Do you ever cry because Tyler Hoechlin?

because I do

like a lot,

I don’t think it’s healthy,

but c’mon


filled with awkward dance moves

cute little things he does with his face,

and the way he always loses control of his neck when he laughs,

but then, he switches to Derek Hale…

and he becomes instant sex god in .02 seconds

also, he can tell a story with just his eyebrows

and I can’t take this man

you. are. not. aloud. to. be. this. adorable.

DON’T even get me started on the thumb hole sweater

he just leaves me like

Every time men talk to women they should be thinking “am I making her uncomfortable? is she OK with this? What does she think? am i invading on her personal space? Does she want me to leave? Does she want to be bothered? Is she afraid? Am I stopping her from going somewhere or expressing something? Would I want to be bothered at this time?” Based on women’s actual responses to these things. Not just “is she into me? wait I don’t actually care I’m gonna stand this close, ignore what she says and her body language, and keep talking and walking with her anyway”.

I have an arsenal of “what could this man do to me? how could he overpower me? how could he continue to make me uncomfortable? Why is he ignoring my body language and discomfort? what is the worst thing he could say” questions whenever men come up to me, and men are literally just thinking about what they want from me..

Things I heard at the Bernie Sanders event I went to...

Old lady- “I refuse to vote for a Democrat or a Republican. I have a thing about politicians and I just hate them. I like Bernie, but he’s a politician. I just- I just will NOT vote for a democrat or a republican.”
Guy who hosted the event said, “Well it’s a good thing he’s an independent then…”

(Does she expect to vote for someone who isn’t a politician???)

Another conversation:
Guy 1: I hate Trump.
Guy 2: I LOVE HIM! I hope he goes until the end! He’s amazing! He’s destroying himself! He’s turned the news into comedy hour!

Then there was this lawyer… Oh my gosh. This man.

“I’m a lawyer - don’t hold that against me. (people laugh) I have been both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. I work with victims and with criminals. And when I work with criminals, I always sit down with them and ask a series of questions. The first question I ask is, ‘What are your goals?’ I almost always just get a blank stare. They say, ‘what do you mean?
‘Well, what do you want to do with your life?’
They say, ‘well, I don’t know.
And I ask, ‘did you ever have any plans? What did you used to wanna be?’
And you know something? They always have an answer. They wanted to be police officers, firefighters, teachers, doctors, nurses… Then they say, ‘But I couldn’t afford to go to school.’
(He tears up) We have these kids put in prison because they didn’t have any other choice. They don’t have the money to go to school and get a degree, so what else are they gonna do? Working minimum wage won’t cut it. So they start dealing drugs and joining gangs because it’s the only way they can get enough money to live. We need an education system that is affordable. We need to stop locking up our kids and never giving them a chance to make something of themselves. We need to realize that addiction is an ILLNESS, and it should be TREATED as an illness. We need mental health services that actually. provide. services.
And HE knows that. (points at projector)
That is why I support Bernie Sanders.”

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srsly, that burgundy suit is incredible. He needs to wear it more!


I honestly have an entire tag dedicated to it. Because it’s so unbelievably wonderful I just-

Look at this thing!!

no man has the right to look that good in a purple suit but dang he does. 

dang he does

and I swear, every piece of clothing he puts on pulls out some shade of new color from his face. Orange plaid? He suddenly glows with this gorgeous orange. Green t-shirt? His eyes are that much more intense. Purple suit? Suddenly he’s got this gorgeous pink-purple hue to his face that’s just breathtaking like what is this???


And that doesn’t even mention all the feels that suit gives me in connection with Janeel. Cause man, he was so obviously in love that night…

So much love

And he was all bashful and excited talking about expecting JJ.

The cutie. 

And then with Jared?

Too much. (Notice the tie)

In summary? 

That stupid suit.

That stupid, gorgeous suit.

{ continued from here | chaoticsovereign }

Chaos shakes his head. “You really do not get it, do you?” He reaches out and takes Aldrnari’s face in his hands to force his lover to look at him. “You are no  monster, my love. You did this for me and you feel its weight. What you felt when you did it does not matter–how could you carry out such a terrible thing without trying to distance your heart from it? That does not make you a monster.” He kiss him softly, lovingly, with all the gratitude and affection he can muster.

“I am never going to regret meeting you. I am never going to regret any of this. The only way I am leaving is if you break every bone in a body and toss me out. And even then I would just come back to you.”

Aldrnari gives into the kiss, He leans into Chaos’ touch, like a man starved.

“I’m sorry for what I’ve done… For what I put you through. I keep hurting you with my want to protect you. How stupid is that?” he laughed, sobbing.

“I don’t want to be the person I was back in the day. I don’t want to be a monster that parents tell their children about at night. Yet, I can’t escape my fate and the beast inside of me… I don’t know what to do.

How can I save you when I cannot save myself?”

I think the thing I find most amusing about this update is

the fact that we joke about the fact that Hussie has thousands of kids under his command. And you know what. This little thing made me realize. He does. He absolutely does. If this man said “I want you all to don your cosplays, go out in the street and set something on fire” we probably would. He has a literal army.

starfrickers asked:


Sexuality Headcanon: hes Sexual

Gender Headcanon: probably feels strongly about being a MAN due to his religion? i could see that being a thing. i could also see him not caring though and just being like…… a clown. 

A ship I have with said character: karkat/gamzee (bad), terezi/gamzee (bad) 

A BROTP I have with said character: gamzee/caliborn take me to church AMV 

A NOTP I have with said character: gamzee/tavros because tavros does not deserve this

A random headcanon: all my gamzee headcanons are in the serendipity gospels

General Opinion over said character: I LOVE YOU AND YET I HATE YOU AND YET I LOVE YOU AND YET

“I can’t live on rabbit food, I’m a warrior.” Do you ever think Dean calls himself this sort of thing in his head? 

Dean lighting a body on fire thinking to himself, “Aww yeah I’m a bad ass.”
Dean posing in the mirror and thinking, “I am a knight.” 
Dean swinging a sword while dressed in a dead mans robe, “I am a mother fucking ninja.” 

Why does the thought of Dean knowing he’s a bad ass make me want to pinch his cheeks and tell him how adorable and cute he is? 

star-light-witch asked:

Genderfluid is a thing, but it's not like what Tumblr makes it out to be, where you change genders at random. You feel more male than female sometimes, and the other way sometimes. A lot of fluids aren't all that fussed with pronouns, actually, because they don't strongly identify with either one. "He, she, whatever, just don't call me an ass"

>You feel more male than female sometimes, and the other way sometimes.

How does one “feel more male than female sometimes”? Like…what exactly does it feel like to be a man or a woman? It sounds like someone either has split personality or they think changing up how you express yourself from the day to day somehow changes your gender too. Like…does getting in touch with your feminine side mean you’re a female now or something? Why does it have to be “I’m ~genderfluid~” instead of “I do what I want” I don’t get this madness. Genderfluid…no. I don’t buy it man. Frankly, all this “lets play mind games around the “gender binary” is a lot of pretentious crap that only makes sense if you don’t think about it too hard. But ofc this shit is all PC and whatever now so I guess you’re meant to just nod your head and go along…..

> “Gender fluidity is not really feeling like you’re at one end of the spectrum or the other,” she said. “For the most part, I definitely don’t identify as any gender. I’m not a guy; I don’t really feel like a woman, but obviously I was born one. So, I’m somewhere in the middle, which – in my perfect imagination – is like having the best of both sexes. I have a lot of characteristics that would normally be present in a guy and then less that would be present in a woman. But then sometimes I’ll put on a skirt – like today.” {-Ruby Rose)

Really dude…what the fuck? This kinda shit makes me so mad like honestly, this is the kinda shit that I feel makes a mockery out of people with gender dysphoria. Male characteristics and a skirt is all it takes to be genderfucked I guess.  What the fuck ever happened to just being eccentric or “a little out there” …we need special little names to follow our own beats these days…smfh I think the concept of gender has been obliterated to mean absolutely nothing now y’know and this is the kinda shit that just furthers that thought in my head. Feels like it’s just about the agenda. {”Breaking out from the status quo”}


“Awards are not something that I measure my work by. I’ve been so fortunate, and I’ve gotten to do such terrific things, that it seems petty to look back and say, ‘Oh, I should have gotten that prize.’ I’ve been so blessed, it’s hard to look back and think anything but that, so I have no disappointments.”
Aaron Tveit

Although he does deserve some… I mean… after ‘Next To Normal’ and ‘Catch Me If You Can’… PLEASE GIVE THE MAN HIS WELL-DESERVED TONY ALREADY?!??!??

meg9618 asked:

He does not treat me like I am inferior. He never stops telling me how beautiful I am. How lucky he is showing me off to family and friends. Helping me take care of my sick mother taking her to the doctor when I can't and I have to work. Does this sound like things an abusive man does? Would an abusive man take time out of his day to help my family. Would an abusive man put his life on the line to help people everyday he goes to work. No an abusive man does not care about a life other than his

If he dominates you, guess what domination is? Domination is treating someone like they’re inferior. That’s literally what it is. Calling you his little slut? Treating you like an inferior. Having you call him master? Treating you like an inferior.

Yes, abusive men can do nice things. Is it really shocking to you that abusive relationships are complex, with good times, and not just 100% bad all the time forever? Abusive men are not cartoon villains. They’re people with friends who are trusted by society. Abusive men are credible, everyday men, who sometimes do good things for people.

Doing some good things doesn’t stop the rest of what he is doing from being abusive. In fact, it’s something a lot of abusive men do, so the victim feels more attached and has hope for the future of the relationship.

i actually really like the idea of a freddie/balth friendship?? like not at the same level as like fred/ben but you know. like probably balth’s name in fred’s phone changed from “stan the music man” to “tiny uke bean” to “salty secret man” to “actual tyler joseph” (salty secret man being from when they were  both drunk and balth ended up having SO MANY secrets. he’s the dungeon keeper of secrets fight me on this)

and then maybe fred sends balth like screenshots of blurryface tweets and that one tweet that tyler favorited that’s like “twenty-one pilots concerts more like tiny bean does the scream while colorful man keeps the beat” 

and maybe balth wanders around town some days and takes pictures of really interesting things that he thinks fred would like like maybe the old woman across the street has really neat sunglasses fred would want or he goes in an antique shop and finds like a bunch of books n shit she’d like to read n maybe, when they’re both really sad n ‘ve got no one to talk to they talk to each other n cuddle n shit and i just really like the idea of a balth/fred relationship like :))))

Hannibal's Richard Armitage on the Tooth Fairy's Wordless Introduction and 'Tragic Love Story'

Hannibal introduced a new brand of horror this week in the form of Francis Dolarhyde, a lonely film-processing technician overcome by the urge to slaughter entire families in their homes. But according to his portrayer Richard Armitage, he wasn’t initially convinced he was the right man for the role.

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“The idea of taking on a character that does such appalling things has always been a worry for me,” Armitage explains. “I’m very conscious of what we depict on television, and it would’ve been a deal breaker had I been asked to actually commit those crimes on film, to portray those scenes in the graphic detail that Thomas Harris describes in his novels. Had that been the case, it would’ve been someone else playing this character.”

Ultimately, though, creator Bryan Fuller convinced Armitage that Hannibal‘s “Red Dragon” arc would be more about “the exploration of a man who looks like you or me, who has the potential for falling in love, but who has trodden a path which has led him to this awful state of anxiety, to this place where he is taking these families’ lives,” the actor continues. “I felt that that exploration was going to be interesting because ultimately, casting judgement on what people like Dolarhyde do is very easy, but to actually attempt to understand and empathize with someone that goes to that place is more difficult.”

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TVLine caught up with Armitage to dish the most memorable moments of his initial Hannibal installment and to tease what viewers can expect from his arc over the coming weeks.

TVLINE | The first impression we get of Francis is someone who is completely tortured and conflicted. Even in the moment where he’s exiting the crime scene covered in blood, the horror in his own eyes is palpable. How did you come to play him in that way?
It was an organic process. We always had the novel to refer to, so everything that I found really came from Thomas Harris’ books, Bryan [Fuller] and my own interpretation. One of the things in my first episode that I found so interesting is that this man is so alone in the world, so isolated. There was a rejection in his childhood because of his disfigurement and because his character was orphaned; he was raised by his grandmother and abused by step-siblings.

But when we find him in this world, he works in a very isolated environment in the film-processing laboratory, and he lives alone. Thomas Harris describes him as having only set foot in two other people’s houses in his entire life — and certainly no one has ever come into his world. But for someone that is so alone, his mind is so busy and full of things. He has the subject matter of the films that he’s studying. He has voices in his head. He’s haunted by so many different things, like his mind is so far from silent, and that to me was something which was fascinating.

TVLINE | Your first episode is essentially wordless — which means much of what we learn about Dolarhyde is in the initial sequence of him doing physical exercises and contorting his body. There’s a sense he’s transforming into something else in that moment. Walk me through all that.
Yes, it’s really interesting the way it takes a long time before you hear Francis speak. He’s a man who is so uncomfortable in his skin, who is somehow at odds with his outer body and is almost outgrowing his physical form. So you see that conversation happening physically before you hear it verbally. And actually, for someone that has such trouble speaking and forming words, the first time we hear him speak is in Episode 9, and it’s a struggle. It’s really like baby steps when he speaks. And as an audience, we see him before we hear him, so we have a real sense of who he is or who he’s becoming and what it is that he’s pressing against or running away from.

TVLINE | What did you have to do to transform your own physique and your own way of moving your body to get in touch with the character?
Obviously, I read the book, and he’s described as a bodybuilder. So, before I got up to Toronto, I was in the gym doing intense workout sessions, since we needed to fill him out in the way that Harris wanted. But I also found something in the book where he’s described as moving in a very stylized way. Harris describes him as a Balinese dancer, so when he’s committing his crimes, I understood to be something of a performance for himself, that he’s trying to somehow be theatrical in his approach.

I couldn’t work out what that was, but then I stumbled on a Japanese form of a physical expression, an artistic art form called Butoh, which is sometimes called the Dance of Death. It’s a biological observation of the body in extremis, which I thought was perfect for this scenario. And so I used a lot of that. I also used some stress positions that I’d been working with previously on The Crucible, because I felt like the character was putting himself through something rather than changing himself for vanity sake. He’s wanting to torture his own body.

What you see in the opening exercise sequence, though, I put a metronome on in the room and just worked for 20 to 30 minutes, distorting my body and doing these exercises, and the crew just kept on filming.

TVLINE | In this episode, we get to see Dolarhyde after his second murder, out in the snow, covered in blood splatter. And there’s also that twisted but sort of artful scene where your character gets wrapped up in a film reel and is in this intense state of panic. How much of those moments were actually filmed organically versus post-production manipulation?
The filming in the snow was actually one of my first shots in the entire series, and it was about 17 below outside, a very cold night shoot. Very little of that is post-production. They used a sugar blood that stains black and thankfully, they heated it beforehand.

The scene with the celluloid wrapped around Dolarhyde’s head is a combination of digital work and some practical stuff. They did create a fake head. And they also wrapped celluloid around my head and we filmed it again. It was a bit of an exploration of literally, physically getting tangled up in his world of celluloid. It’s Bryan’s imagination at work in the best way, you know.

TVLINE | Looking forward to the coming weeks, how freaky-scary should we expect this arc to get? And knowing Francis is about to embark on a romance of sorts with a character played by True Blood’s Rutina Wesley, how will that work? What can you tease?
You know what, we really do honor the book, and so you see the full extent of that tragic love story. To me, really, the crimes aside — and remember, I never actually had to portray any of the crimes, so I suppose I compartmentalized them — Dolarhyde and Reba represent a tragic, romantic love story, which really doesn’t end well and escalates into a Shakespearian opera of the proportions that Thomas Harris really explores in the novel.

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Hey Ford, what do you think about dipper being a major fangirl and do you prefer mabel over him?

Stanford: Well, I can’t say that it doesn’t bother me. I’ve always wanted
to be admired for my research, but I never expected my appreciation
to come in a five foot, awkward, baby-wipe scented package. Besides, even if my brother did let the kid work with me…

Things have happened to me that I would never wish upon Dipper, and to encourage him to follow the dark, weird road I travel would be irresponsible. However, it doesn’t seem like he’ll ever stop his pursuit of the paranormal, so I’d rather teach him how to protect himself and others than abandon him to discover it and suffer alone, just as I had to.

I don’t prefer Mabel over him, but she doesn’t seem to revere me like Dipper does; it makes it less awkward for me, an old man who’s not used to the spotlight. I have the kids’ best interests at heart. I really do. But I fear that Dipper may start to think I hate him if I keep pushing him away.

I know how it feels to be intelligent, misunderstood, and lonely. And if Dipper’s as much like me as I think he is, he might make some of the same mistakes that I did long ago…

salvachester asked:

LMAO I JUST READ YOUR TAGS! I thought the SAME thing about that gifset of Dean munching on that sandwich :D :D

RIGHT! And he does it with everything he eats…..

for example….

Originally posted by supermerwholocked2893

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and my personal favorite…..

Originally posted by googlestofuckingmuch

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Gabi what does that Hits Daily Double thing mean?

I don’t know. I liked the sentence that said with this album their syco contract ends and the MAN UP quote is really rubbing me the wrong way tbh.

I htg don’t see H going solo, he was never the fan of the spotlight, he loves music and the writing and I think this is where I see him going forward. Right now if any of them is out then 1D is over.

I just don’t see that. I think they really want this, all 4 of them. With a decent management and record label they don ’t have to do the 1 year 1 album 1 tour excruciating cycle and could have enough time to relax and write, jam around.

So that ’s where I stand now.

I kinda at some point want Grif to break down and be like “why won’t you just give me some fucking approval you stupid old man“ at Sarge like

Grif craves Sarge’s approval so much, and Sarge refuses to give it to him, but we know he really does care but like, I want Grif to actually SAY he wants it. I want him to ADMIT it.

And Sarge is like “Well maybe if you actually tried living up to your potential!” right back at him.

Basically I want Grif admitting how much he needs Sarge’s approval and Sarge admitting that all his abuse is an attempt to force Grif into actually doing something with himself and aaaaaaa I just. Red Team Family feels. Papa Sarge feels. -sobs- MY BOYS.

Maybe now Grif is in a place where that’s possible? Maybe that’s what that scene is leading to. /denial