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This drawing was initially inspired by Panic! At The Disco’s new song Emperor’s New Clothes, which fits canon Greedling near perfectly, but the lyrics come from Arms Tonight by Mother Mother… because I had Greed x Ling fanmixes playing in the background and that song describes the relationship of our muses so damn well.

Wear Them Again

A/N: So this was a prompt that Pop suggested, and it literally took me 3 days to write. Enjoy!

Summary: Uni!Cockslut!Phil and Dan in lace panties.


“You took your time.” Phil responds to the sound of timid knocking on his door. After a hesitant pause, the door slowly unlocks and creaks open as a very beautiful-looking, dark-haired boy emerges and steps inside the room. Phil’s already prepared the room nicely, with minimal light and several candles lit all around his shelves and bedside tables, giving off a very warm, romantic glow. He knows he wants to make this one special.

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Portrait of my Bard OC: Ives. Never had a good enough picture of him. So here’s him trying to seduce the Inquisitor. (He has a 99% chance of succeeding.)

He loves being gay and dramatic. Can’t you tell? Also he wears all that jewelry/makeup better than any woman.