Flash drives!

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Max size = 2 GB????

When was this? April, 2006

2 gigs seems a little small… Let’s check a forum.

Okay, so you could get a 4 gig flash drive back then, but it would cost a cool $150 with tax….but holy heck! That’s a lot of money! Well, do I really need 4 gigs? What if I just wanted 1 gig 5 years ago?

50 bazingos?! Dis, quoi?!?! How much do they cost today?

WOAH~! 4x the size of the 4gig drive and 1/10x the price! *whew* Much better.

Classic Squiffer exposed! One of our undercover pizza delivery guys recently used his “thumb drives” to “download” this video of the Classic Squiffer into his “pockets.” Compared to the Splat Charger, you’ll see a noticeable difference here in both charge time and splat range. And while this may not seem like much at first, it can make all the difference when things get crazy on the battlefield! Squiffers unite!


I lost my USB thumb drive twice today.  To the extent of panic and tearing things apart.  I was nearly late for my morning class because of it.  Now I’m making sure I don’t ever lose it again.  At first I thought a chain around my neck would solve my problem, but I never wear necklaces. I do  wear these hair bands all the time even though my hair is too short for them: it’s habit.  I poked a smaller band into the hole where the cover broke off a couple months ago and wrapped the smaller band to the larger one. 

I don’t know if this will help anyone else, but this is my solution to never let this thing out of my sight. 

Silver Flash Drive in a Black Gift Box with Silver Print - simply stunning.

If you’re not good with graphics or you don’t have that inate flair to visualise things then it’s useful to see what other people have done and if it’s appropriate to copy it.

This combination of a metal USB flash drive in a black gift box that has been printed with the logo in silver looks very professional and it’s the sort of combination that we think will generate lots of “copy cat” solutions.

It’s funny how often “simple” looks best and this is true with this combination of branded USB flash drive and box.

Biodegradable Thumb Drives

Mother earth will be thanking you profusely when you begin sharing data with others using the biodegradable thumb drives. These thumb drives come in sets of four and can each be detached from the cardboard frame whenever you need to share information on the go.


Check It Out

Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

Gigs 2 Go™ by Multiple Owners
Gigs 2 Go is a credit-card-sized pack of USB flash drives, with “Tear-and -Share” technology. Simply tear off a tab when you need to quickly share files on-the-go. Gigs 2 Go is made from 100% post-consumer molded paper pulp. In December 2013 we launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production, and we reached our goal and began production in January 2014. Check out to order.

Is it just me or do fellow writers not have that ‘which way does the usb go in’ problem that everyone speaks of? I have four thumb drives that I compulsively back everything up on after losing my work more than once and believe me, I don’t have to flip it like a million times to know which way it goes in. 

Use exFAT for large files on USB thumb drives

I heard a useful tip on the MacCast podcast the other day. If you have to handle very large files on a USB thumb drive or something similar (maybe an SD Card), you can format it using the exFAT format. This allows you to breach the 4GB file size limit of standard FAT32.
To do this:

1) Open Disk Utility (in Applications/Utilities)

2) Select the device you want to format from the devices list on the left.

3) Select the erase tab in the right-hand panel

4) Select ExFAT as the format and click the Erase… button

You can only do this if you are running Snow Leopard 10.6.5 or above.