NCT U & 127 reaction to their crush sneaking into their bed and cuddling with them


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I feel like if you wanted to cuddle with him at night, you’d first have to go through the tricky process of waking this boy up. Obviously I’m not 100% sure, but I honestly think Taeil is a deep sleeper and can easily sleep anywhere, anytime. Waking him up would be so hard and such a long process, that in the end, you wouldn’t even end up waking him up. Even if you tried shaking him or shouting at him, literally anything, Taeil would just groan and turn away from you, still stuck in his deep sleep. Eventually you’d give up but would still be so drained that you wouldn’t think you’d be able to walk back to your room without collapsing and going to sleep on the floor. So, after some debating, you’d climb into Taeil’s bed, his back towards you. His bed would be surprisingly cold and chilly, so you’d start to gravitate towards the heat of Taeil, until you were spooning him, your chest pressed tightly to his back; and like that, you’d peacefully fall asleep. In the morning, Taeil would still be half-asleep when he noticed your presence. He’d loosen your arms and lie on his side, so that he could now be the big spoon to you. You’d also be half-asleep when he changed the position, and you’d hear him whisper in your hair, “it feels better like this doesn’t it, Y/N?”


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Johnny wouldn’t even notice you sneaking into his bed, he’d be fast asleep but somehow still be able to notice your presence and wrap his arms around you affectionately. You would probably try talking to him, explaining why you were here and a thank you, just Johnny would only reply with incoherent mumbles and hums. It’d only be in the morning after waking up, that he’d realise what going on. Confused as to why there was some weight on his chest, he’d look down to find you sleeping peacefully on him, little sighs of content escaping your lips occasionally. He’d gawp down at you, immediately removing his hands and arms that tightly wrapped you. For a few minutes, he’d fidget and try to pull you off but this’d only wake you, pulling out of a state of serenity. It’d be awkward for sure, both of you blushing furiously and a lot of apologising and stuttering, until eventually Johnny would feel so awkward that when he tried to get up and out of bed, he’d accidentally end up getting tangled in the sheets and falling, face back, onto the floor. Only then would things feel less tense and you’d probably start giggling and teasing him about it, leading him to start laughing along with you.


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Out of all the members, Taeyong’s probably the least likely to feel awkward or shy about letting his crush come and cuddle with him in his bed. He’d actually be the complete opposite to his usually quiet and reserved self, instead being very affectionate and warm towards you. When he saw you waddle across the room towards his bed, complaining about how you couldn’t sleep, he’d usher you over lifting the covers lazily so you could crawl in. Instantly, his arms would snake around your waist, and he’d lean down to rest his head on your chest and no not in a sexual way okay lmfao just innocently u know like above ur boobs (if u have any). Signing happily, he’d snuggle into you, his warm breathe blowing on your skin. Honestly, you weren’t expecting him to even let you in, let alone be cuddling up to you. Falling asleep like this would be easy, and throughout the night you’d end up swapping positions so Taeyong was the one sleeping on his back, and you were tucked into his side. Taeyong would probably also take the opportunity, the next morning, to confess his feelings for you. It’d be the late hours of the morning, light streaming in through the flimsy curtains, when he told you his feelings, you still being hugged tightly by him in bed.


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Yuta would most definitely be the most smug about his, out of all the members. Your relationship would kind of be an odd one, so you’d feel a bit apprehensive about asking him if it was okay if you could share a bed for the night. What I mean by “odd” is that sometimes Yuta would always be flirting with you and showing you a lot of affection, but then there’d be times where he could be quite cold or distant towards you. This’d be a time where his very flirty and affectionate side would come out. Seeing you in your pajamas late at night, standing at the side of his bed innocently, he’d tease you a little bit at first, saying you ”can’t come in”. Eventually, he would let you though, gently pulling back his covers so you could slip in. He’d smirk as you awkwardly tried to find a comfortable position, struggling to behaviour normally under his stare. Once he’d had enough enjoyment in watching you fail miserably, he’d simply pull you into his chest, so your face was nestled comfortably in the crook of his neck. He’d rub your back reassuringly, maybe hum a little, ignoring the butterflies in his stomach and the nervousness he was feeling of having you so near.


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Although I initially thought that Doyoung wouldn’t like it and might try doing stuff to put you off of sleeping with him, I think he’d actually be very welcoming and excited that you wanted to join him. His enthusiasm would surprise you, how he literally jumped out of his bed, not embarrassed about being in only boxers and an old baggy t-shirt, and grabbed a load of extra pillows and blankets from his wardrobe, and throwing them clumsily on his bed. A smile evident and wide on his face, he’d hold your hand gently pulling you over to his bed, and letting you choose which side you wanted to sleep on. He’d climb in after you, lying on his side, hands clasped to his chest, as he smiles at you adoringly, asking you polite and genuine questions about your day and if you were feeling okay. Rather than sleeping you’d probably just chat and giggle for a few hours; over that time, the conversation would start subsiding until eventually you were tightly embraced in his arms and his fingers were playing with your hair, lulling you into a peaceful sleep, pecking your forehead affectionately.


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I think Ten would be the most surprised about you asking to join him, which might make the moment a little awkward. As I’ve said in my post about the pros and cons of dating him, he’d be oblivious to signs and hints, no matter how blunt or obvious they may be. He’d have the massive crush on you for sure; you were all he thought about and sometimes when he went to bed, he’d think about what it’d be like to be with you or be able to call you his. But, for some reason, he would always manage to miss your subtle signs and hints that you liked him; like how you always brought him extra snacks and drinks at practice or how you’d always be up at night to text him if he couldn’t get to sleep. So when you knocked on his door in the late hours of the night, you’d definitely be a surprise. Sitting upright in his bed, his eyes starting to flutter shut again after being woken, he’d look at you for a moment, confused by your question (and his heart beating rapidly too) He’d simply nod, giving you a shy smile and awkwardly playing with his fingers. He’d attentively watch you walk around the side and climb into his bed, thanking him for letting you stay. It’d be awkward and stuff to say the least; both of you not knowing what to say or do so just sitting upright in his bed, avoid each other’s eyes. Finally, he’d just turning off the light and going to bed, which you’d agree. Unsure of your next moves but still wanting that physical affection, you’d quietly move over to Ten and lean into his side, your head resting gently on his shoulder. He’d relax knowing you weren’t just somewhere else in his bed in the dark, somewhere he wasn’t sure you were. Playing with your hair and stroking your back gently, you’d fall asleep, in Ten’s bed, like that.


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Jaehyun would probably be expecting you to come in the first place. Earlier that evening, you’d be quite worked up and stressed about something going on in your life, and although Jaehyun wouldn’t stop you (because he’d love the fact you trusted him so much to rant like this), he’d know that your moment of adrenaline would end up keeping you up at night. Already having prepared extra cushions and covers, he wouldn’t go to sleep straight away, just hiding and cuddling himself under his covers. I think he would also get a little nervous waiting for you; even though you wouldn’t know that he was waiting for you, for him, it’d be like waiting for you to arrive on a first date. He’d blush and giggle to himself thinking about you, hiding his face in his covers, but then wouldn’t hear you knocking on his bedroom door or even you coming in and standing at the end of his bed. An awkward cough from you, and Jaehyun would suddenly freeze, lifting his head to see you waiting patiently and smiling at him. His cheeks would flush and he’d clumsily sit up, opening up his bed covers to let you slip in with him. You wouldn’t have to say anything, which you were thankful for, but couldn’t help but notice the faint colour on his cheeks. It wouldn’t help that you instinctively moved towards his chest, buried your face in his shirt and wrapped your arms loosely around him - he’d only blush harder and end up nestling his face in your hair to try to cool down and sort himself out.


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Sicheng would totally be so cute and adorable if you ever asked him if it was okay to share a bed for the night. I actually don’t think he’d be that shy or embarrassed about letting you in. To reach this point in your relationship/sorta-friendship-but-kinda-relationship, it’d take months and a lot of getting used to. You’d both have to know each other really well and be comfortable around each other for something like this to happen; so Sicheng wouldn’t feel shy because although you’d be his crush, you’d also be his best friend and someone he didn’t need to be awkward around. He’d find you absolutely adorable though, standing in the corner of his room in your pyjamas and dishevelled hair. Nodding excitedly, he’d usher you over and lie down beside you quietly. You wouldn’t go to sleep straight away. Since you’d be so close to him, you’d know a side to him that most people wouldn’t know. He could be excitable, talkative and full of energy and sarcasm, and this’d be a time where that side would come out. Eventually, it’d be WinWin who falls asleep first, feeling a little drained from his little burst of energy, and you’d giggle and watch him adoringly as he starts to drift off asleep. He’d be the type to hold onto something during his sleep, usually a pillow or smaller blanket; but this time it’d be you. He’d tightly wrap his arms around your smaller frame, humming into your hair and mumbling sounds of relief. It’d be a very good night sleep for you, having him hold you like that so openly.


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Mark would definitely be the most awkward out of all the members, his crush on you completely taking over all his basic human instincts and mechanisms. He’d freeze up as soon as he heard your knock and voice behind his door. He’d just be so consumed by his crush on you, immediately starting to worry about how messy his room was or if he looked okay or if had food in his teeth or something. Clumsily, he’d get up and out of his bed, opening the door shyly and smiling at you. Honestly, you’d be quite taken aback with how good he looked; your breathe would hitch looking up at this bare-faced guy looking back down at you with as much adoration in his eyes as you did. Actually you’d both be so incredibly awkward - not just Mark. Standing stiffly there, neither of you would say anything until eventually Mark would ask you if you wanted to come and share his bed for the night (knowing fully well why you were here) You’d both get into his bed and under the covers, leaving a considerable large gap between you. Neither of you would say or do anything, until Mark started to hear your light snoring and gentle breathing. He’d relax a little, lying down onto his side so that he could look at your sleeping face. For a moment he’d just stare at you, not in a creepy way, just admiring you. He’d reach to move a strand of hair out your face, and the sudden skin contact would cause you to subconsciously reach towards him and cuddle into his chest. He’d be startled and surprised, but would hug you back equally as tight.


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Donghyuck would probably end up teasing you and joking with you a lot in order to hide up his shyness and embarrassment. Like Mark, he’d worry about how messy he room was or what he looks like, but you’d still find him so attractive and handsome at this time of night. Because neither of you were that tired, you’d just sit on his bed, talking about your day, asking him about his schedule, debating what to do the next day together. Somehow, the conversation would lead to having a pillow fight, both of you trying to keep the noise down but still laughing and screeching. Eventually, both of you would calm down, exhausted and panting from your play fight. In fact, Haechan would probably accidentally collapse on you, quickly pushing himself off though out of embarrassment and uttering a “sorry”. Quite quickly, both your breathing’s would start to slow down and eyes begin to shut, until eventually you were both lulled into a deep sleep. Throughout the night, both of you would manage to move closer to one another until your arms were wrapped tightly around each other. In the morning, Donghyuck would probably be apologising a lot for squeezing you so tightly during the night, and be very fluffy and cute around you.

taeil + nct when old

i honestly feel like no matter how old they get, taeil would still be an aggressive hyung in games. i can already picture him pushing doyoung out the way when calling bingo. the rest of the boys would just be done with his shit

Nct according to Auto correct

Taeil: Moon Tamil
Johnny: Johnny September
Taeyong: Lee tasting
Yuta: Nakano to yuta
Doyoung: Kim song young
Ten: Chitra phone leechaiyapornkul
Jaehyun: Jung Jaclyn
Winwin: Song so cheng
Mark: Market Lee
Renjun: Huang remain
Jeno: Lee Jenn
Haechan: Lee song yuck
Jaemin: MA Jasmin
Chenle: Zhongshan checked
Jisung: Park kissing 

~ Bonus ~


Hansol: Jim Hanson
Kun: Qiang Kung
Lucas: Word yum height
Jungwoo: Kim Jung wood
A-Z NSFW: Hansol

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Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

Dedicated to @h-nsol ;)

A = Aftercare 
Jesus Christ I love Hansol where is he…I really believe Hansol would be one of the best bfs/lovers. Sex with Hansol in general isn’t very rough, so that isn’t really a concern with aftercare with Hansol. With him, it’s really just a quick wipe down or if you can move: a shower. Aaand he’s an extreme cuddler, so look forward to that.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
I’m obsessed with his lips is that weird idk His favorite is kind of your fault. He has the most beautiful eyes ever?? And if you’re in a relationship with Ji-fucking-Hansol and don’t tell him how pretty his eyes are at every chance you get what are you even doing???? You’ve kinda swayed him into liking his own eyes a lot more than he would’ve but now he’s figured out how his gaze can actually turn you into a pile of mush, and that’s a good discovery in his book. Hansol loves your legsHe’s got really nice legs tbh and he especially loves being able to grasp the warmth beneath his fingers and have them wrapped around his waist..

C = Cum 
I feel like Hansol’s classic boy. It’s either in you, or he did a botched pull out attempted to actually cum on a specific spot in mind and it’s just all over your thighs. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
It’s not so much a secret, it’s more of a secret just how much he enjoys spanking you. He’s pretty cautious with you during sex, so spanking is kind of a middle ground that isn’t going to really hurt you, and he really likes it.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

B Y E his fucking hips his goddamn legs ya mother fuckin dicc in my fac-
anyways…he’s been kept in the basement so long i stg sm give him to us that I doubt he has any experience, but that mother fucker watches some good porn or something how does one move their hips like that without a reference i just????

F = Favorite position
His hips are the main event in sex obvi and no matter the position, he’s pretty much constantly in control. Hansol’s favorite position is you topping, having you propped up on your knees to give him room to move beneath you, and hold your hips and thrust wildly up into you. 

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Hansol’s pretty soft in your non-sexual relationship, but in the bedroom he’s very serious and almost in a character role, he’s very intense and focused. The atmosphere is pretty lighthearted, but he’s serious when it gets down to sex. 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Can you see my ‘sharp dressed man’ fetish coming out yet Because of how well dressed he is, I’m certain he takes care of himself well; very clean and ‘gentlemanly’ or whatever. I don’t see him being bare, but he definitely manscapes pretty well.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Hansol’s semi wild in the bedroom, he’s not out of this world rough or anything, no bdsm stuff going on, but it’s not the soft love making movie stuff either. He expresses more romance in your non-sexual relationship to make up for sex, since sex is more of a lust fuck most of the time, aside from like birthdays where he goes all out to show you his love. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
[See Yearning] I don’t think he’s the most horny boy around, certainly not even the one in NCT. He’s kind of clingy so 99% of the time, if he’s horny, you’re around for some good fun instead of his hand. If it happens, the majority of the time it’s just an in the shower session from morning wood and needing to head to practice, so there’s no time to call you up.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
[Back to Dirty Secret] He’s not a full blown dom, but he likes having the most control, and spanking is kind of his thing. It’s a fun ‘punishment’ for the both of you, and since a lot of the time you’re topping/riding him, it’s pretty easy to just swing down and cover your skin in his hand print. Nothing hard enough to leave bruises, but you’ll certainly have some lovely red marks and a bit of soreness; something he likes to silently tease you about in public or around the boys with a light tap to you butt to strike the fire through your body again.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
The bed is the easiest on him, no one really likes rub burns or anything when he’s on his backing thrusting up in you for all it’s worth. Plus it’s the safest, the shower’s a no go after a bad experience….but a bath is a second favorite. He can just plop a bathbomb in the water and feign wanting a relaxing bath with you and end up having you in his lap before the water starts getting cold.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Hansol’s favorite pre-sex aka foreplay is making out and having you ride his thigh i have an obsession with his thighs….i think im just obsessed with hansol 99% of the time it starts as just a peck and affection and it quickly escalates to you in his lap and him worming his leg between yours, he gets off on seeing you get off on him. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
While he’s kind of a light dom, daddy kink is waaaay off his list. It’s semi of a joke in your relationship, calling him dad, but when his pants are around his ankles and his dick is in you, that word leaves your lips and he’s shutting it down.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
lord his mouth is perfect Hansol is a master in pleasing you, he likes seeing you squirm and hearing you plead for him and whine from what he does to you. When it’s going down, he’s already hard and ready to fuck the life out of you, a bj isn’t usually necessary, Hansol would rather be in you rather than in your mouth. He’s not typically going to ask for it, but if you initiate it, he’ll definitely sit back and let you have your fun.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Hansol’s not particularly rough, he’s got a pretty fast and intense pace. His pace isn’t going to be that porn ‘how is she alive after that!!’ stuff no seriously it looks like it hurts what is going on why but he’s definitely going to scramble your brains…

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Quickies don’t happen very often with Hansol, he likes taking his time with you, building up the intensity and teasing you, having you squirming and begging for him, rarely do you leave his arms without at least 2 or 3 orgasms under your belt so he’s not a big fan on having to rush and missing out on half the fun. They happen occasionally, like squeezing in a quick one before he has to do his schedule or go to practice and knowing he won’t be back for a while, but typically he’d just wait till he has proper time to work your body like he can.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
After the Shower Incident, experimenting is kept to a minimum, if it sounds dangerous at all(ie. can someone break a leg) he’s very hesitant to try, if he agrees to try at all, so in general locations are pretty much not an option unless he deems it safe. Positions are usually the only thing he’s normally 100% game to try, there’s not much damage that can be done with positions beside pulling a muscle or getting a cramp, which compared to the threat of falling and breaking a bone, isn’t too heavy on his mind. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
With Hansol, over the getting into it aka making out and foreplay and his teasing and actual sex, he spends well over an hour on your body. ‘Dick entering’ sex lasts longer than average too, well over 10 minutes, he’s not a fast finisher, he takes a while to cum, you’re in for a long ass ride with him, that’s for sure.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Aside from positions, Hanol’s pretty hesitant to try anything new, toys included. The only thing he owns in several silk clothes, that he uses occasionally to blindfold you or very carefully tie your wrists. But other than that, you’ll have to be the one to bring things in if you want, he’s not going to initiate it. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Honestly the reason sex with Hansol lasts so long is because of how lengthy his teasing is. He really likes hearing you being vocal, begging and whining and moaning before he’s even inside you. Part of his turn on is just seeing how well he can get you off with just his tongue or fingers. He won’t stop till you’re nearly in tears or use the safe word, he likes watching you wiggle for him.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
I see Hansol being a groaner, no one outside the room is going to hear him. Hansol really likes marking you too, so most of his sounds are muffled by him sucking and biting purple and red flowers into your skin.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
The story of why Hansol isn’t down for shower sex anymore: everything’s good and dandy, but lessons were learned that you probably shouldn’t put your foot on the soap dish, well unless you feel like slipping and crashing into the tum and ending up with a dislocated shoulder and having to go to the hospital in just pants and a bath robe wrapped around you because it hurts to much to try to put a shirt on…..don’t ever do it….just sit down and ride him like a horse..

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
[Insert his damn dick wiggle gif] He’s one of the guys that really knows how to tuck well….Him, Kai, Taemin, etc. I’m weirdly obsessed with how flat the front is….it’s such a mystery, where the fuck is your dick and how do you hide it that well???? I don’t trust those hiding diccs….He’s pretty slender in everything, according to Nana “the dick matches the boy, that’s a fact” no its not So in her words he’s “slender like his pretty lil body but he’s got them looooooong legs…you know what else is long? mhmmm” bye

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
In general, Hansol’s sex drive is relatively average, nothing insanely high or weirdly low. That being said, he’s always ready if you’re in the mood, it doesn’t take much to get him going and up for a tumble around the bed.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Hansol’s a little cuddle bug in my mind, after aftercare, he’s down for the count and buried under the blankets and pretty much whines for you to cuddle with him and take a nap/go to bed. 

anonymous asked:

So how did you discover Dan and Phil's videos?

uhHh well i’ve actually been watching them since 2012?? but like binge watching their videos every year or smth yknow?? but i got into dnp fully in late december bc i was eating n wanted a long series to watch ~*the sims 4*~ and it escalated from there