Massive Compilation of the Jungkook Pout

As I promised, here is the compilation of Jungkookie pouting (the cutest thing ever). Please enjoy~ Also, try not to die form the cuteness. Pictures credits to their owners. 

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Baby TAT Why am I already crying????

He’s so incredibly cute I can’t even.


Look at this sulky baby bun. How can you resist? The answer is you can’t. Example: The hyungs

Dope Era + Pout = The Best Thing Ever! Look how pretty he is.

I swear, this is like one of his signature selca poses…


Ft. Jimin

When he doesn’t get the attention he wants. 

Ft. Jimin AND Yoongi

Ft. Taehyung

Ft. Eat Jin!

Ft. Manager Sejin

See what I mean? It’s his signature, patented pouty face…

Bless War of Hormone Era tbh.

It’s so natural for him.



Pouting over food, Same Kookie same

These precious moments

Why must you be like this child?

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who died because of this.

Okaayyyyy, this is getting extreme. Relax, you’ll hurt yourself Kookie. 

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The feeling when you eat too much ramen…

Okay, this is way too long so I’ll cut it here. But, you see my point right? Why are you pouting so much baby? You’re hyungs give you whatever you want anyway.

Autumn (Or What It Feels Like To Fall) Vol. 7

You can blame Autumn for its leisurely arrival to the Lone Star State (ICYMI, I moved to Austin this year) for the lateness of this mix. With this week starting to bring some slightly cooler temperatures (relative to the months of sizzling heat that is) it’s safe to say that Fall has arrived. As usual, to go along with the colorful foliage and warm fashions, I have a new Autumn mixtape to help evoke the wistful, carefree feelings of this grand season. Click here to listen to this mix in its entirety.

01. Mutual Benefit - Getting Gone
02. Lucy Dacus - Dream State…
03. Wilco - Quarters
04. Frank Ocean - Ivy
05. Slow Club - Silver Morning
06. Adam Torres - High Lonesome
07. Local Natives - Past Lives
08. Case/Lang/Veirs - Song For Judee
09. American Football - I’ve Been So Lost For So Long
10. Okkervil River - Judey on a Street
11. Margo Price - Hands of Time
12. Teenage Fanclub - I’m in Love
13. Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan - Dreaming
14. Cass McCombs - Bum Bum Bum
15. Angel Olsen - Never Be Mine
16. Radical Face - A Ship In Port
17. Júniús Meyvant - Gold Laces
18. Caveman - Never Going Back
19. Sturgill Simpson - Breakers Roar
20. Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour - Wandering Aengus
21. Ruston Kelly - Black Magic
22. The National - Peggy-O

Listen to this playlist on Spotify or Apple Music


“What are you doing out here?” I’d heard the door. I didn’t have to open my eyes to know it was her. I was laying on my back on the front walk, letting the cold from the stones seep through my flannel shirt and my skin and my subcutaneous fat, and settle in the space in my chest.

Moping, I didn’t answer. Sinking into the earth, and failing even at that. “Thinking.”

“It’s cold.”

“It is?” It was an honest question; I hadn’t really felt it. Autumn was coming on slow, but it was coming.

I felt tiny hands on face. “Wake up, Daddy. Bye, Daddy.”

“Bye?” I opened my eyes and my daughter was right there, bent over my face and giggling.

“She wanted to go to the park,” my spouse explained. “I thought maybe you could get some writing done.”

I sat up like a glacier retreating. “Thanks.”

“Do you have something to work on?”

“I’m open to suggestion,” I sighed more than answered, and she gave me a peck on the cheek.

“You’ll think of something,” she insisted, confident. “Remember the conversation we had earlier?” Then she and the baby were gone, and the house rang with her silence.

I turned the earlier conversation over in my head and wondered what I had to add. Sure enough, my thoughts sorted themselves like salt through a shaker and I hurriedly began to type.

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gd’s cute bare face


#[crying on the floor] i love him so much i just want to protect him