They changed the female models on AQW3D to give the girls bigger boobs, thinner waists and wider hips. Also made the arms skinnier. Females now all have the same body shape as the corset wearing maid

Also the girls now have Giant-eyed round Anime faces with tiny lips that make them look child like, while the dudes still look like adults. The eyes are gorgeous, but still.

Edit: I would like to note that AE does often listen to the players and if enough people speak out on Facebook and Twitter, we may see some changes for the better.


Jess just caaaaasually won a couple muse tickets so this happened…

Guys pls hold me Im excited about the new anime but Im dead concerned about Ivan’s new design.

Like in the teaser you can only see a tiny portion of this face and I dont like what I see PLEASE DONT GIVE HIM SOME FUGLYASS PUG DOG FACE


gd’s cute bare face