corvidyouths asked:

ronan canonically hates the heat. how great to have a cold dead ghost boyf with cold dead arms wrapped around him wow way better more direct that AC

everyone wants cuddles with noah in the summertime. let’s definitely not talk about how they drag gansey and ronan’s mattresses out by the couch and all nap there together. everyone is touching noah in some way, but adam is most content because somehow he ended up with noah’s cool back pressed against his, and ronan’s face is quite close. a nice view to admire those lovely lashes. 

can you imagine coming home to see luke’s head tilted forward - his blond hair a tuft of flat curls that shielded his forehead - and pink lips slightly parted among the scruff along his chin and jawline that seemed to age him by years whilst leaning back in a recliner in your living space with his bare arms folded over the little baby boy resting on top of his chest with every rise and fall of luke’s breath and the baby’s tiny fists balled up luke’s shirt and his eyelids fluttering with those pale lashes casting small shadows across his soft cheeks and the ending credits to some movie were rolling down the television screen so you’d gingerly step towards the two boys and softly brush your lips over luke’s and the top of your baby’s head only to have luke’s eyes flutter open and he’d lazily grin at you and clumsily kiss the corner of your mouth, which would be followed by raspy murmur “hope you don’t mind my new cuddle buddy, babe”.