shouyouirl asked:

HEAR ME OUT ... kenhina where when hinata visits kenma he steals afew of kenmas shirts ( kenma probably knows but j us t.. lets him Do ) because thyere so cute and they smell like him and when hes home and Doesnt have kenma he misses him SOOO much so then he can just wear his shirt and be reminded of kenma & be like >:D about it & ends up txting seflies to kenma like " SMELLS LIKE U!!!!! MISS U LOVE U XOXOXO * 12 emojis * ' & kenma has to lay down so he doesnt Implode HAVE A G OOD DAY TODAY

oh my god ohh my god ahhhh that’s too cute help

But imagine if one day during a morning skype call Kenma notices Hinata wearing his favorite hoodie. He doesn’t remember him taking it so he must have done it when he left the room. How he never noticed remained a mystery. 

“Uh shouyou?”


“Is that….are you wearing my hoodie?”

“Ah yeah sorry Kenma hehe” Hinata rubs the back of his neck and gives him a soft smile, “ it’s just really warm and cozy i couldn’t help myself.” Kenma blushes.

Oh how fate was against him. Here was his boyfriend with an adorable bedhead, sleepy eyes, and soft morning voice wearing his hoodie. His own hoodie who even on him fit him pretty big. Imagining it on Shouyou…well

“Kenma? Are you okay? Sorry I took it without asking it’s just-” Hinata looks away from a moment, a slight blush adorning his cheeks, he turns back to meet Kenma’s gaze. “I really missed you. I uh haven’t been sleeping all that well lately and at least with this it feels like you’re here with me” Hinata’s not meeting Kenma’s gaze anymore but with the obvious redness of his cheeks it’s not hard to tell why. 

Kenma himself was pretty red. It was a given considering his boyfriend basically told him that he sleeps better at night thinking he’s there with him. How embarrassing really, but Kenma couldn’t stop the smile from appearing on his lips. As embarrassed as he was, Shouyou’s words filled him with pure satisfaction and content.

“Shouyou,” Kenma’s voice is soft, “You can keep the hoodie.”

Hinata immediately looks up eyes gleaming with joy, “Really? You sure Kenma? Isn’t this your favorite hoodie?” 

Kenma gulps the lump he feels in his throat and with all the courage he can muster he says “Who better suited to have my favorite hoodie than my favorite person?”

Hinata’s eyes widen and a smile as bright as his hair covers his lips. Kenma was sure he didn’t think he could fall even more in love with Shouyou, but oh man he had never been more wrong in his life. There’s was always something new about Shouyou and it never failed to make Kenma’s heart fill with joy. Everyday he spent with him was like seeing the world in a different light. That’s what Shouyou did. He brought color into Kenma’s life

“Thank you Kenma!” 

And at that moment the distance between them didn’t seem to matter anymore.