without adventure time or regular show what the fuck is cartoon network’s Main Thing going to be now. mighty magiswords. ninjago. teen titans go

the worst part is, with so many good new cartoons in the past few years, i was really starting to regain admiration for animation - the kind i had for shows i watched when i was a kid, but this time even better because they’ve all been so much more inclusive, progressive and downright well written in so many areas. so last year if a cartoon or 2 dropped off, we’d still have a dozen other masterpieces to get hyped about, but nowadays we’re being left with teen titans go, the powerpuff girls reboot, and, um…

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Regular Show ending... Adventure Time ending.... Teen Titans Go still airing... Why CARTOON NETWORK?! WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cartoon Network: the network of poor choices. 

so like we got adventure time and regular show leaving, shows that altered western animation for the better… and like we have teen titans go and the new ppg. ppg is like…. excusable at some points, but still a hallmark of the less quality animation and storytelling aspects rn. 

theres steven universe ofc. and we bare bears is also good. is clarence still airing? i dont watch it the most but its still pretty good.

we’re also getting mighty magiswords in a week i think. which i enjoy it, but it might not be everythings this. and ive found the creator is awful so…….. i’m honestly SO excited for ian jq’s lakewood plaza turbo series. there’s ANOTHER series coming soon that i can’t recall what it is…. and also ben 10 reboot is coming soon. which i guess i’m not gonna pass judgement on yet

the best part of gumball is the plots are always something so simple like “gumball’s family is losing money!” but that slowly becomes “gumball’s family has no money so the whole universe loses it’s whole animation” 

and then like, ANYTHING can happen inbetween, is there gonna be a scene animated by a professional anime company this episode? sure

are gumball and darwin gonna find a void where forgotten boring background characters and mistakes go and crazy frog is there? sure

is gumball gonna realize there’s more shows within his own show and try to become part of that show? sure

is a character who appeared in 3 episodes as a background character in the first season who had like 3 lines total gonna come back as the main villain of the show later? sure, why not

Animation is in a really fantastic place right now isn’t it!

Shows like Steven Universe and Wander over Yonder are creator driven and given ample support from their parent studios to help them be as successful as they can be. While Steven Universe may seem trapped in an endless hiatus while Teen Titans Go airs non-stop, the Steven bombs are planned and promoted events that the studio counts on to be successful because they trust the show.

‘Adult’ animation has become the home for some of the best jokes with the age of Mcfarlen-style humor on the decline and the rise of great shows like Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burger and Archer. With “Sausage Party” we’re getting our first rated R mainstream feature animated film. Critique it all you want but this is opening the gates to more adult oriented animated content which is great because animation is not a genre, its a medium.

Established properties like Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack are being given a new treatment with a new generation of talented artists. People who love the old shows and are excited about continuing them and trying something new with them. 

Shows like Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents soldier on and continue to be popular well beyond their expected lifetime. Established long running properties bring home the bacon for a studio and help to pay for those shows that the studio is willing to take a chance risk like Avatar the last Airbender. There are shows that are made with an ending in mind like Gravity Falls that are given the creative freedom to tell the story they want to tell.

Storytelling is healthier now than it ever has been. It is becoming the selling point as series like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead continue to out perform traditional television. New and exciting opportunities for cross platform storytelling are coming with shows like OK KO which started as a show and became an awesome game! The people making animated content now grew up with great shows like Batman, Gargoyles, X-Men, The Simpsons, the list goes on and on!

It feels like everyone is just sort of…getting started :)

I’m an animation professional and I get frustrated when I see stuff like this.


Let’s put an end to the “old cartoons are better than new ones” trope

Everyone on here’s gushing about Genos, Mettaton, and Clear. But you’re all forgetting the first gorgeous robot to ever grace us with his existence: