Positivity for Bex

As you guys know, i have been inactive for quite some time as i still am taking a break but i thought it would be nice to do something special for this lovely woman named Bex Taylor Klaus.

She is so special to me and to thousands of other people and she does so much for us so i thought we could do something special in return. I want to start a positivity thread for her, filled with random but sweet things, so that when things get tough for her, she can be reminded of how much we love her. So i will start and i hope y'all will contribute to it.

So @bext-k first off, i hope you are having a nice day/night whenever you get the chance to see this. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. You have taught me that caring for myself first is so important and i have been putting my mental health first so thank you for teaching me that self care is important. Your laughter and smile is so contagious and it makes so many of us bexicans smile so much. Your take on the world is so beautiful and the way you stand up for what you believe in so also beautiful. You truly have a heart of gold and i hope to meet you one day and give you lots of hugs and to tell you how much you mean to me. You are also a talented actress and i’m so excited to see where your future goes. Thank you for existing and thank you for being you. 💜💙🌈

PROGRESS Chapter 45: Galvanize

March 19th 2017 | The Ritz, Manchester

  • PROGRESS Tag Team Championship Match
    British Strong Style (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) def. South Pacific Power Trip (TK Cooper & Travis Banks)
  • James Drake def. Jack Sexsmith
  • Zack Gibson def. El Ligero
  • Mark Andrews def. Will Ospreay
  • Ringkampf (Walter & Axel Dieter Jr.) def. The Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee Hunter)
  • Flash Morgan Webster def. Nathan Cruz
  • Natural Progression Series IV Semi-Final
    Jinny def. Nixon Newell
  • PROGRESS World Championship No Disqualification Match
    Pete Dunne def. Jimmy Havoc


  • PROGRESS’ first show in Manchester in six months
  • Flash Morgan Webster’s first singles match in PROGRESS since April 2016

Ikebukuro by Yoshitaka Kashima
Via Flickr:
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Back of the camera look at a couple photos from the mess of pictures we took last night of the new Tenel Ka outfit I finally finished! This was sort of seen last week in the latest photo for the Jacen Solo/Tenel Ka photo project, but I needed something to put on the section for this outfit at the zhobot website (as well as more photos on the section it will be part of in the J/TK project) so we took a few more. 

Things I learned or pondered relating to this outfit:

  • Sewing with heavy jersey effing sucks. It looks. moves and hangs amazing but OH MY GOODNESS. :|
  • If Tenel Ka isn’t going to be fighting, 4+ inch heels are fine. Although, unlike me, she could probably fight in those too.
  • I love making those crown headpieces with the crystals in them. THERE WILL BE MORE.
  • Superglue is me and my shoulder piece’s BFF.
  • Jersey, dude.

This was the outfit I wanted to get done for Katsucon but the shoulder piece wasn’t cooperating so I went with the Jedi robes for the con. NOW I HAVE THIS AND THE JEDI ROBES DONE, HUZZAH! That brings my total number of TK costumes & original outfits to 13.

Now we need to work on some Jacen stuff. Jacen stuff that isn’t a damn jumpsuit. WHY JACEN WHY. GET U SOME NEW THREADS

Also, we’re working on outfits for the Sith AU that’s part of Sleeping With Ghosts and I’m pumped because Sith.

Rose Lalonde Shipping in 2009: She’s a spooky girl who likes otherworldly monstrosities, but which of these regular human boys will she settle for?

Rose Lalonde Shipping in 2016: She’s an honorary alien after finally marrying her vampire GF. They have a million insect babies