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UF, UT, US bros forgetting their anniversary with their SO and the SO is heartbroken because they had a really special night planned



He’s confused as to why you’ve been acting weird all day. You keep telling him that you want to go to this fancy new restaurant, but he barks at you to stop being spoiled and wait for a special occasion. Does he look like he’s made of money?  You start tearing up and run into your room, slamming your door. Oh fuck what did he do now? Maybe he shouldn’t have yelled at you. He knocks on your door to apologize for the yelling and when you don’t answer, he enters anyway, getting a shoe thrown at his head. You yell at him for being so goddam stupid and to leave you alone for the rest of the day. Red is getting angry at this point. Yeah, he might’ve been a bit harsh on you, but you’re completely overreacting about that. Then he realizes. Oh no. Oh fuck no. It’s the anniversary. He fucked up. He leaves you alone for the rest of the day like you requested, only sending you a text telling you how sorry he is. The next day, he treats you to the anniversary you should’ve had, but this time, he goes the extra mile by decorating the house with roses, bringing you to an even more expensive and nicer restaurant than the one you originally wanted to go to, and top it off with make up sex, doing anything you’d like. 


He’s probably too busy training to remember the anniversary. He spends all day with Undyne training while you set up the kitchen to be super nice and romantic, cooking a 5 course meal and decorating the house all by yourself. You even bought a really nice and expensive outfit just for this occasion and you’ve been planning this for WEEKS. Not only does he ignore your calls and texts all day in favor of training, he comes home at fucking 11 pm where you’ve already cried yourself to sleep. When he’s inside, he sees all the nice decorations and the meal still left outside, untouched. Fell’s heart just fucking breaks because oh god what has he done.  He knocks on your door, but when you don’t answer, he takes a peek inside, noticing you falling asleep with a box of tissues under your arms. He wakes you up frantically, telling you how sorry he is and how he’ll make it up to you somehow. You can either push him away if you’re still angry or accept his apology. Either way, he treats you to whatever you want, even if it’s a simple hug. 



Honestly, he’s mostly down for anything, so you’ll get to do your special plan, but he won’t realize what’s it for. Throughout the date, you seem to be waiting for him to do something, but he can’t figure out what it is. When you both get home, you just simply head straight to your room and slam the door, ignoring the skeleton’s confused expressions and constant knocking asking you what’s wrong. He could hear sniffling from inside, but isn’t sure if he should enter. You locked him out so you must want your privacy, so he gives that to you. He goes away and walks past a calendar and that’s when he has his “oh shit moment”. He urgently knocks on your door now, apologizing over and over again until you let him open. The moment he sees you, he latches onto you and doesn’t let go. He’s telling you how stupid he is and how much he loves you and how he’ll make this right. The following morning, he treats you to breakfast in bed, a nice massage, and a couples spa day. 


It’s actually really hard for him to forget important dates, but on occasion, he does. He forgets because he’s too busy building puzzles to notice you the entire day. It was only when he’s finished (at like 9 pm) he’ll remember. He’s screaming as soon as he realizes that he forgot and comes crying to you, apologizing and asking you how he can make it up. Even though you’re hurt that he forgot, it’s really hard to stay mad at the cutie. 



He forgets because planned an anime marathon with alphys and undyne that day. You had plans for your own anime night and he basically stabbed you with a knife when he said he was going to do that at his friends’ house. When he leaves, you’re sobbing on the ground, your self esteem hitting rock bottom basically. You don’t stay at the house, you spend the night somewhere else like with a family member or a friend. It’s only until the next morning when Sans returns home, ready to tell you about the latest anime he saw, realizing that you were gone. He suddenly remembers the anniversary and immediately calls your phone, but when yo don’t answer, he leaves a voicemail. He’s frantic because he thinks that maybe you just broke up with him, but you’re stuff is still there so he isn’t sure. He calls Papyrus, asking what he should do. You return home in the evening, and the moment you step through the front door, a crying Blueberry flies into your arms apologizing repeatedly and telling you how scared he was that you broke up with him. (I bet his tears is making you feel a bit guilty for being childish and ignoring his calls huh?) To make it up to you, he offers to be you personal slave for the whole week. 


It’s not like he “forgot” but the entire day, he’s basically out of it. He sleeps in until 2, goes outside for a smoke, napping, another smoke, then watches tv, but he’s really high from the weed. You try to get him to take you out somewhere like the movies or something, but he just says some dumb shit like “mooovie boobieess”. Thats when you realized that he’s incapable of doing anything tonight and you lock yourself in your room out of anger. When Stretch sobers up the next morning, he realizes that he missed the anniversary and knocks on your door, telling you how sorry he is and how he seriously messed up. When he receives no answer, he records himself throwing away all his packs and his stash in the trash can and burns them, sending it to you. When you see the video, you let him in and he wraps his long arms around you. He’ll make it to you by wearing a super cute and short maid outfit and allowing you to take pictures. 

  • Yang, headphones on, singing to herself: Hey girl, let's make a moooovie~ you can be my leading lady beeeautyyy~
  • Yang, turns to the tapping on her shoulder, sees Weiss with a stern face: O-oh Weiss, sorry, didn't realize you were th-
  • Weiss, breaking out into a smile and turns, playfully grinds up against Yang, pulling her hair: ~grab your camera don't be shy, things ain't always black and white, we can turn this world into our mooovie~~
  • Yang, trying not to laugh and pulls Weiss into a giggling hug: Ugh, I love you my little Ice Queen.
  • Ruby, standing in the doorway to the dorm, saw the entire thing, scowling: Gross.
Let Me Show You

Title: Let Me Show You

Characters: Sam, Reader, and Dean

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: swearing, a little bit of drinking, smut

Word Count: 2,398 (not even sorry..)

Request by @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms: “Could you pretty please with a cherry on top write a fic where the reader has always had a thing for Dean, he doesn’t see her like that though and ignores her. Sam however has always had a thing for the reader. How would Sam make a die hard dean!girl fall for him?”

A/N: This is both my first attempt at writing a reader insert and smut! How exciting! I hope it’s semi-okay, but if anyone has any advice or feedback, please let me know! :)

“Ouch!” Dean hissed as his face grimaced with his eyes pinched shut and his jaw clenched together.

“Just a little… bit… more..,” your tongue slipped out of the side of your mouth with concentration, “got it!” you exclaimed while dropping the freshly extracted piece of metal that was lodged in Dean’s arm into the silver bowl with a ‘clank.’ You grabbed the alcohol off of the table and doused a rag in it and moved towards the wound on his arm.

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I’m sorry, but I find it ABSOLUTELY hilarious that when Frozen came out, people on tumblr did not have a single problem with people tearing down past movies in favour of Frozen. People said Frozen was better than everything; Tangled, Brave, even some of the Renaissance films like Mulan and The Lion King. And no one complained. People absolutely ripped on previous princesses, calling them weak and boy-crazy, to make Elsa  seem like the ultra-feminist queen of all things woman-empowering. Was there a single post calling this out? Nah. 

But now, oh ho ho ho, now that Moana is out, and people are saying that they like Moana better than Frozen, now all these Frozen fans wanna come out and say “omg!!11!!!11! stahp comparing Moana too Frozen!!!11!! They’re two completly diffurent mooovies oh mah gooosh11!!1!! >=(” Like seriously? Where were all of you like 3 years ago when the vast majority of Frozen fans tore on everything else to express their love for Frozen? Where were you when people were constantly ripping on Tangled to make Frozen seem like the superstar film that it wasn’t? (Like it was good, but it wasn’t spectacular or anything). Where were you when even non-Disney films were getting torn apart, because we had to hear for the thousandth time how “Frozen is the best movie in da historee of 5ever!!1!!!!!1! uwu!!11!”? Why did Moana suddenly trigger anger towards the comparison game, and why didn’t you say the same with Frozen?

 Practice what you preach, man. Don’t act one way with one film, and act the opposite way with the next film, just because you’re playing favourites and you don’t like it when people prefer a new film over an old one. It doesn’t work like that. 

*Insert eye-roll here*. 

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❛Till death do us three part. My heart beats surprised me. It’s a mooovie.❜

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Let's Make a Move

Highschool!CC (with a dash of childhood friends because why not) By the way, lovestruck Darren is my favorite Darren. ~1,600 words. 

At the tender age of six the most exciting thing that Darren could think of was going to the park. Currently he was walking, or more like skipping, along a sidewalk nearly a block away from their neighborhood park. His mom tugged on his hand, making sure he didn’t let go, because she was all too aware of his tendency to run off.

Finally the death grip on his hand was released when they reached the vicinity of the park, and Darren ran as fast as he could towards his favorite feature; the slides. It was the only part of the park he enjoyed. 

His boundless energy was perfectly for to continuous repetition of climbing and the exhilaration of speeding down a ramp was meant for him.

That was the day Darren met his best friend.

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#Imagine Face timing Michael and you keep telling him your lame jokes .“ where do cows go to have some fun ” You said  " I don’t know “ He said . ” They go to the Mooovies “ and you laughed hard . Michael can help it but just giggled at the jokes . He’s so happy seeing you that happy . He admire your faec when you smile . Everything is just so natural . He feel really lucky to have you as his Girlfriend .