Johnlock is more than a ship

It is more than simply liking two characters together romantically, and wanting to see a relationship between them happen because they’re your preferred pairing. It’s about a gay couple being represented equally to that of a straight couple on television. It is a social commentary, and about proving a point. Those of us in tjlc fandom who theorize, write metas, and make videos about tjlc aren’t doing it just because we want our ship to be canon. We’re doing it because it’s important. Because two of the most iconic characters of all time being gay and bi, without being blatantly outed from the beginning, without being written as cliché, and without having the fact stated in the series description so that homophobes can avoid watching it for that fact alone, can and will make a difference. It will be television history, groundbreaking and landmark representation, covered by news stations and discussed internationally. It will, by example of showing that it can work, allow writers more freedom in what they can do with their stories and characters. It will be a huge step towards ending queerbating, and the need for a conspiracy theory to ever be created about a gay pairing. A huge step in normalizing incidental lgbt characters so that such couplings can JUST be ships. Johnlock becoming canon matters far beyond ‘who ends up with who’ on a television show. It’s why those of us who see it get passionate, and frustrated, and invest so much of our time into analyzing it, and making ourselves heard. We care so immensely about Johnlock happening because we want change, and this pairing in particular has the power to grant us it.

It’s Either True or a Cruel Joke

I don’t care if you believe in Johnlock or not, you can’t deny that the cast and creators are encouraging a gay reading of their relationship. It would be utterly cruel to so many people if it didn’t become canon. The creators make ‘jokes’ of them being gay, calling them bachelors, saying Sherlock tried to woo John, saying it’s the gayest story in the history of television, saying their love for each other is so desperately unspoken and much much more.

 It’s brought up in the show itself, people always assuming they’re a couple only, the question is; why is the joke still running? We’re entering a 4th season, subtext hasn’t died it’s tripled. If the creators don’t want people to see John and Sherlock as a couple why are they making the audience question? Why do they make the characters approach the topic of their sexuality? Why have they tripled the subtext when John is “totally straight because he’s married!!!!” Why did they have Sherlock come back the exact moment that John was going to propose? Why didn’t they make him come back to a happy Watson family with a baby and everything? 

Now I’m not saying that the show is a prime example of lgbt representation, that it’s definitely not, not without johnlock at least. Think about it, you got a lesbian who walked out on her wife and has a drinking problem. You have a lesbian dominatrix with an exception for one man. You have two gay inn keepers who were involved in a conspiracy. If you count the deleted scene with Magnussen he’s a sexual predator. You have Sherlock identifying Jim as gay based on stereotypes. And last but not least our very own gay baddie: Moriarty. 

Don’t give me that sh*t that Moriarty isn’t gay. My grandparents who are die hard Holmes fans completely reject the idea of johnlock sprinkled with a touch of homophobia yet they have no problem accepting that Moriarty is gay and that Irene changed her sexuality like apparently all women do. Without Johnlock all this show is doing is perpetuating harmful stereotypes of the lgbt community.

Since Mark Gatiss is gay himself I find it unlikely that he isn’t conscious of the damage he’s doing. He said it himself! “You can’t have a gay baddie because the danger is that you’re saying gay people are bad.” Heck that entire interview should be all you need to know that they care about the community and they are well aware of what they are doing. Come at me antis. 

What a funny thing hearing from a writer of this show.  Watching the special for the first time you don’t really know what they’re talking about, well, actually you DO know that he’s obviously talking about women when you’ve watched it attentively, but think about it.

What is he talking about? A conspiracy.

He’s saying that they will lose to them. Or with other words they can not longer deny it.


Because they we are right. And we are wrong. We always knew and we didn’t stop asking questions and they’re were always denying it, lying. But they were wrong. And we were right.

He’s actually saying that we, TJLC - The Johnlock Conspiracy- was always right and that they will confirm it eventually.

twenty-one-stuckys  asked:

Idk if you've already done this (if so linking to that post would be fine) but could you link to your top 10 TJLC metas? I'm looking for some new ones and I'd like to know your opinions, as you have written metas before. Thanks!

Thank you, this is a great question! I might have done something like this before, but that was before TAB so much has changed since then. 

I should be packing (leaving London for Bath today) but since I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to go back to my laptop, here’s a selection of my faves in the realm of TJLC: 

  • The Consulting Actor’s Unabridged Dictionary of Johnlock Tropes (link), which shows how pervasive tjlc truly is
  • Green with Envy (link) by @adlerforpresident, still in my top 5 since this added considerably to my conviction in TJLC (green wallpaper.. it’s so obvious if you actually look! what els could the set decorator have been thinking??)
  • Thank you, Wilder (link) by @heimishtheidealhusband, the first longer meta I read on TAB and still at the front of my mind
  • basically everything @wellthengameover has written, especially The Final Problem i Johnlock (link), which has influenced my own understanding of the upcoming arc - or at least where I think things are going - profoundly
  • there are loads more that I couldn’t find in my bookmarks, but several of them should find mention in my “Johnlock 101″ essay (link)

Hope that helps! What are your top TJLC metas?

Just a heads up, for the next few months until series 4 I’m not going to participate in anymore meta regarding how the next three episodes will play out. I’ve already placed all my bets. I don’t want to reread the original stories or research other adaptations. I’m a TJLC blog that’s spent the last 10 months attempting to argue it and I’ve exhausted myself. But the thing is, I don’t want to ruin the surprises for myself more than i already have. I started writing meta after TAB and have mostly been playing catch up with everyone else that’s been on this site for ages. I saw all ten episodes without delving into Meta and prediction to warn me beforehand. And i fell in love with the story on its own. I’m saying this because I’ve been tagged in a bunch of meta and while i appreciate being thought of and consulted, I won’t be participating in any more predictions. I will be on this site less often. Going to Sherlocked Con, writing my meta, and picking apart the details of the story was the equivalent of pulling the curtain back on the wizard of oz. I’ve never felt more empty than I do right now, the story exposed and cut to pieces in front of me. I took something i loved and destroyed it. All because i couldn’t handle not knowing.

The point I’m trying to make is that I am the most unpleasant, rude, ignorant, and all-around obnoxious arsehole that anyone could possibly have the misfortune to meet. I am dismissive of the virtuous, unaware of the beautiful, and uncomprehending in the face of the happy. (…) John, I am a ridiculous man. Redeemed only by the warmth and constancy of your friendship.
—  Sherlock Holmes. BBC Sherlock.

Can we take a moment to appreciate John dressing up in a tie and whatever kind of blazer this is to go meet with Sherlock’s brother, waiting all patiently and trying not to take up too much space 

And he like stands up when Mycroft comes in, trying to be all polite and shit,

Just look at how impressive he’s trying to be.  Can you even believe this,, look at his tie and checked shirt and how professional he wants to look

and then like 3 episodes later he’s just like sup asshole, thought i’d have a seat, try and be more punctual next time, dick