King Crimson - People (from Thrak, 1995)


King Crimson - THRAK

This looks like what I imagine the final boss battle in a prog rock fighting/rpg game would be like, Fripp being the top dog, just sitting there, destroying you with his mad chops.

Also, this video is where Adrian takes a screwdriver to his guitar.

Okay, I fucking give up

I just trawled the “One Time” tag properly.

I must’ve gone through at least 20 pages.

I didn’t see a single non-Justin Bieber based post, let alone a King Crimson, THRAK related post.

But what I did see a lot of was a whole bunch of people fucking worshipping Justin for making it 3 years.

3 years.


Try making it for 40 fucking years.

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This has been a post.


One eye goes laughing,
one eye goes crying
through the trials and trying of one life
one hand is tied,
one step gets behind
in one breath we’re dying

I’ve been waiting for the sun to come up
waiting for the showers to stop
waiting for the penny to drop
one time
and I’ve been standing in a cloud of plans
standing on the shifting sands
hoping for an open hand
one time

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A track from my favorite King Crimson album, which no one ever agrees with me about, brutal guitar noises in odd time signatures and then splitting out into multiple brutal guitar noises doing polyrhythms against each other, plus sick production with amazing drum sounds and creepy synths starting to come in as it builds… Fucking crazy. If you’ve never listened to THRAK, do it.


King Crimson-Walking On Air (1995)

Close your eyes and look at me
I’ll be standing by your side…

Aynı albümden bir başka muhteşem şarkı için tıklayın. One Time 

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King Crimson-Dinosaur

It makes me immensely happy that a bunch of aging prog-rockers came together in the mid-90s and recorded one of the most completely badass rock tracks evarr. King Crimson fuckin rules.