Bits and Pieces

Ethereal Chapter Twenty Four: Bits and Pieces

Pairing: Dan Howell/ Phil Lester and PJ Liguori/ Chris Kendall


Warnings: Swearing and eventual fluff/smutt

Length: 2,229

Summary: AU- Super powers. Dan’s not normal. In fact, he’s never met a single person exactly like him. No one else can move objects with their mind, just by a simple thought. He lives life carefully, limited interactions and semi-non-existent social life. That is, until a pair of sapphire blue eyes change everything. Dan Howell/Phil Lester, PJ Liguori/ Chris Kendall.

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Notes:  Oh hi there. Look, i’m still alive! I’m sorry this chapter took a long time, but it was important I get it right :) So I hope it was worth the wait. Also, obviously this is not still the weekend, but I had to wait for it to get edited. Otherwise we would all be suffering aha. 

(P.S I am sorry in advance again). I keep not intentionally ending it the same way. 


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Green Screen

A workshop on how to set up the green screen. This was really informative for how much work needs to go into getting this process right, to make editing later on easier. The fact that the curtain must be secured and smoothed out as straight as possible took quite a bit of time and a lot of people to sort out. Then it took just as long to consider lighting and to light the subject from the front and top to add depth, but to make sure that they were separate from the screen, which also had to be lit. Lit with no hotspots showing too.

Really long process, but it made me appreciate the work that goes into this and how it can be used in After Effects. Hopefully it’ll make using the footage captured on green screen easier to edit too, as I’ll understand the work that’s gone into setting it all up and how it was done.


i know i havent done anything in so long, and im so sorry :c ive been dealing with a lot of stuff and hopefuly will get back to you guys soon… but in the meen time, i took some selfies after a shower using a white towel and over editing them in my phones editer, i like the one on the right much more…