• Lance: AH. This is tomorrow's school paper. Oh my god, on the front page, there's a picture of me kissing Keith by the lake.
  • Pidge: Lance why are you kissing Keith by the lake?
  • Lance: We caught a fish, I was excited. I kissed the fish too, but of course they don't show you that.

Stranger things and Lilo and Stitch parallels:

-Dustin is going to get a weird pet that’s other worldly, Lilo gets a pet that’s other worldly

- Will is going to become become evil and lose control, in lilo and stitch 2 Stitch becomes evil and loses control

- Lilo is dramatic, Mike Wheeler is dramatic

- Both the names Nancy and Nani start with the same first two letters

- Troy and his friend are just like Myrtle and her group of friends

- Eleven is also like stitch because she comes from somewhere else and has powers

In conclusion the duffer brothers are obviously copying the cinematic masterpiece that is Lilo and Stitch


breathless is such a good song I can’t wait for the full version

Unpopular option:

// Being the head of a clan doesn´t equal being a father figure.

Yes, Leo might take being the head of the clan now - which isn´t much different than being a leader. 
But Leo is not a father figure in my eyes. Splinter trained him to guide and lead his brother not to take over the role of a father.

You know weird this even is? Giving the father role to a SIXTEEN year old over his brothers who are the exactly same age.

Beside can you guys see Raph or Donnie seeing him as a father figure?