New Gif!

(the story behind this is that im kinda dumb and I saw people commenting “so jelly” all the time I truly had no idea that it was short for “jealous” so finally I was like “well, i’m so peanut butter!” and only after then did I learn that “jelly" was not the food. But I still like to use "so peanutbutter.” ENJOI!)

So I'm a loser and I'm having a Glee party tomorrow.

As Erik (aikoeri) has just pointed out, this is how it’s going to go down:

2 gays (one rainbows-shooting-out-the-asshole gay, and one non-stereotypically gay)

2 complete seasons of Glee

1 Glee movie

1 hag (me)

and 1 gayest day of my life.

bring. it.

Reason #320963509 of why Ashley (slushiecriminal) wins ALL THE FUCKING AWARDS

The FABULOUS ASHLEY got ME this FUCKING AMAZING shirt for no reason whatsoever other than he being wonderful.

I love her so goddamn much and this is easily my favorite shirt in all existence!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD if u cant see from the picture, its Klaine’s profiles and the word “KLAINE” repeating forever between them)

(im gunna crrrreeyyyyyyyyyyy its so beautif-f-u-l"

So Ashley and I have to be a ship

It just has to! We have soooo many good tag lines!!!

But which one????







Whatever one we pick though


OTP: Knookies

OTP: We run into oncoming traffic for darren

OTP: Mayonnaise and Bacon

OTP: 15/30 Seconds

OTP: No turkey baster required

OTP: Fever…

OTP: “…!”

OTP: Taylor Lautner?