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I’m inspired by women every day who are doing different things. One of my inspirations is Lee Miller, the New York model turned photographer turned war correspondent. I didn’t base my character on her in any way, but she’s an inspiration to me. She was the first female embedded war correspondent who shot and wrote during the second World War and was there for the liberation of Paris. I’ve always loved Lee Miller’s photography. I love women like that who are ahead of the curve and fighting for something they believe in.


Holy mother of god.

Source: Youtube - Patricia Fagundes

Aniston isn’t one to preach, but when an issue is important to her, she’ll speak up. She was unaware of the recent buzz around the word “feminism”. When I ask what she makes of the fact that certain young actresses have rejected the label while others, including Emma Watson, have embrace it, Aniston just looks confused. “How can you say you’re not a feminist? They don’t believe in equal rights?” she asked. “Right, Sophie?” Aniston coos to her dog. “You’re a feminist, aren’t you?”