Sad Eyes

Summary: Hope and happiness doesn’t come easy for Bucky, but he will make God himself pay if you lose yours
Warnings: language, very vague depression allusions
A/N: literally this is over 5000 words and I am sorry not sorry
A/N 2.0: shoutout to @buckyywiththegoodhair and @captainpunk for dealing with my half asleep first draft and ensuring it actually made sense
A/N 3.0: this is based on the True Colors scene in Trolls – which I can’t find a video of for the life of me – where Grumpy Gills McGee realizes that while he doesn’t care about his own happiness, he will rip apart hell if Butterfly Princess Sunshine is upset for half a moment

The music was loud, but not obnoxious. Leaning against one of the armchairs on the far side of the room, it was easy to hear your friends as they spoke. “…middle of an op, why did he feel that was an appropriate moment to hit on you?” Wanda was asking Natasha as you pulled your attention away from the brooding soldiers on the other side of the room and back to the girls in the chairs close to you. You took a sip of the drink Bruce had mixed for you. They were discussing the day before, and the unfortunate probationary agent that had decided Natasha was the next love of his life. 

“Being in the middle of an op caused far less of an issue than Sam did,” Natasha admitted, shaking her head.

“Sam?” you asked, reinserting yourself into the conversation. “He’s usually level-headed when it comes to guys hitting on you. It’s not like it’s rare, and you always shut it down hella fast.” 

Natasha chuckled, nodding her agreement before speaking. “I was leading the training team yesterday. Sam stopped by to bring my lunch – I’d left it at home. He didn’t need to be professional about it, and he knew I did.”

“Did Sam actually give the probationary agent a black eye?” Wanda asked, and you let your focus drift away from the girls and back to Bucky. He stood alone at the bar, a glass of whiskey in his hand. Steve had been with him earlier in the night, but had long since disappeared.

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a playlist for when you find magic shoes that let you travel through different dimensions and it’s scary at first then you get sad and homesick but then it’s okay and you have fun

A little thought before goin to bed…

Mikasa will always look beautiful, with long or short hair. When a fan wants to see her with long hair, it’s not because she looks more or less cute, but because short hair represents a thing for her: war, loss, anguish and pain. Because she cut her hair when Eren suggested to her that she could get tangled up while training with the 3DM gear; Because for years she kept it like this to have one thing less to worry about. Because short hair reminds her of the days when she couldn’t sleep without having nightmares where Eren or Armin could die. That’s why we want to see her with long hair; because her hair was long when she was a happy girl; because long hair reminds her of her childhood days where she didn’t have anything to worry about. Because long hair represents perhaps the lost hope, but also the hope that came back when Eren saved her. No, we don’t want Mikasa with long hair because she looks more or less beautiful; We want her with long hair because that means she can still be happy.


when an Aries successfully pisses somebody off

when a Taurus gets paid and does impulse online shopping

when a Gemini uses nothing but logic & facts in their arguments to break somebody down

when a Cancer ends up getting their way by being bratty

when a Leo steals the center of attention in groups by changing the topic to themselves

when a Virgo proves somebody wrong

when a Libra uses their charm to avoid conflicts

when a Scorpio finds out all your information without you even being aware

when a Sagittarius gets lucky and doesn’t have to own up to their responsibilities

when a Capricorn uses their friends as a method of social climbing

when an Aquarius pushes people away because they know they’ll still be popular anyway

when a Pisces asks for advice but ignores it and falls back into the situations they complain about