Guys I’m not even kidding right now this is high key my favourite Kaylor thing. I was watching The Best Best Friend Vogue video yesterday. While Karlie is asking about the rules of that describing the other person game, Tay is just blatantly staring the hell out of Karlie for a full on 7 seconds before she realises what’s going on if Kaylor isn’t real then nothing is.

Flashing Lights In My Mind 

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson / Zayn Malik | 23k

Zayn wakes up with amnesia and forgets he’s not in One Direction anymore.

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here is the missing part one, please keep in mind that i wrote this at 5:30 am and i'm terrible writer ---- (1)their first kiss is not like either of them thought it would be. it's not bloody or rushed, not a hard and demanding press of lips after a fight agaist the big bad. it's slow, awkward and kinda stilted. both wanting but not entirely sure how to. and when they part there are breathless laugher and happy eyes.

They eventually get the hang off it. Their first time introducing each other as boyfriends is nervous and unsure, testing, though a firm squeeze of hands makes every tense shoulder drop, every happy smile just reassures. They are boyfriends, they both want it, they both are happy about it.

Their first time they have sex there is quite a lot laugher, quite a few awkward moments and many tender kisses, it is similar to their first kiss. They take their time, they get both breathless and made sure they wanted it.

Their first time sharing a bed follows their first time having sex. They’re both sweaty, still kinda trying to catch their breath and peacefully blissed out, not taking long to fall asleep with the other right there, sleeping in a tight but comfortable embrace, though they both wake up to morning breath and sticky skin and slightly overheated.

Their first “I love you” is in the hospital, accompanied by “don’t do this again” and “you scared the hell out of me” and careful hugs, loving kisses and maybe a few tears. but nobody needs to know that single detail. After all there aren’t even stitches needed.

They have their first big fight two month later and both wouldn’t be able to tell you later what it really was about or if it even was fight worthy. But they both yell at each other, loud and long. there is a lot of glaring and huffing, getting real close in each other personal spaces. But even though they are both angry and not talking at the end, they don’t run out and away, they both make sure not to say anything hurtful.

And at the end of the day they both share a kiss and the same bed, holding the other close. Their first daughter is born on a Tuesday, she healthy and beautiful and so so small, making her parents cry in happiness and grinning like lunatics. She also gives both a hard time only moments later when she starts crying, seemingly without a reason.

Their first and only son is born three weeks early and scares them all with it. Nevertheless he’s home a week later, healthy and doted over by two fathers and two sisters. unaware by the trouble and worry he caused.

They share many first times after this -first birthdays, first day of kindergarten and school, first sleepovers and first bad grades, the first awkward Talk with capital T and the first crushes. First dates and boy- and girlfriends following closely. They celebrate each and every wedding with the same ease they did the first one. That means they cry a lot, one of them gets a little too tipsy and the other films it, they both have embarrassing speeches and they always steal the rest of the cake.

They are the first to have a grandchild and they like to show everyone that doesn’t run at least twenty pictures for five month straight- but they never stop being right beside each other, taking on whatever life throws at them together.

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Dear PB,

Hinting at a potential love interest for A-Listers: 👍👍👍👍👍

Forcing A-Listers into a relationship despite the player having them with someone else at Couples Corner: 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

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tHIS IS A SIN ON SO MANY LEVELS I AM SO SORRY //splashes holy water everywhere

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valentine’s day surprise coming in 2 days!!1 ! there’s going to be a lot of shitty fucking valentine cards that i literally made in ms paint bc i dont have photoshop and i cry about it a lot ok