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I just watched the Tiger and Bunny movie (2)

went from


in about an hour. 

I… I don’t know if I can talk about this movie with anything resembling emotional stability. 

I think I went in expecting a good time, because, well, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the Tiger and Bunny productions up to this point. It’s not disappointed me yet in the theatrical department, the storyline, the characters, nor the visuals… and, yes, weirdly normal as it is to say, I have to say it - despite the amount of queer-bating in the series, there’s a super positive queer character that’s completely canon, plus hints at other trans characters, plus just a general lack of giving-a-shit when taking on a gender role issue. (The female characterization is cool too.)

Nevertheless, I don’t think I was prepared to start crying in the middle of the movie (cinnamon roll handed me a tissue, cos he knew, and he was crying too) because they FUCKING WENT THERE, THEY TOOK FIRE EMBLEM AND RAN WITH HIM, THEY RAN WITH HIM TO THE FUCKING GOAL LINE AND THEY SLAM-DUNKED HIS BACK STORY SO FUCKING GOOD. It was all in choppy, dramatic flashbacks but it was fucking rEAL. 

I think I’m more shocked by the fact that they did it than anything. I NEVER expected a simple flashy superhero anime to go there. I never expected this to be so forward and heart-wrenching. I expected hints, teases, maybe an allusion.

Maybe I’m over-reacting… But looking at their overall better treatment of Pao Lin in this movie as well (and the obvious laxness and naturalness of their sudden image change outside of battle) had me cheering from the start.

Plus the movie itself, queer-PR aside, was actually shockingly complex in its morals and pursuits of a justice code. Call me Chaotic Neutral but I’m a slut for morally grey areas. Black and white heroes and supervillains are like eating sand to me. This storyline, especially, managed to flip the spotlight on the viewers several times in its pursuit of “who is right” and “who do you want to be right”? 


Okay, so, last year I went to Japan and spent over $800. A lot of what I acquired was Tiger&Bunny related because it was huge and it was everywhere. Now that I continue to buy merchandise on a regular basis I realize that I am going to have to bring myself to part with some things that were complete impulse buys. Yes, most of it is a bit less than a year old but it’s all in perfect condition. The bindings on all the books are still great and nothing has any nicks.

This is how it is going to go, there will be two winners. Winner one gets a bit more, but both are quite nice in my opinion.

Winner One:

  • Animage magazine with Kotetsu and Barnaby on the cover. Sorry, the file folders aren’t in it, they fell out when I opened it and now they are god knows where.
  • Tiger&Bunny manga, I’ve only opened it once.
  • Wild Tiger head light up keychain.
  • Half-Age Character. This is your choice. The example I have in the image is my own Extra Barnaby, I have one that is still in the plastic [the boxes are open though, sorry]. There is also an Ivan Karelin, so you can choose between the two.
  • The other choice is you can have the HERO GOSSIPS or the two OFFICIAL HERO BOOKS. I will take pictures of some of the inside pages for the winner so they can decide.

Winner Two:

  • Two Half-Age characters. Either Extra Barnaby or Ivan [depending on what winner one chooses] plus one other.
  • Pao-Lin Huang [Dragon Kid] keychain.
  • Either the HERO GOSSIPS or the OFFICIAL HERO BOOKS, depending on what winner one chooses.

Alright, so now for the rules and any extra details, they’re pretty simple.

  • Reblog once, like once.
  • Any questions can go to my inbox.
  • Your inbox has to be open. If you win and it isn’t, I’m not even going to try to figure out an alternate means of communication.
  • Be comfortable giving me your address, though I figure this is sort of obvious. I will ship anywhere.
  • Winner One will be announced on March 18th. Winner Two will be announced March 25th.

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