Amazingly, this was not the most ridiculous situation that Bucky Barnes had ever been in.

What the hell, his boyfriend learned how to shift into the cutest kitten to ever cute at will - having Bucky as a frog was a walk in the park.  Although Bucky was fairly sure that Steve was never going to let him live this one down:  I told you I wasn’t the only Trouble Magnet in this relationship! HA!

But anyway.  Ribbit.  Metal flipper.  Keeping calm despite Tony freaking out over being frogged himself and Thor facepalming - apparently this also happened to him on a regular basis. 

The good news was that a kiss from one’s True Love would cure them. 

Now Thor was quite covered in that respect, although Jane would insist on studying the phenomena first, in great detail and Thor lovingly agreed because his Science Goddess in full Science Mode was his kryptonite. 

He did, however, remind Jane that he required clean water for his temporary tank. 

Steve Rogers totally did not squee.


He made adorable squeaking noises, because apparently Frog Bucky was the cutest Frog to ever ribbit and squeaked even more over the “metal flipper,” though, predictably, he checked in with Bucky if it hurt.  Bucky assured him he felt fine.

“I guess that makes you Kermit now,” Steve said gleefully, holding Frog Bucky up in his hands.

“If that makes you Miss Piggy, I’m all for it - since you got the diva temperament and all that,” Bucky retorted.  “And the karate moves too.”

“Face it, baby - you love seeing me fight.”

“Well, of course I love seeing you fight.  Makes your ass bounce in all the right places too.”

Thus, kissage happened and Bucky was restored to his human self in short order.  Because Steve knew he couldn’t deny Bucky his daily grope of That Ass.

The problem was Tony.

Tony was apparently in the doghouse with Pepper for some reason or the other - nobody was sure what happened, but they didn’t want to add to Tony’s considerable freaking out because FROG IMMA FROG I DON’T WANNA BE A FROG THIS IS TOTALLY NOT SCIENCE AT ALL HALP. 

Of course, the definition of “True Love” for this specific spell could also extend to true friendship and thus:

“Tony, man, the things I do for you in the name of our bro-ship,” Rhodey muttered.

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Thor & Steve’s Road Trip: Day 3 - New York City

Visiting my hometown and getting lost on the way to the Brooklyn Bridge because I’m an idiot with no sense of direction.

Note: Thor and I went on this road trip right after my birthday and we’re home now. I just wrote the entries as we went. You can see all of my road trip posts here as they’re posted.

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Being the one to show the Twins around S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

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This entire day had been spent chasing a blue streak all over this building. Wanda on the other hand had fully understood your capability to kill them both and had let up after a few minutes. The male, Pietro, had tried flirting with you to only be shut down by your boyfriend Bucky. You heard something shift behind you and kicked your leg straight out towards the wall just in time to see the young man slide across the floor. You bent over him and winked using his line from earlier.

“Didn’t see that coming?” You could hear Wanda giggling behind you and you let your smile seep onto your features. Nobody ever expected you to be a threat, after all, you were always perceived as so……… Average. Bucky had helped you tone your powers and you were a major force to be reckoned with.