djmanultimate  asked:

I noticed when looking at some of your old artwork, the character design went from being super realistic to more cartoony. (Not that I mind, I honestly prefer the current designs) Was this design change on purpose?

While I wouldn’t call my old designs super realistic, I get what you mean. I think I got more comfortable with exaggerating things more over time, so my character designs became less rigid and detailed, less realistic in a way. I started to push my designs a little farther, favoring conveying emotion through oftentimes exaggerated expressions and movement. I’m still focusing on that, for the record - future changes to my designs probably won’t be quite as drastic but they’ll be noticeable, I bet :).

So, it was kind of on purpose, but also kind of a natural outcome of me drawing these characters so many times XD.


Heres some more tarot concept sketches. Mostly in the messenger style this time. These designs obviously aren’t final, but I’m pretty happy with them so far. 

The hanged man, seven of cups, ten of cups, the world, four of swords, two of pentacles. 

Side note: if anyone’s interested in seeing monster oracle sketches (very similar to the dark messenger style) let me know! I’ve got 20+ concepts done.


Most unique date idea, involves time traveling. Watch the video ‘Out of Time’ directed by Josh Appignanesi and Jonathana de Villiers.

Tom Hiddleston and Michelle Dockery photographed  by Jonathan de Villiers. Styling by Andreas Kokkino.