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"aphobia isn't real" "ye but what about those times you and your friends made hateful posts about ace people, the amount of times aces have been physically/sexually assaulted/harassed, aces who have been abused, aces who have been driven to suicide due to aphobia, those who have lost jobs and other horrible things?" "that's just misogyny/homophobia stop using debunked argumentsl" have you noticed aphobes say "that never happened" despite getting a bunch o links proving it happened?

aphobia isnt real says the person Perpetrating it lol

  • albus: i cant live without you
  • albus: youre my happiness
  • scorpius: i asked out your cousin
  • albus:
  • scorpius:
  • albus:
  • scorpius:
  • albus: smilin thru the pain

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this was probably the longest secret revelation scene ever made on tv