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What's your favorite part of ACOTAR?

Can I say all of it?! Because I really did love every minute of it! 


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Unpopular opinion: I believe that the ending of season 11 was poorly done. The whole Darkness and God scene where they suddenly and easily decide to make up was completely ridiculous and out of character. The Darkness gave up that easy? Honestly the show is getting a bit out of hand...

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I didn’t care about the finale when it aired, like… neat, I guess. Colours. Someone shot Sam again. Everything is horrible but God and his sister are holding hands and then Mary and something. But now I kind a dig it? Like it’s sat with me for a couple months and I’m like, that was a nice finale. It was completely unexpected. Everything didn’t explode to yet another level of Epic Doom but rather there was a non-violent solution to a conflict and then the new big threat is actually human. So that was nice and something I wouldn’t have bet for at all. I also really dig the fact that both God and Amara survived. I love them, so. Obviously.

I’m completely in for being surprised every now and then. It doesn’t have to be anything massive. Just finding out that the show can still do something I didn’t expect it to do is nice, so therefore, a nice finale, I guess.

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There are unseen Séverine clips too and I want to see those so badly. Someone needs to release all the classified Bond girl footage…

oh yes! she was originally in the airport scene wasn’t she? I think that… might be on my dvd??????? possibly??????????? unless there are MORE cut scenes

just. all I want from whatever special edition bluray set that comes out when dcraig officially retires is every single cut scene from all the movies, and for dcraig to do some audio commentaries. it doesn’t have to be a whole movie just pick some scenes from each or something god

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Loved the post about hot Robert and Aaron moments. You chose some right good'uns. Lol. I tell you though, I don't think I've seen a more beautiful shot of a man than when Robert says 'You're not going to do a runner on me, are you?' to Liv. If there is a gif of that- I want it! Likewise I LOVE Aaron in the 'fancy a beer?' moment before they reunite during court week. He has the most adorable face and those eyes...damn! Those two together...we're doomed! Lol

Thanks, nonnie! (Also, sorry about the late reply!)

God, that whole scene of Robert talking to Liv was so gorgeous. It’s the combination of the sun shining just right on his face, his soft eyes, that sweet voice that he reserves for those closest to him. I completely agree with you - that has to be one of the most beautifully shot scenes on Emmerdale! That entire episode, in fact, was golden. (As golden as Robert’s skin.)

Aaron’s face when he smiles softly never ever gets old. I think because we’re so used to seeing him being gruff/angry/sad/heartbroken - especially, obviously, during that time. And yes, it’s the soft look in his eyes that really does it, isn’t it! It’s almost the same as when he tried to kiss Robert on the bench when they were in York, or the famous Home Farm kiss.

These two are so perfect together, and get them both in on the same scene with a soft look in their eyes, or a mischievously sexy look in their eyes and yup, we’re all done for!