madelynnaa  asked:

Okay is that only thing that happened when Aidan got drunk? also, WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN??? AIDAN ISNT OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK RIGHT???

Darkiishu made him drink :’D

That’s why she felt so bad when Jay told the girls Aidan was only 20

list of demands for gen 8

-peacock pokemon (TOP PRIORITY) possibly fairy/flying or grass/flying

-hummingbird pokemon (also fairy/flying)

-some kind of fairy/fighting and/or fairy/fire type pokemon

-another female professor

-another female evil team leader (please i would kill a man for this)

-a female standalone rival (PLEASE)

-n harmonia returns and i finally get to kick his ass again

me @ me: u kno finn/poe isnt gonna happen and gay stuff has burned u so much in the past few months so just let it go

the tiny flicker of gay hope still alive in my heart despite every recent attempt to put it out: :^) 

  • Kara: alex, never, EVER let Maggie go
  • Alex: okay
  • Alex: so you're saying I should propose??
  • Kara: alex wait that's not what I -
  • Alex: yo maggie
  • Kara: alex no stop-
  • Alex: you wanna get hitched lol
  • Maggie: sure y not im free this saturday
  • Alex: coolio thanks kara for the suggestion
  • Kara:
  • Kara:
  • Kara:
  • Kara:
  • Kara: i hate you two