Breakeven | Rucas AU

Prompt: Lucas Friar returns to the city for the holidays after spending the last 9 years in Texas. While he’s there he gets to catch up with some old friends, including the girl who broke his heart all those years ago. 
A/N: (Loosely inspired by the song “Breakeven” by The Script) Wrote this In my iPhone notes at 4 in the morning so I hope it’s not too all over the place.
Word Count: 2,022

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Lucas sits in a booth in the back of a pub waiting for his oldest friend to arrive. He and Zay had been friends since pre-school and even though their friendship was sometimes tumultuous, they still remained good friends after all these years.

Lucas moved back to Texas after graduating and it’s where he’s been for the past 9 years. Leaving New York behind was probably one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do. But he was serious about becoming a veterinarian and the big city wasn’t exactly in desperate need of one, so he moved back home to Austin.

Zay stayed on the east coast with most of their friends at the time. Zay got into UMASS on a baseball scholarship and ended up majoring in sports medicine. Maya went to a community college in downtown NY where she took Art classes and eventually opened up her own studio where she taught others how to draw and paint. Farkle and Isadora both tackled the Ivy Leagues in New England. Isadora went to Yale and Farkle got into Harvard. Lucas hasn’t spoken to them all that much since graduation but last time he checked they were still an item.

And then there was Riley. Riley was Lucas’ first love, first everything actually. His high school sweetheart who jetted off to Oxford after graduation and never looked back.

Everyone, himself included, thought they’d end up together. There was no doubt in their friend’s minds that they wouldn’t last. But like with most things in life, change happens. People grow up and sometimes that means they grow apart. It was hard but eventually he got through it.

She was the only girl who ever broke his heart which resulted in a complete 180 of his personality. He went from charming Texan to womanizing heart-throb. It was no surprise when Riley’s closest friends didn’t stick around for him, especially when they barely recognized who he’d become.

Lucas stares at his watch impatiently waiting for Zay to show up. They agreed to meet at 7 but in true Isaiah Babineaux fashion he was running late. 30 minutes late to be exact.

This was Lucas’ first time back in New York in years, and even though this place used to be his home, he still felt on edge being here.

A hand on his shoulder breaks his train of thought as he looks up to see his smiling friend beaming down on him.

“Luc my boy!” Zay says with a laugh, pulling the broad shouldered blond in for a hug.

“Zay, how’s it going man? Good to see you.”

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Jump Shop at Tokyo Dome | Kuroko no Basuke Locker Exhibition

Lockers of Kuroko, Kagami, Kise, Kasamatsu, Midorima and Takao.

Also, can I just add that inside Shin-chan’s locker, the note in his mini whiteboard (why does he have a mini whiteboard in his locker???) says “Shin-chan~, I’ll wait for you in front of the school gates.” Right.


( ̄▽+ ̄*) stress relief scribbles lmao