It really is a fist bump … Also I noticed Infinite’s voice is only distorted when he is using the Ruby’s powers/when he’s covered in red aura??

My boy, who you smilin at?? DOES IT SOMEONE WE KNOW?? Idk – this looked like a memory??

Gadget me boy, what’s wrong, ballin’ your fist- waIT 


#113 NYPD Cool Friend

PREMISE: Even cops need a cool friend. When two aspiring crime scene technicians are looking for a place to work while chasing the big break that will let them join the NYPD, hip Detective Mike takes them in and lets them use a back room in his awesome crime lab as a place where they can work on crime scene stuff, hang out with their friends, and even drink some beers!

CHARACTERS: Jesse Frampton and Lee Burke are two wannabe crime scene investigators who spent years analyzing blood samples and performing gun ballistics tests at different venues around the city, but never quite felt like they had a real home where they could just do their thing, ya know?
          Detective Mike is an awesome investigator who knows tons of really cool people but is still really nice and humble about it and never makes Jesse and Lee feel like they’re not as cool as him, even though clearly they are barely cool at all. Plus, Mike’s crime lab is awesome, with tons of cool pictures on the wall and a great jukebox. Jesse and Lee always really appreciate Detective Mike’s support and encouragement when they show him their weird projects.

NOTABLE EPISODE: Detective Mike has a cool birthday party and the rookies are really happy to be invited (S02.E14 – “Cool, We Got Invited!”)

CATCHPHRASE: “Yeah, we have a cool friend.” / “We actually know the coolest cop in New York.”

TRIVIA/MISCELLANY: The character Detective Mike is based on a real person who the showrunners know and admire.

After Cop Rick got stabbed, afterwards he asked why there was a crib in the room. Cop Morty said it’s just something they do to hurt you. Mortys have found out that being childish and crying is a good way to get Ricks to pay attention and help you. The Mortys are smart enough to act like children to manipulate Ricks into helping them. And it worked, Cop Rick’s first instinct was to put away the gun and pick him up and tell him it was okay. It didn’t matter that this was a fourteen year old, this was his grandson and he was crying and needed help, so he helped him.

Ricks are susceptible to Mortys that act like children.

Mark Lee: 18 years old.Actual age is 5.Soft & squishy.Probably still a kid.

Yukhei Wong/Lucas: 18 years old.Actual age is somewhere between 21&35.Grown ass man.Probably has a kid.