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Hello. I've been having a couple of rough days so I'm desperate need of some sterek fluff, please?

Hey there. I’m sorry to hear that honey, if you need someone to talk to here I am (: In the meantime, have some of the fluffiest fluffy fluff I could find: 

1. Can I get Your (call) Number, Baby? by lielabell

Summary: Thing is, for the most part, Stiles’s loves his job. He loves the quiet hush of the library, the way it smells like must and old books. He likes walking through the stacks, collecting books to be shelved. Likes sitting at the reference desk, hell, he even likes the fact that they still have a card catalog, even though no one ever uses it. Everything about the job is amazing.Except…Except for the music majors.

2. Crazy Scary Beautiful by Elpie (Horribibble)

Summary: The guy just came in with a duffle bag full of knives and plopped them down on the counter, easy as you please. He’s standing there with a perfectly cheerful look on his face, bouncing a little on the balls of his feet.-In which Stiles Stilinski is probably a serial killer, but Derek falls in love anyway.

3. Sticky Notes and Silent Words by Bellakitse

Summary: Stiles has laryngitis, everyone thinks it’s funny, except Derek, his misses Stiles’ voice……“It’s actually really weird not hearing you talk,” Derek tells him after a moment and Stiles looks back at him. Derek is looking fiercely at his lap. “I don’t like it; it’s disconcerting not to hear your voice.”

4. Naps by hazelandglasz

Summary: (insp) The Stilinskis and the Hales are neighbors

5. The Valentine You Need by lielabell

Summary: On February thirteenth, Stiles comes home to find a bright red envelope taped to the center of his apartment door.

6. For A Good Cuddle Call Stilinski by PapaArgent

Summary: ‘20 y.o. male seeks 18-30 y.o. male with which to cuddle contact 123-4567 for more’Stiles is sick of sleeping alone and cuddling his pillow, he just wants someone to cuddle with, so after a little encouragement from Scott he takes a personal ad in the newspaper. The results are interesting, but no one lasts long enough, except for the last one (well duh…)

7. Worth the Wait to Give You My Heart by secondstar

Summary: All of Derek’s memories surrounding his birthday were of his family, of their deaths. After leaving Beacon Hills, he thought the past was behind him; until he and Stiles began exchanging SnapChats.

8. Practically Perfect by betp

Summary: "The one that has next to nothing to do with the kids.“ This is a straight-up unapologetic Mary Poppins AU.

9. Down the Rabbit Hole by KuriKuri

Summary: His hind paw catches on a rock and he goes down, crashing onto his stomach, the wind abruptly forced from his lungs. He tries to scramble to his feet – paws, whatever – but he can already sense a large figure hovering over him, trapping him in. He makes a break for it anyway, though, desperately trying to escape, but a large muzzle with rows of sharp teeth is already descending on him and –– and Derek Hale is going to eat him to death. And not even in a sexy way. Then Derek finally will become a murderer, and his dad will have to identify his body by scraping bits of his rabbit intestines off of Derek’s wolf-y canines.All because he didn’t warn his werewolf friends off from their usual late night hunts, because then he’d have to admit that he’s a fucking wererabbit.

10. Bet On It by IDreamOnlyOfYou (lauren3210)

Summary: Stiles is an RN and Derek the attending trauma surgeon at Beacon Hills Hospital. They’re constantly arguing, much to the amusement of their colleagues, who ultimately decide to take bets on when the sexual tension will finally explode. The only question is, who will win the jackpot?Or5 times one of the guys try to push Derek and Stiles together, and the time they worked it out all on their own.

11. Sterek ficlet by Darby

Summary: “Derek liked to do his laundry late at night—like passed midnight late. It was easier that way to avoid fighting the other tenants in his building for one of only three washing machines. It was also the only time his sisters weren’t willing to follow him down into the basement and bother him more than they already did. Even so, the silence got a little boring after a while.”

12. Strawberries Taste How Lips Do by giantteenwolforgy

Summary:He goes for the pies. Mainly.And if Derek Hale happens to be there in all of his sinful glory, well, he’s not going to complain.

 13. Wrong Number by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf)

Summary: Even wrong numbers can get it right sometimes….Or one where Stiles dials the wrong number and keeps forgetting to change it, while Derek ends up going along for the ride and sees Stiles four times before Stiles meets him.

14. Settle. Stop. Sleep. by Lenore

Summary: Goblins are trying to eat Stiles. Derek thinks he needs a nap.

15. Like wine upon the lips by MemeKon

Summary: “So, the word’s on the streets that you’re some sexy polyglot,” Stiles says, wiggling his eyebrows annoyingly before he slumps on the couch next to him and puts his feet on Derek’s coffee table, limbs akimbo, loose and long.“Sexy polyglot,” Derek repeats, raising an eyebrow, and pushing Stiles’ feet off the table with his own.“Yeah, you know, sexy man of many languages.”“I know what polyglot means,” he replies.

Hope these are enough to cheer you up a little bit sweetie  <3

*casually ignores my characters’ game graphics and gives all of them whatever body type I want*

I feel really bad for not saying or giving a little notice sooner even though I’m sure it doesn’t really matter but I am super sorry for the overwhelming lack of activity (or inconsistency of activity?) on my blog lately. I’m also sorry in advance now too because I definitely don’t think I’ll be posting for a bit of time or if I do, it’d be really irregularly instead of consistent like I’ve tried to do. And I really wanted to give a notice or heads up beforehand but…….I didn’t want to sound too annoying about making a big deal out of nothing or anything like that. (Of course, on the other hand too, I could miraculously feel better a random day soon and “snap out of it” so in that case, it’d be all good then!)

(And like usual inserted read more for my rant/mess of thoughts)

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Okay id like to make this kinda clear. I notice I loose followers after kinda depressing posts. Let me be crystal clear:

I am human.

I feel bad sometimes and that isn’t always my fault. Sometimes I just get upset about stupid things but in reality its hard to be happy when it feels like you’re the only person with the illness you have. I know no one with nud and vh. It makes me feel lonely and like I don’t have anyone who really understands how much this actually sucks. So if you’re not looking for a blog with a depressing girl just throwing her feelings out there to a community (referring to the spoonies) that does get it in some way shape or form then I’m sorry this blog might not be for you. I have my good days and my bad. Like any other human. Sometimes more bad than good but I’m working on it.

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What's our song?

“ You’re here, you’re gone
It’s not fair, I’m lost.
Your god, your fear
Was it worth the price?”

“ You got me hypnotized
I’m feeling so obsessed with you.
You’ve left me paralyzed
And now I’m stuck,
You’ve got me stuck”

“I will always find you
Like it’s written in the stars”

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volleyball anime

every time

Give me a Series & I’ll tell you…

❤ Favorite Male: oh shit this is a hard question, umm i guess at the moment OIkawa Tooru
❤ Favorite Female: YACHI IS A GIFT
Favorite Pairing: Oikawa/Iwaizumi I made a fucking side blog about it, what can I do
❤ Least Favorite Character: Ushiwaka 
❤ who’s most like me: uhh, never really thought about it, maybe Yamaguchi
❤ most attractive: tied for Oikawa or Iwaizumi
❤ three more characters that I like: Hinata!! (I’m so sorry, you used to be my ultimate fave, but you’re number 2 now, I am so sorry.) Kenma and Bokuto (but i love everyone except Ushijwaka, so fight me) 


Woke up feeling like death. My head still hurts from yesterday and my body feels like it got ran over due to my period starting. 

Took Jake to the vet to finally up date his shots. Everything was hunky dory up until some asshole with a husky showed up. Disclaimer: I really really really fucking hate huskies. I’m not even a tiny bit sorry for that fact. The guy had him in some weird harness thing and wasn’t paying any attention and the dog came right up to Jake. DO NOT JUST ASSUME EVERY DOG IN THE WORLD LOVES EVERY OTHER DOG IN THE WORLD. FUCKING STOP! Do not just let your dog come right up to another dog without first addressing the owner. Especially at the vets office!!! I do not understand why everyone thinks dogs are these altruistic creatures who just want love and peace and peanut butter treats. They are just like people. Well….don’t take that statement too literally. What I mean is some dogs don’t like certain types of dogs. Just like some people don’t like certain types of people. I in particular do not like people with no fucking common sense or basic knowledge of canines and yet they own one or more. Makes so sense to me. Anyway, Jake is perfectly healthy and did wonderfully for the staff. Took him to the pet store afterwards so he could pick out a treat and now we’re home chilin. 

I’m going to lunch with Amy in a minute. 

Afterwards I’m going to Ulta because they having a bangin’ deal on drugstore brands. 

I’ve been put on the schedule as an opener which means a 4am wake up call for at least the next week. That’ll take some getting used to. I’m not gonna complain for the 40 hours she gave me though. Boom. 


My small brother started singing Thunderstruck at the moment Thor attacks Malaketh for killing Frigga.

I’m going with probably not appropriate.