MendAlien Genetics - Cardassians

I’ve been thinking a lot about the various different Cardassian makeup sculpts and how they could logically combine to create the naturally occurring Cardassian phenotypes (physical appearances) in the Star Trek universe. Also, the majority of prominent Cardassian characters we encounter have blue eyes - a recessive trait in the Human genome.

Pioneer geneticist Gregor Mendel used a long process of cross-breeding pea plants in order to determine which traits were dominant and which ones were recessive. He organized his results into graphical representations of offspring possibilities called punnet squares in order to catalogue the results of his experiments.

Here I used a punnet square to illustrate the various combinations of three traits via the use of both dominant and recessive alleles - orbital (eye) ridge shape, skin color, and eye color.

The first punnet square you see is just taking into account the trait of orbital ridge shape. The second, orbital ridge shape and skin color, and the third punnet square displays resulting offspring from a combination of all three traits.

Equatorial Cardassians are found mostly along - you guessed it - Cardassia’s equator. Their more rounded orbital ridges better provide shade to their eyes and their generally beige skin color is a holdover from when they had to camouflage against the desert sand.

Highland and Lowland Cardassians come from the upper and lower parallels of Cardassia, which feature more rugged, canyon-like landscapes. The nooks and crannies provided by the rocks were ideal places for predators to hide, so their more ovoid orbital ridges afforded them more peripheral vision to avoid attack. Their generally gray skin color also let them blend into those rocks and is, again, a holdover from a more primitive time.

Dukat and Damar are the most ideal examples of a ‘pure equatorial’ and 'pure highland/lowland’ appearance, so they can adequately exhibit the different traits between the two.

Unlike orbital ridge shape and eye color, the alleles for skin color are codominant, meaning the resulting phenotype will be a mix between that of the two parents. The combination of Tain’s more blue-gray skin color and Mila’s more yellow-beige skin color results in Garak’s more greenish hue. However, he got his mother’s more refined orbital ridges and beautiful blue eyes. I think we’re all glad that it wasn’t the other way around.

This was so fun to do and I welcome suggestions of other alien species to interpret with old high school biology skills.

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Didn't you get your cave gecko from a reptile show? Whereeeee can I find out about these things so I can go to one??

Yeah, They’re run by International Herpetology Society. The biggest and my ultimate favourite is at Doncaster racecourse.. It’s three times a year. Once is June/July which is just a spectating thing I believe.. One in September which I got Milo from and one in November which I got Attenborough from.. Ugh. They’re so good. It’s about two and a half hours away from you but if you’re willing to drive its worth it.. It’s incredible. LETS GO TOGETHER. What is it you’re looking for specifically?

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question about hobbitcon: was it scary? the travel and getting everything to work and the crowds? I think about going next but there is a lot to think of and my german isn't so good but it seems like everyone has lots of fun. :)

First of all: I’m one to be scared easily. I’m not good with new situations or big crowds or meeting new people in person. I went there by train (a 10 hours ride) and had to twitch trains three times so there was also the concern of missing one. I couldn’t sleep the night before because I was so very nervous.


The big crowds aren’t so bad. Saturday moning was crowded at the Con check in. The lines for the autographs can be a bit long. And the dancefloor at the parties is a bit crowded too. But apart from that it’s not so bad at all. Lots of people running around, yes, but it’s good to handle :)

Everyone is really nice and friendly and most people, if not everyone, are able to speak English. So I think you won’t need German that much if at all (but I might not be the best judge with that).

I stayed at the Maritim which made it a bit more relaxed for me because I could just hop up into my hotel room and store my stuff away, fall into bed there and fall out of bed right into the Con.

And at the Con itself I wasn’t scared at all. I had simply no time to be scared. There is so much to see, so much fun stuff going on, I just had no time to panic while I walked around wide eyed and amazed. Being surrounded by so many people who love the same thing you love is such a great feeling.

I didn’t even have time to be scared in the autograph session. The actors are all so sweet and nice people. And I even talked to some although I’m normally so tongue-tied.

I thought Hobbitcon 3 would be a once in a lifetime thing for me, but when they announced Hobbitcon 4 at the closing ceremony I was sure I’ll be there again. So be warned, it’s totally addicting ;)

Hope that helps a bit with the scary feels. And if I can help you in any way, be it with more information about how it all works, organizing stuff, or breathing through the pre Con panic, just let me know :)

Tubesock Update

Thanks for the advices everyone, Sock is significantly better this morning. I have been feeding her carnivore care every three hours and set my alarm for 3 and 6 in the morning just to do so. And I feel like crap.. major crap =_= but Sock is behaving more like a normal ferret now so it’s worth it. Someone was energetic enough to get out of her cage at 4am too!!! I haven’t been locking it for ease of access and she’s not once tried to even climb the bars, let alone escape. So I shall take being awoken a third time in the morning as a little silver lining. It was honestly kind of a relief to see her feeling that well.

Now.. there’s these 3 fuzzy ladies I know.. and they’re getting steak in their kibbles today, they just don’t know it yet >=3

why did i watch an hour’s worth of giada at home, take a two hour nap, and crap off on tumblr for another hour reblogging gifs of taehyung like i Don’t See Him Everyday instead of doing my homework bc i have three d’s and an e and also so i could have time to shave my legs bc its literally 80 degrees outside and even hotter inside the school?????

There’s not enough time. I’m three episodes behind on season five already. I’m working crazy overtime. I spent 11 hours so far this weekend driving to various concerts, and I have to leave in half an hour for another one, which will put that total to 16 once I get home. I’m exhausted, and sore, and tired. I would not trade this for the world. I love my friends, and the music they make, and this is all worth it. It’s just a lot to do. Three concerts, in three states, in three days. There’s barely enough time.

I haven’t read my book for English that I have a quiz on tomorrow, but it was worth it. Minah picked me up from choir rehearsal this afternoon and we sat on my front porch talking for three hours & it was exactly what I needed today. I’ve felt so lonely & excluded so spending time with her was so nice. & it was just her so I wasn’t overwhelmed & panicking the entire time. I’m thankful for tonight- it was nice.

Aww so my mom has missed my birthday for three years. This year she yelled at me for two hours in the car. She missed my brothers birthday for the first time and came home with $150 worth of cupcakes. I see who the favorite is


tbh i was a mess i was shaking as i hugged him and i said “thank you” like three times to him and im p sure i looked scared/constipated in the photo and when my turn was over i said “you’re beautiful” as i walked away with my arm out and i was so awkward but he was wonderful and perfect i just wish i could’ve told him how much he meant to me and how much i admire him etc.

Also got a signed copy of the book AHHHHH ITS SO GOOD SO FAR and they said our pics will be posted tomorrow on the website so I’ll share it if it isn’t to hideous ahah

I first saw One Direction live on the 22nd of April, 2012.

Here I am on the 22nd of April, 2015; still supporting the heck out of these boys. I love them to the moon and back and I am so proud of all their achievements. I’m here until the end, whether that is in six months or six years. I’m here. Heck, I stood outside their hotel in Wellington for 7 hours just to get a glimpse of the boys, it was 100% completely worth it by the way.

Thank you to Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn for being who they are. I know they will never see this but I still wanna say how thankful I am to them for being a part of One Direction for so long. I know Zayn technically isn’t a part of the band anymore but he will forever be in my mind.

I’ve been lucky enough to see these boys three times, I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact it might not happen again and that’s okay, because even seeing them once is a blessing. This fandom has had some pretty big up and downs recently, but I’m glad we’re all still here.

Thank you One Direction.

I am a pot of misery and ultimate mentalities.
It’s difficult sometimes.
But the ultimate joy and euphoria that comes with BPD makes it worth it every fucking time.
The problem is when it’s few and far between. The meantime is the ultimate trial.. but if you can make it from mania to mania.. it’s worth every second.. Right now I could take on the world, I am completely and utterly in love with my life, and everyone in it, but I know in an hour or three I’ll be back to square one.. so it’s especially important to document this..
It’s important to remember, I am eternally and irrevocably infatuated with life.. else I give up in a fit of despair.. But there are a lot of obstacles.. But I love everyone that I do with my entire being, heart, and soul, it’s just who I am.




when I’m sleepy and lying in bed, sometimes just before turning over so I can cuddle down I put my hand towards my face to take my glasses off. And every single time I realise they’re no longer there and I can actually see I get really happy and remember how lucky I am. It’s been nearly three months, and every day I’m certain I made the right decision. Perfect vision is worth every hour I worked and every penny birthday money saved. And to this day, I’m majorly thankful for those who looked after me and supported me through it all. Because it was a scary thing. And now it’s all good. 20/20 in fact.

People always say they just don’t have the time to eat healthy. We live in a world of convenience, where everything is instant and ready at will which is exactly why it’s so easy to eat terribly. In order to pursue a healthy lifestyle you have to make the right choices, you have to plan ahead and make healthy choice food available to you at all times.

Today is my Sunday prep day as it is every Sunday. My wife and I never leave our house without bringing our six pack bags with at least 6 hours worth of food, that’s three meals per person & a gallon of water. My day started out at 5:30 a.m. with fasted cardio, I ran home, took a shower and ate my breakfast, hpacked my six pack bag for the road, had my 8 o'clock meal and all I went. I have two stops… I make one at Sams wholesale and one at Krogers. It just so happens as soon as I get to Krogers it’s time to eat and as soon as I leave Sams as well so I eat in the parking lot.

I cannot stress how important nutrient timing and proper nutrient intake is in a fitness lifestyle, in any lifestyle. You simply have to be prepared.

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four a day // April 17, 2015

It was a crazy busy day for me today. I was out all day and didn’t get home until like 10:30pm. But it was worth it.

I went out in service and we got some free mangoes. So awesome! (And shoutout for me using the tshirt tote I made.)

After that I did some errands, and by errands I mean shopping. I went to Goodwill and I realize that three hours there is not enough time for me to go through all the things. But I did get several good things and I was satisfied.

After that I went with my sister and niece to Starry Night Cinema. It’s kinda weird going to my working place for not work purposes. They played the movie Penguins of Madagascar and it was so funny. I enjoyed it and it seems like my niece enjoyed it too.


I’ve decided that i want to try and stay off social media for a bit. Instagram, snapchat & facebook. Except youtube and of course tumblr. Those actually make me happy. But I can’t torture myself anymore, I need to be happy. I can’t find happiness if i just stay on all those things.. finding stuff i don’t want to see. Things that make me cry. Shit, i’ve never cried so much in my life. I need to be happy. I need to find confidence in myself. I’ve never been happy with myself and i think especially now.. would be the best time to do that. To prove to myself that i’m worth it. I’ve been going to the gym almost everyday since i signed up. It feels so great. So great to just let go of stress for a good two-three hours. I’ve also been job hunting like a nut for days. That’s pretty annoying. But i’m determined. Determined to be busy and start a new chapter with my life. I’ve somewhat gained my appetite back.. which is good. I’ve been trying to go to sleep early so i can wake up earlier. Been doing good with that, minus the fact i wake up like a million times during the night. :/ I’m done with this whole being miserable thing. It’s doing nothing good for me. All i have to do is give it time. What’s meant to happen will happen. And whatever does happen, i want to be happy. Happy with my life and happy with myself. All i gotta do is stay strong. Obviously, will be very hard but i know it’s what i need to do. Change needs to happen, now. 

Texts for Studying the American Revolution

I’m finishing my first class in Ashland University’s MAHG program. The courses are 8 weeks long and worth 2 credits. They’re “live, online courses” so you meet in real time and talk to each other for three hours each week. I find it much more engaging than the message board format that I experienced through National University. 

We’ve used plenty of primary documents, but I thought I’d share the required texts for the course. I’ve enjoyed all three of them. 

I read Wood’s The American Revolution prior to the start of the class and found it to be a really nice introduction. 

David Ramsay’s The History of the American Revolution (Volumes I and II) was written in 1789. It’s dramatic and exciting. 

Richard D. Brown’s Major Problems in the Era of the American Revolution, 1760-1791 is a collection of documents and essays. The essays really help when I need to put things into context.