Man, I have had the BEST two days. I’m on my phone but I really want to just write this out so I apologize in advance that there’s no read more.

I had the incredibly lucky chance to see Hedwig twice again. My friend won the lotto for Tuesday, and I bought tickets for tonight. And man oh man, this was such an experience this time. It was last time, but this time. I just have to talk about it (even if it’s to myself).

I mean, Darren is phenomenal, of course. No doubt about it. At this point in time, it’s very obvious that he’s taken ownership of the role. And the music and lyrics. He knows Hedwig so well, and it shows. He IS her. I’m a Hedwig fan (albeit biased because I love Darren too) but he is by far my favorite Hedwig. And I got to hear the “genuine chris col-fur” joke with my own ears (which I really wanted to) so I’m just so happy. I was second row today, so of course, given my luck these past two days, he spit all over my face. It was hilarious.

But my luck runs beyond that! I met Mike Potter, who does wig and makeup, and got a wonderful pic with him. He’s so funny. I met Lena Hall! Got a picture with her too. And of course told her how spectacular she is and how wonderful her voice is. I got a picture with Matt Duncan too.

And I met Rebecca! And I said to her what I’ve been wanting to say to her for a while, which is that her wearing her natural hair out is such an inspiration to me. And she appreciated it so much. She hugged me. We took a picture together. But I really wanted her to know how important that is to me. She was so great about it. And she told me that she had seen me singing along and dancing during the show. Particularly one part where I do a little drum bit during Wig In A Box. She said when she was in the audience, she used to do that. So, she saw me and she saw my big hair and thought, “Who is that?”

And then to top it all off, Darren. DARREN EVERETT CRISS. I said to him, “I know you get this a lot but thank you for everything. Thank you for all the wonderful experiences.” And he turns to me and says, “You. You were rocking out in the audience today, and I saw that. And it’s just so great to look out and see that. You spoiled us. So thank YOU.” That is SO gratifying. Both as a Hedwig and Darren fan. I am so happy he could tell how happy I was to watch his show. And I hope he takes it as a testament to how fantastic his performance is.

And I’m just a mess. I’m a total complete mess from this whole trip because this is so much more than I expected/asked for, and I am so, so grateful for it.


(Front Portion)
“What is the truth in life? It is that everyone perishes.

Who is a kind person? It is a person who knows he/she will die someday.

Isn’t it true that If those who know the truth in life will indeed live life with kindness and if those who are kind people will not neglect the truth?

Will you be so blinded by amassing wealth knowing that it will one day all fade away?”

(Back Portion)

“Some laugh and live like fools as if they forget where they came from and where they will end up. They will weap as they continue in their hard and sad lives; in the end, who is left to blame but themselves for not finding the truth?”


I took a picture of this person last year and again I see him crawling on his fours around Gwanghwamun carrying the big sign on his back. Last time, I just took the picture and walked away but this time I had to talk to him and ask him why he was doing this.

Me : “Sir, may I ask why are you doing this?”

Him : “I’m searching for truth.”

Me : “Sir, have you found the truth, or are you still finding it?”

Him : “I’m still finding it.”

Me : “Sir, how long have you been doing this for?”

Him : “It’s been over a year.”

Me : “To be frank sir, I took a picture of you last year and I didn’t expect to see you again. Do you mind if I took a picture of you?”

Him : “(Shakes head in approval)”

Me : “Sir, are you tired? Are you thirsty?”

Him : doesn’t answer.

He didn’t seem like a homeless person at all, he was genuinely set on finding the truth. He looked like a philosopher of some sort but, the message does provide me with a deep perspective. I wanted to converse with him more but it seemed like he didn’t want to.

I guess the truth that he was seeking is knowing one’s place in life and that in the end everyone is equal.

taken with Sony A7 II, 28-70mm

Gwanghwamun, Seoul, South Korea

Society 6 | Eric Youn Photography | Instagram | Google+

Most of the time I just want to have someone that somehow wants to send me goodmorning messages and a lot of hearts and flowers and cute little sweet nothings. That will really mean a lot. Like a lot, lot, lots!

I’ve held onto you
Like a child to it’s mother
Your soul the nourishment
To a weak body and mind

It’s hard to see the world with your eyes closed
It’s hard to explore when you fear
the grass on the other side is quicksand
The only thing to grab onto, is you

How long will my hands shake at the thought of losing you
When you have never been there

Maybe trembling hands will release me from you
The fall might open my eyes
The fear would subside
And I could live life

On the other side

Do not let a man convince you that you are nothing without him, when you have the blood of lionesses running through your veins, a heart that pumps enough iron to create swords and a spine that is stronger than granite. You are everything. With him, without him, never having met him, or with someone else, never forget that you are everything.
—  You are Everything, With or Without Him | Nikita Gill