Here we go. We made it. It’s midnight here in the lovely, and snowy (holy shit) Netherlands, so it’s officially 2015! for me at least. I wanna thank everyone for all the beautiful fics, gifsets, artwork and meta’s and whatever the hell else you did, because it’s beautiful and I can honestly say that it made my life a little better. I love you all! (Let’s pray the Olicity angst in the latter half of 2014 is gonna pay off in early 2015)

♡ my lovelies aka the friends I made this year

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I hope I didn’t forget anybody, let me know if you’re not on the list! Now I wish you all the very best for 2015, do what you love, take enough breaks and have a little fun! xo

anonymous asked:

Yes! I loved Tiger Lily it was such an incredible book! And thank you for squeezing me in. I bet you're high in demand since your edits are so great! c:

Right? I can’t believe it took me so long to get around to reading, it’s definitely one of my favorites! No problem at all, friend! Thank you, requests do fill up quickly at times and I always try my best to give good manips!

Work-in-Progress Update

Years ago, many more than I care to admit, I began developing an idea for a steampunkish novel. I eventually sent three sample chapters to my friend Marco Palmieri, editor extraordinaire, who gave me some great feedback. I started revising the chapters and outline to his notes, but kept letting the project be sidetracked for various reasons, some good and understandable, and others questionable and neurotic. I finished revising the first three chapters, but bogged down in the synopsis of the rest of the book. I began referring to the manuscript as “my long-suffering steampunk novel.”

Recently, as I’ve dedicated myself anew to my writing, I plunged back in, hoping to quickly finish the revised synopsis and then get some beta readers to make sure I was on the right track. Revisions got sidetracked again as my part-time day job and various freelance writing and editing gigs took up most of my time. It was all slipping away again. I stalled just a few chapters short of finishing this round of revisions.

As mentioned in my previous post, however, I’ve reduced my work hours and have gotten back to the novel. Once again I thought I would quickly finish the synopsis and move forward. Instead, I realized that all the cool changes I’d made to the current events of the novel had made a confusing mess of the back story. Characters’ comings and goings no longer made sense in the bigger picture. The causal relationship between the back story and the events that unfold in the novel were a complete hash.

I knew I had to get that stuff sorted out before continuing, but it was frustrating. When you’re moving forward in chapters, you have a sense of accomplishment. When I had to go back to my notes and chronology of events prior to chapter one, I felt like I was spinning in place at best, maybe even sliding backward, even though I knew it was important work in the long run. This would be the difference between a tightly constructed story and a manuscript full of plot holes.

Then something exciting happened. As I made the necessary changes to the pre-novel chronology, new plot points started popping up out of the blue. As I rearranged certain events, new connections appeared between the characters. The back story became more complex. Not only was I making sense of this novel, I was laying the groundwork for the next two! I’d always thought of this manuscript as the start of a world I’d like to revisit, and now I’ve got layers built into the back story that might not even come up in the first novel.

With this work done, I can now get back to the story at hand. After fixing whatever’s necessary to accommodate revised chronology, I can finally wrap up this synopsis!

anonymous asked:

that fic was SO NOT OK!!! whyyyy? but just curious, how long does it take you to write a story like that?

I’M SO SORRY! I swear to you, that is not the story I set out to write. I don’t know how it happened, but once I started, I was powerless to stop. *hugs you and Brian close*

And ummm it depends? That one came to me literally as I was getting ready to go to the gym and it insisted I write it right away, and I think it took maybe 30 mins, plus some time to edit it later. But I wrote a scene in a longer fic yesterday that wasn’t that much longer in length, and it took me maybe four hours to get it to where I was just barely satisfied, so it all totally depends on how the muse is feeling. As you may have noticed, she has zero respect for me and I have next to no control over what she says or does. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯