverbanks, etc.

Step two: Carve this sigil into the root:

(“pertinax”: adj. Latin. “Persistent/unyielding”; in some translations, “stubborn”)

Step three: Bind in red and/or purple thread. Keep on your person, preferably as a necklace. 

Happy casting!


**Spell copyright TheLivingWiccan — DO NOT REMOVE SOURCE. If you wish to use this elsewhere, or copy it into your spellbooks, etc, PLEASE ASK PERMISSION FIRST**

Poetry: "Übermensch" | Joel Amat Güell

Forgive this blasphemy,
but I need to spit it out,
allow me to vomit this,
or I’m going to blow out.

I’ve grown tired of all these gods,
I’ve been silent for too long,
I’ve been swallowing my thoughts,
all this time bitting my tongue.

I support freedom of religion,
but don’t shove it down my throat,
don’t make me worship your fiction,
don’t make me embark in a sinking boat.

Don’t use fear to educate,
do not threaten me with hell,
less commandments and less hate,
just make sure you behave well.

Do not mix cult with politics,
do not teach them in the schools,
on them you shouldn’t base your ethics,
they aren’t a proper teaching tool.

Hell should not be the reason,
for a person to behave well,
be good, whether or not there is a heaven,
that’s a good moral, in a nutshell.

Your prayers are forgotten,
your sacrifices are unseen,
your promises are all broken,
there is no such thing as sin.

They tell you: “love everyone!”
(unless gay or lesbian)
they say they respect all women
(as long as they serve the man).

I’m tired of your holy wars,
‘cause they never seem to end,
you’re only creating scars,
and deaths that you can’t emend.

Your attitude is always amicable,
and your face is painted in bright
colors, like a poisonous animal,
but your heart is dark as night.

If in the name of god you kill,
killing yourself should be the start,
for either you’re mentally ill,
or you sure don’t have a heart.

They have a funny way to prove,
that he has blind faith in god,
if a glass that’s bulletproof,
must protect your precious pope.

I respect religious people,
I do have my own beliefs,
spirituality should be personal,
to believe you don’t need chiefs.

We’re not bricks in your pyramid,
we won’t hold your golden throne,
we’re not moons around your orbit,
I would rather die alone.

I won’t kneel before creation,
I will not long for the sky,
instead of praying I’ll take action,
I won’t waste my precious time,

Let’s build agnostic temples,
perfect homes for meditation,
silent places free of jewels,
without hate or discrimination.

I want a heaven without a savior,
i want a heaven free of gods,
one down here worth fighting for,
a nice place without gunshots.

Complex Bramble Protection Spell

This is a spell for those needing something with a little more ”oomph” in regards to protection spells. This isn’t for people wanting general protection; this is best used when you think that something has already been thrust upon you.

Step one: First of all, clean. Get all the dirt out of your house. Sweep your house in a counter-clockwise motion and then get the dirt out of the house as soon as possible (you can also take this time to visualize getting rid of old problems, grudges, etc).

Step two: Next, you should cleanse your house, your car, your person(s), any place or thing you spend a lot of time around. Cleanse it. Cleanse everything. You can use whichever method works best for you. 

One particular method I enjoy is a spray. Here’s the basics on how to do it:

  • Salt, water, sage, rosemary, all in a bottle.
  • Shake it up.
  • Use it to spray everything.
  • You can find some clear chiming bells and ring them as you do this.
  • If you can get your hands on some holy water, that’d be great as well.

Then IMMEDIATELY after, do this:

Step three: Go out and find a young, healthy bramble bush. Raspberry, blackberry, etc. It must have thorns, and berries, and be edible (this only leaves the spell available to you within a certain period of the year!).

Step four: Make a GOOD offering for the plant. Something that will really help it grow. Perhaps take the time to make your own compost with some dirt, eggshells, food, and buying some worms. Make sure you really leave something nice for the bush. 

Step five: Bury the offerings at its roots, while chanting 


Step six: Cut the healthiest branch off of the bush. Try to get a branch with a lot of thorns and growth. THANK THE BUSH AGAIN. 

Step seven: Go home. Strip the branch of its leaves (wear gloves while doing this!) Place the leaves under your doormat, or anything similar you have outside of your door. Place them anywhere else you may think is appropriate. Under pillows, in cars, in satchets, etc etc etc. Just don’t eat the leaves, they’re most likely poisonous, depending on the plant you chose. THANK THE BUSH AGAIN.

Step eight: Take off the berries. If this spell is for more than one person, separate them into equal amounts, and have each person eat some. Be thankful, don’t just gobble it down. Realize that this bush gave a part of itself up so that you may protect yourselves. THANK THE BUSH AGAIN (note: for each of these “thanks”, you can use the chant in step ten, or you can use something more personal)

Step nine: Now what you have is a thorny branch with no leaves or berries. You should prick yourself on the thorns, so that it knows who to protect. Again, have everyone involved in the spell do this.  Chant:


Step ten: Hang the branch over the threshold of your front door, on the inside of the house, while chanting: 


There it should stay until its purpose is fulfilled. 

Lots of steps, sorry for the length, but that’s all there is to it! Happy casting folks, and best of luck with whatever you’ll be using this for. 


Notes: For extra protection, if it’s possible, here’s what I suggest you can do as well. Take a strand of hair or something equally personal from each person that you suspect is attacking you. This could be a photo, their handwriting, a favorite piece of jewelry, etc. Take something from each suspect and throw it all in a jar. Fill that jar with nails, pins, chili peppers, black peppercorns, garlic, and onion.  Then, seal the jar with black wax, shake the living hell out of it, and then bury it in your front yard. Your basic witchcraft protection bottle, as a companion piece. 

**Spell copyright TheLivingWiccan — DO NOT REMOVE SOURCE. If you wish to use this elsewhere, or copy it into your spellbooks, etc, PLEASE ASK PERMISSION FIRST**