Oh my lord. I actually animated something!

Tom was definitely the most fun to draw~

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dear Edd,

I don’t know you personally but, I made this for you!I’m not going to do this for attention.But, if I am going to get something for this, it would be to remind people of you.You’re a HUGE inspiration for my art.And inspire me to start drawing comics and learn animation.You may never hear this or see this ever, but I hope you know that we miss you dearly…

And to the poisonous fandom,

Don’t destroy the legacy of Eddsworld.Cause, I know we all miss Edd.And now that Tom has been through his last edit over the show, it’s starting to worry me.The creators themselves have tried controlling the fans.Sometimes I can’t think about saying the term “Eddhead” anymore in fear that someone might take it as a dirty joke.So, please at least think of what Edd would’ve wanted.I don’t mind the NSFW but just be sure to put it in a different tag than the normal Eddsworld tags.Keep your thoughts in Sinsworld, and don’t let them loose over Edd’s Legacy.