Jackson sneakily using Mark as his personal drool wipe


INTERVIEWER: You guys had one of the best scenes, I thought, together
MARK: I loved that scene
INTERVIEWER: That was one of the best scenes. Did you guys really like that?



Gail x Holly + Making out 5x01 | 5x10


lost meme: [1/1] season
all of them


The Panic Attack

This is what the idea was: Bill was waiting for Dipper to come back from some event. Hes been waiting for a while, and Ford just happens to catch him on a very sensitive moment. Not know the demon is on edge, he casually says something, which sends Bill into a panic attack. Never seeing this before, the old man also freaks out, trying to help Bill but slowly losing him.

Just as everything goes dark for the demon, Dipper comes home. He runs into the scene with fear, but jumps into action fast to get ahold of the possessed paper clone.

Bill hears the human boy’s voice. He feels the warmth in his hands as they grip his shoulders. Its calming and real and he can breath again. As his vision clears up, he can see someone in front of him. Its Dipper. His crush, his favorite, his life saver. Everything is not going to hell, though Bill is still left with the aftereffects of the attack.

Its something he never wants to face again.


I wanted to post the whole 3 pages, but had to crop them because of odd numbers and left over panels. I liked how this came out even if its messy sketches and color.

This is not cannon in the Little Monsters AU. Its just something that popped up in my mind. (Though if this gives some ideas to Reyna and Jkl then omd that’s a lot more feels.)

Also sorry if everyone seems out of character. Like Dipper getting all dark on Ford and stuff. (I liked that part lol)

Bill(Bipper), Dipper, and Ford from the Little Monsters AU by @reynaruina and @jkl-fff


Stranger Things appreciation week // day six » favorite scene

El are you okay? 


“No, they are not gone, not yet…”  Tamara thought. “They are right here in front of me, and I’ll save you Moms, before everything got wrong.” 

But she just couldn’t say this out loud, could she. If they knew the true, if they both knew she was their daughter, they would never let her do what needed to be done, they would never let her sacrifice herself. But she had to. She had to prevent the world to become what she knew would become with her mothers’ magic , and she needed to save her family.

“I’m not from here…” She started trying to find the words to make them understand without letting them know the whole true. “This may sound crazy to you… or not, considering everything you’ve been through, but I’m from… some time in the future. I got a way back and I’m not letting magic do its damage this time.”

AU: Tamara is the daughter of Emma and Regina who traveled in time to destroy magic so she can prevent the events that killed both of her mothers and left her brother Henry completely lost. Totally based on this idea (x)


I commissioned Quartetship for a JeanMarco in the rain fic a few months ago AND BOY DID SHE DELIVER PLEASE READ IT -It’s called Timeless and now it is in an AO3 near you! >v’b

I also commissioned Bubbline for THE EXACT SCENE from the fic AND I’M SO HAPPY YOU GUYS IT’S PERFECT THERE ARE TEARS!!!!



“What happened at the club, when that guy put his gun to my head… I’ve been spinning out, trying to make sense of it. And then at the fire, when the roof went and you were inside… All that matters is that you came out alive.”

It always surprises me that Blackwall is hated so much more than Solas. You know, the racist condescending egg? Responsible for hundreds of deaths if not more? Doesn’t really seem excessively torn up about it either? Next to a guy who did a terrible thing resulting in a handful of deaths but is racked with guilt about it ever since and has devoted his life to trying to act like a better person than he is until the act begins to turn into reality?


Graceland Insider Webisode 6 (x

Best one ever.


Day 14 of 16: Character Who is the Biggest Barney and Robin Shipper
↳"I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! You guys are boyfriend and girlfriend.
—Lily Aldrin, Definitions (05x01)


“I am the Chancellor!”

                                            “Then act like one!”

Okay with all the awesome things that came out of Beyond, I need to say this (spoilers):


Hey, Gabi. Um. I’m calling you from… the airport, actually. I’m sure you’re wondering, why am I at the airport? Good question. You- you always ask good questions.
It’s because- last night, after I called off my wedding, you’re the person that I wanted to see. I even ran up your fire escape with roses. Um, I don’t know what I was gonna say, but I knew that I needed to see you, and then I saw Cooper, and you. And- look, if you’re happy with Cooper, just disregard this whole message, but if you think you might, like, be happier with me, call me back.
—  Josh Kaminski breaking my heart in a million little pieces