MendAlien Genetics - Cardassians

I’ve been thinking a lot about the various different Cardassian makeup sculpts and how they could logically combine to create the naturally occurring Cardassian phenotypes (physical appearances) in the Star Trek universe. Also, the majority of prominent Cardassian characters we encounter have blue eyes - a recessive trait in the Human genome.

Pioneer geneticist Gregor Mendel used a long process of cross-breeding pea plants in order to determine which traits were dominant and which ones were recessive. He organized his results into graphical representations of offspring possibilities called punnet squares in order to catalogue the results of his experiments.

Here I used a punnet square to illustrate the various combinations of three traits via the use of both dominant and recessive alleles - orbital (eye) ridge shape, skin color, and eye color.

The first punnet square you see is just taking into account the trait of orbital ridge shape. The second, orbital ridge shape and skin color, and the third punnet square displays resulting offspring from a combination of all three traits.

Equatorial Cardassians are found mostly along - you guessed it - Cardassia’s equator. Their more rounded orbital ridges better provide shade to their eyes and their generally beige skin color is a holdover from when they had to camouflage against the desert sand.

Highland and Lowland Cardassians come from the upper and lower parallels of Cardassia, which feature more rugged, canyon-like landscapes. The nooks and crannies provided by the rocks were ideal places for predators to hide, so their more ovoid orbital ridges afforded them more peripheral vision to avoid attack. Their generally gray skin color also let them blend into those rocks and is, again, a holdover from a more primitive time.

Dukat and Damar are the most ideal examples of a ‘pure equatorial’ and ‘pure highland/lowland’ appearance, so they can adequately exhibit the different traits between the two.

Unlike orbital ridge shape and eye color, the alleles for skin color are codominant, meaning the resulting phenotype will be a mix between that of the two parents. The combination of Tain’s more blue-gray skin color and Mila’s more yellow-beige skin color results in Garak’s more greenish hue. However, he got his mother’s more refined orbital ridges and beautiful blue eyes. I think we’re all glad that it wasn’t the other way around.

This was so fun to do and I welcome suggestions of other alien species to interpret with old high school biology skills.

Roll initiative!

Just finished DMing my first session of fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Unfortunately it prevented me from attending Sam’s drunkstream this month. I felt really bad about it for a while too because generating characters took us so long since I was the only one who had even an inkling of what we were doing and even at that I had never actually DONE it before in fourth edition. So for a couple hours it felt like I was letting people down at the same time I bored all of my players to death with writing down all the relevant information. But then when we got to actually playing it all seemed worth it and a great time was had by all.

Story of the session after the break!

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He’s here! It was a long labor and a tough birth, but he’s finally here! My water broke at 8am sharp Saturday morning with a huge painful contraction. Then my contractions continued to be so intense I could hardly handle it. I was shaking profusely and sweating uncontrollably. I knew immediately that I needed pain relief. I was at 6 cm so we did the epidural. I probably had about three hours of those excruciating contractions. The epidural came around 11am I think. The pain of the epidural was like a 0 compared to the contractions and feeling the warm rush of it into my back was amazing. Even for the temporary relief and break from the pain, it was worth it. Around 11:45 I started pushing. It was hard to tell when to push because of the epidural so we turned it way down and turned the pitocin up. He was born after 3.5 hours of pushing at 3:18pm. I’ll post more details later. Time to sleep now.

NGL, I probably should’ve taken tomorrow off. I should have figured work would make me come in at a ridiculous time (7:30am). I mean, what else would I want to do after spending 13 hours of the last two days on a Greyhound bus?

The 13 hours was totally worth it, of course. I got to see my Caps in person again, but still. 

Two essays(five pages each) = about 3 hours

Study for philosophy final/essay = a few more hours

No sleep before finals? Fuck my life

Being able to spend time with her for almost three hours when I should be studying? It was all so worth it. Got all the stress off my shoulders, even if she’s asleep, I’m ready to study.

Tonight I got to see Josh for a few hours for the first time in almost three weeks. Not seeing each other is hard but it’s so worth it when I get to hold him and kiss him lots and I know that very soon we won’t have to worry about being apart anymore. I have my soulmate and that’s all that matters to me.

Tokyo’s DisneySea. (Get it? Disneyland. Land. Sea. They filled in the bay to put it here. Sea. See? You get it)

Tower of Terror (but this one involves a cursed idol instead of an electrified elevator. I hate this ride; I scream so loud I lose my voice every time), Tower photo, Indiana Jones (almost identical to the one at home; Crystal Skull themed so I’ve been on every movie’s ride), Ariel’s little land (didn’t ride anything but passed through. They had jumping jellyfish), fun photo op, Journey to the Center of the Earth (awesome, but definitely worth the fastpass. I wouldn’t wait three hours for this), Journey’s and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’s exteriors, Arabian Coast (with a TWO-STORY CAROUSEL), and the Japanese girls who asked if they could take a photo with me (and then they saw Jed and fangirled and ushered him in, too).

in retrospect my time management skills are the worst (though also i already knew that even before i got myself in this situation) because i have a three-page paper due at midnight that i haven’t so much as looked at the prompt for, a twelve-page linguistics case study to read and write discussion questions on, and a chapter’s worth of math homework for the quiz i have tomorrow morning, and i haven’t started any of it yet and probably will not even do so for like another hour because tbh i’m still kind of hungover and had to wake up way too early for a day that consisted of going to a ted talk straight to volunteering at an animal shelter straight to church and so i’m probably going to take a nap

these habits are not healthy but alas

They closed padang, causing s huge human traffic jam around city hall areas. Was there at midnight and waited till three gates open at 6.15am. Managed to pay my respects after a total of Waiting time 8 hours. Been standing and hadn’t sit nor slept. This is all super worth it. Despite this, I managed to witness the kindness in singaporeans. People Just kept talking to random strangers. I even came into contact with my primary three classmate. People were passing food and water around. We gave them space when needed to. This is all super worth it. Though at the start it was very chaotic, however, the people actually forgave us and we continued like nothing had happened. I’M so glad I waited, was about to leave when my brother went to the toilets and I had to wait for him to come back before Leaving. Just so happened the gates opened. Anyway, this is the least we could do for Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

I cannot understand how the high school education system is so stressful. All of my teachers are like “You better be filling out scholarships! You need to apply to college! Time’s running out!” then go on to assign an hour or more worth of homework. So basically, if you have a job, social life, have to help out at home, or require more than three hours of sleep per night, you my friend are in trouble because doing all of those things, while possible, is very very stressful.

I have no motivation idk how im so content to just sit here on tumblr with Kpop playing in the background and alternately reading chapter after chapter of tokyo esp when I have a paper to write that’s worth 30% of my grade. Why comes i don’t love myself I could have been sleeping three hours ago if I didn’t get distracted all the time :/

This day, three years ago. Remember I had to skip work to bring mama to the hospital. Remember was freaking out cause mama almost had you in the cab. Remember had a fight with the nurses cause they didn’t want to admit mama. Remember how you and mama made me feel so nervous for hours, twas like forever. But then, I remember the first time I held you in my arms, twas all worth it! I love you to bits my baby doll! Happiest 3rd birthday! 🎁🎂🎈🎉👰 @sarahrequiron #happy3rdbirthdaySaav #Saav #Saavthedoll #simplejoysoflife #happiness #family #love

Why You Should Think Twice About that DIY project

I encountered one of my favorite money lessons this past week. Ben and I had some house decorating  - hanging shelves and art work - that we’ve been putting off for a couple of months. But Ben was determined to get it done.  So we debated whether we would do it ourselves or hire a handyman.

I was on board with the handyman from the beginning. Neither of us are very handy, and I could already anticipate the argument that we would have when trying to complete the project together. My main point to Ben was a lesson I’ve written about previously – Time is Money.  We had to consider whether the $100 we would spend was worth the extra two or three hours (in addition to the arguments and frustration) that we would face doing it ourselves.

In the end, Ben agreed to hire the handyman and not only did he complete what we wanted in 45 minutes, he did two additional jobs while he was in the house.  In honor of a successful exercise in smart spending, I wanted to repost my lesson on what to consider when weighing your time and your money.

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I’m in the mood to be truant as fuck today so I can go for a long walk by the train tracks and sit by the sea and just have time to myself, however I have distinction upon distinction to complete if I want to uphold my self worth, and really I’m not sure whether that’s worth risking.

However, I feel like if I don’t go for a walk and do spend the next three hours doing nothing that I’ll go mad. It’s fun times, really.

bloodanddye asked:

"Oh God..." she breathed as an uncontrollable shudder ran through her. "I-- I can't say that I can't imagine that because-- But to do it on purpose? To yourself? Alone... You must have been in so much pain..."

Henry thinks that I am some sort of superhero. I’m not. I’m just stubborn. Three hours of burning, on and off, was worth it to see the day again. 

When he taught me how to hunt, it wasn’t all wrestling in the trees and axe swinging. He had a large shed… he was equipped with the darkness, I had my axe. learning how to fight when he had every advantage took the longest. But that is also when I knew I had convinced him that I could do it. No matter how many times he kicked my ass I never stopped. Weeks of me closing the door and repeating the word ‘again’. He looked at me differently after that.

And when he learned that I fried myself, he was worried and upset, but there was no surprise in his eyes. It hurt. It hurt a lot. Tiddles and Puffles dragged blood bags to me when I couldn’t move. But I really did try to do it in the best way possible. I had a water soaked cloth tarp and a hose to put myself out when I needed a break. It’s also not the worst thing I’ve been through, so there is that.

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So my crush is my best friend who I've never stopped liking since I met him and I've watched him date 2 friends, he's currently in a relationship and I've never told him how I feel.

bro. life is to short. if you like him, go for it. the worst thing that could is he says no. and if h hates you for it, he wasn’t worth your time any. my best friend hada crush on me and we ended up making out in my bed for like three hours so if the makes you feel better