MendAlien Genetics - Cardassians

I’ve been thinking a lot about the various different Cardassian makeup sculpts and how they could logically combine to create the naturally occurring Cardassian phenotypes (physical appearances) in the Star Trek universe. Also, the majority of prominent Cardassian characters we encounter have blue eyes - a recessive trait in the Human genome.

Pioneer geneticist Gregor Mendel used a long process of cross-breeding pea plants in order to determine which traits were dominant and which ones were recessive. He organized his results into graphical representations of offspring possibilities called punnet squares in order to catalogue the results of his experiments.

Here I used a punnet square to illustrate the various combinations of three traits via the use of both dominant and recessive alleles - orbital (eye) ridge shape, skin color, and eye color.

The first punnet square you see is just taking into account the trait of orbital ridge shape. The second, orbital ridge shape and skin color, and the third punnet square displays resulting offspring from a combination of all three traits.

Equatorial Cardassians are found mostly along - you guessed it - Cardassia’s equator. Their more rounded orbital ridges better provide shade to their eyes and their generally beige skin color is a holdover from when they had to camouflage against the desert sand.

Highland and Lowland Cardassians come from the upper and lower parallels of Cardassia, which feature more rugged, canyon-like landscapes. The nooks and crannies provided by the rocks were ideal places for predators to hide, so their more ovoid orbital ridges afforded them more peripheral vision to avoid attack. Their generally gray skin color also let them blend into those rocks and is, again, a holdover from a more primitive time.

Dukat and Damar are the most ideal examples of a ‘pure equatorial’ and ‘pure highland/lowland’ appearance, so they can adequately exhibit the different traits between the two.

Unlike orbital ridge shape and eye color, the alleles for skin color are codominant, meaning the resulting phenotype will be a mix between that of the two parents. The combination of Tain’s more blue-gray skin color and Mila’s more yellow-beige skin color results in Garak’s more greenish hue. However, he got his mother’s more refined orbital ridges and beautiful blue eyes. I think we’re all glad that it wasn’t the other way around.

This was so fun to do and I welcome suggestions of other alien species to interpret with old high school biology skills.

I made my Maglor cosplay in a little under two weeks (including school and sleep time, so the actual time I spent making this probably totaled about three days worth of hours) so there’s still so much I need to do and fix up - like adding more beads to the back of the robe and doing more embroidery…

…But I still enjoyed wearing it at Katsucon, even if it wasn’t completely finished. 

My next orders of business are Fingon and Maeglin.

hey guys so i just vomited about three hours worth of nonstop hannibal posts and in my defense i finished the finale about four hours ago so i’m a bit emotional

that being said please forgive me and your normal programming will resume in the morning. for right now, i’m forcibly dragging myself away from my laptop and showering so i can actually get up at a decent time tomorrow and do my fucking taxes.

{I find it funny how once again lots of people started playing FE4 all at once and I love reading people’s comments about it because everyone’s sO FUCKING SCARED OF IT.

But actually imo it’s the most fun FE game so it’s worth the pain (between the gameplay and storyline in this case whoops). And there’s lots of cute people. Specifically redheaded ones. More specifically possessed redheaded fire type ones that will smash your face with Meteor.}


(awesome quotes, fast track, amazing surprise from my roommates :D )

Race Recap 2/13-14 BU Invitational

Got a break from the 800 this weekend and ran the 500 and 4x400!

Looooong drive up to Boston in the morning (around 4 hours or so) but the trip was completely worth it. I was pretty nervous going into this meet because I haven’t been feeling well, I’ve had a headache since Thursday and haven’t been sleeping too well. I also only ran three times last week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday because of my plantar fasciitis. So I wasn’t sure how this meet was going to go. Only 8 girls went, so this was an opportunity that I didn’t want to pass up


500 was AWESOME. I ran in lane 6, which usually I hate and get really anxious about, but my coach kept assuring me that this was the best lane to run in at this track. So gun goes off, I went out super relaxed and speedy, I cut in from the break and settled in second. I went through the 400 around 63 or so, which felt amazing considering I ran a high 62 last week and felt terrible. I kicked for the last 100, though I stayed SUPER relaxed. I didn’t tense up like last week and I felt really strong finishing. I ended up running a 4 second PR! I was so excited,  I couldn’t stop smiling throughout my whole cool down.

4x4 also went really well! We qualified for ECAC’s and ran a seasons best time. I split a college best, which still isn’t fast for me, but it’s better than I’ve been doing. Once again, I felt really relaxed; I didn’t overdo it and tense up like last week. It felt really really good.

Overall, I’m really proud of what I accomplished this weekend. I ran hard and improved a lot, learned some things and am looking forward to conference next week! I haven’t felt that good racing since I’ve been at Ramapo, so things are looking up! Considering where I’ve been mentally the past few days, this meet was very much needed. I’m excited to see what I can do next week in the 8 after another week of good runs and workouts! Had a wonderful 6 miler today, ran it pretty fast and wasn’t even breathing that hard afterwards, so that’s a good sign! Hopefully my plantar fasciitis calms down so I don’t have to take any time off, pshhhhh there’s plenty of time for that after indoor is over, but for now, ice, stretch, rolling, and LOADS of homework

Adding the Extra Magic

     Magic is what guests come to Disney to experience and knowing that I’m the one providing it makes my job the best one there is. Today was exciting because I finished my basic training and now get to photograph guests by myself! The morning started with learning magic shots, aka adding Tinkerbell and other fun Disney characters into your pictures. It may seem like a character pops right into your picture, but there is SO much more involved in a simple photo. There are about ten different characters that we can add as ‘magic’ into the pictures of Magic Kingdom; however, there are different poses for each and specific spots in the park that I’m allowed to photograph them. I spent time practicing each magic shot on guests today for about three hours. I was all on my own while my trainer observed from a far. Honestly, today made me really love my job.  I had many families that made dealing with the 30 degree weather all worth it. On Main Street I had a mom and dad and their son Marcell who were completely amazed by Tinkerbell. Marcell was 4 years old and he was definitely the cutest child I’ve seen here yet. The story that I tell my guests when posing for a Tinkerbell magic shot is “Tinkerbell’s job is to fly up and down Main Street all day and whenever she sees open hands she’ll come down really quick and pose for a picture, so I need you to look into your hands and pay really close attention and you’ll be able to see Tink!” After I take the picture I’ll say “Wow, did you see her?! I did!”  I’ll have kids leave staring at their hands waiting for Tink to come and land again which leaves my heart melting. When working I love to wave to my guests and especially announce the birthday princesses. When photographing in front of Storybook Circus I had a little princess named Ella who just turned 7 and I spent about 10 minutes just talking to her about her Birthday and what characters she wanted to see. Of course I told her that she needed to go hang out with my girls Elsa and Anna. {making up stories is honestly such a bonus in the job because you can get away with anything} 

    Honestly I just love interacting with the guests and being the one that captures the perfect picture to tell their story and explain their family. Being myself and going about my day is great, but when I have guests who compliment me and tell me that I made their day, thats what makes it magical for me. Today I could tell that guests got excited when I had them doing fun pictures and poses, which is why magic shots is my new found favorite type of picture. 

P.S. I found out today that Magic Kingdom has a Make-A-Wish lounge that hosts at LEAST one family per day. My trainer is in charge of accepting the Make-A-Wish requests that terminally ill children have. Today alone he received about 20 requests {mostly to see Elsa and Anna}. It breaks my heart that there are that many children going through such a tough time, but the fact that Disney is their wish and I can be a part of it is amazing. I found out that I can actually be assigned to a family for their day in the park so I can capture it all on camera. My goal by the end of the program is to be a part of this at least once. What a magical experience it would be.

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My sister and I definitely watched the same three episodes of Princess Guinevere and the Jewel Riders over and over and OVER as children…

soooOOO importAnt.

I remember just being curled up in my room, and my roommate coming in and rolling her eyes every time that she saw I was watching it. 

So worth the however many hours I spent rewatching on youtube.


After doing that little eight or nine question tagging thing the other day, I tracked down this interview to check my facts. I said that part of the reason I chose my URL was because Alan’s wife still calls him Allie on occasion. Unfortunately, I remembered wrong, because Arlene calls him “Fonzie” sometimes. But this is the interview where it’s mentioned and it’s amazing.

In 2000, Alan sat down for like three hours or so to be interviewed by the Archive of American Television. The interview is broken into six parts, each a little less than thirty minutes long. The whole thing is definitely worth a watch for any fan of Alan, though it does take quite a while. This was my second time watching it, and I found it even more informative this time around.

In the first segment, Alan begins by discussing his given name and how he came to be ‘Alan’ rather than ‘Allie’. He then goes on to describe his childhood growing up in burlesque theaters, going into great detail the difference between burlesque and vaudeville. For those of you who have read Alan’s book “Never Have Your Dog Stuffed”, you’ll notice the story about the pig getting preference for room in the car and Alan being left behind with his Aunt as a result. This interview was given before his book came out, and watching this again after reading his books, I was surprised at how many stories he told here that ended up in the books. Next, Alan mentions his early ambition to be a writer and an actor, what traits he inherited from his father, he briefly mentions his mother though he leaves out her mental illness, and his childhood hobbies. He also talks about getting polio as a child and how that affected his education. After some probing from the interviewer, Alan talks about the importance of the radio and radio performers on his childhood, which leads to some great discussion on what sets a good actor or performer apart from others.

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just gonna msg u, but nope i have two days on this semester again!! (technically three but one day is a one hour lecture and not worth the travel time tbh) thank god for dropping a unit tho i hope this helps my sanity. what about yours???

Nine am starts Monday-Wednesday. I have to go to bed now, at this ungodly hour. The other day is a ten am on Thursday T.T so jealous of u

So yesterday I did like three shifts worth of work in one shift because upper management at my store is cutting hours and my department is understaffed, stayed an hour late though I wasn’t scheduled to, and found out that someone who was hired after me makes fifty cents more per hour than I do even though I bust my ass and do things I’m not required to do and have worked with my store for a year and a half. I was so angry by the time I clocked out that I sort of accidentally (while super angry) asked my boss on the spot for a raise. I believe it went something along the lines of “I don’t know how to humbly ask for a raise. But yeah. I’d like to talk to you about that.” and I think he hates me now because he was like “no promises” and I’m just like cool. Why am I so bad at life? 

I found a guy that I care about a lot and who cares about me a lot. I sadly only get to see him on weekends - three times a month, but every seconds is worth the hour long drive. A part of me hates to say that a boy has gotten me out of my depressive funk to the point where my future psychiatrist appointment seem unnecessary, but I’m so happy to feel like I finally reached a goal in my life.

we get two fucking snow days

two days where we get extra time out of school

i haven’t done shit for the past three days. nothing but play darksiders and draw and write these bullshit stories im gonna drown tomorrow and itll be worth it because ive been so relaxed i needed this

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I really just spent 5 minutes to find a post without your stupid ass f4f bullshit so I could keep the source. I hope you stub your toe today.

I ended up in hospital today for 6 hours thanks for the bad karma I hope your sitting at home for 5 minutes to find the source makes you feel wonderful that I tripped at a train station and hit my chin 

furthermore, I have queue plus I didnt realise 

Also.. its literally f4f three letters I hope my 6 hours in severe pain was worth it for you sitting at your laptop finding the source.

have some respect and get  life who has the time to find a stupid source sorry. I appreciate sources I thought tht it lists it even if I add a comment.

Also, may god help you tomorrow because im wishing the same karma for you. Have a lovely night and good luck tomorrow

Day 45.3

Today I saw the Light of Christ through the AMAZING last contest I participated in with my drill team. We walked away with a bunch of trophies, three grand champion titles, and lots more. I could not have been happier with how this contest season ended for us. It was full of lots of stress and many hours and sore muscles and crazy practices, but we managed to come out with a win! This season really opened my eyes to the concept of “reaping what you sow”. My officer line sowed many seeds prior to contest season. There were definitely times when we doubted if all of our extra, early-morning practices were worth it. We wondered why we cared so much about the team when they weren’t willing to push themselves. It was very tiring and draining, but we pushed through and continued to plant seeds for success. & THANKFULLY, by the grace of God (bc forreal, this would not be possible without Him) the fruits of our labor were shone at our competition today. Hard work really really does pay off. 

I hope you all encountered Christ some way or another today! :)

I love you all!


I wait all week for three hours of happiness but god if am happy those three hours.
I wait all year for summer but god I’m so happy when it’s there.
I wait for my birthday, for Halloween, for Christmas, my work at the library, UNICEF events, going out with my friends, spending time alone, reading a new book.
I wait a lot in my life but I can tell you none if these moments is wasted. Because haven knows how happy every single one of those things makes me.
And I know that working and waiting everyday till I’ll have the job I want is worth it. No matter how sad I am on the process

Excerpt from my autobiography

May 27th, 2014

"Today was a really shitty day. And this is going to sound like a totally dumb thing to become suicidal over, but I’ve been ditching band for the past two or three months. I thought that no one would find out my little secret. It’s not a required class and I did it all the time in middle school and no one caught on. Well, I’m in high school now, so I found out today that if you ditch a class it’s considered a crime or whatever. Not only do I have an in school suspension and four hour Saturday detention. I have over $1,000 worth of truancy I need to pay off. I got a couple warnings already about it and kept ditching anyway so my dean got mad and told me that I’d better start learning the consequences of repeatedly committing a crime. My mom keeps yelling at me about it. We hardly talk. My dad treats me like a stranger. My friends have all given up on me. I don’t even pick up food anymore. Dance could not be any worse. I have a show soon and I hardly know the dance. It’s extremely hard to focus on when so much is going on. I have mental blackouts. My dance instructor bitches at me almost as hard as my mom and the other girls just roll their eyes at me and whisper to each other. I don’t know what they say but I can imagine it. I used to be so good. I really was. She put me in the center at first and everyone was happy for me.. But as soon as all this bad shit started happening, she took that away and put me in the back. I thought that maybe that’s where I belong. Now I’m started to think I don’t belong anywhere at all. I wasn’t joking when I texted.. I want to die."

- Columbia Elizabeth Hills

Okay I am SO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW. I had to restart my laptop today, and then just now when I went back to gamefaqs to continue the walkthrough I’m writing there is like THREE DAYS worth of progress missing even though the file was saved like 30 times during that period (no exaggeration, the faq editor autosaves like every 5 minutes while writing). I have no idea how that much of my walkthrough has gone missing, I don’t even know if I have save files that go back that far but if I do I have to re-write like 10 hours of gameplay still. Not really how I was planning to spend my day off.