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as a kid i actually read heroes of olympus first by accident and i thought it was pretty good!!

omg…..its good so far to me but im only a few chapters in

Me: I worked really hard to make this! I got through two art blocks, four depressions and ten existential monologues just to finish this piece so STFU, I will appreciate what I made cuz I love it!

Also me: I hate it with all of my being plz burn it and never speak of it again. Cut off my hands so they may never produce something so horrid ever again.

i think one of the reasons india and bendy get along so well is that like… all the other toons in the group are animals; and all the other humans in the group are, ya know. human.

and it’s not so much about being unusual within a group, neither of them feel alone in any way, especially these days - but it’s more like neither of them completely know who they are or what they’re capable of. neither bendy nor india completely understands their own power, their own thoughts, or really trusts themselves.

i mean obviously they’re friends just because they’re friends, they have fun together. they both put their priorities in family and fun and not much else haha, and they sort of have the same process of choosing what emotions to share and what to keep inside… a very prideful duo

but there is something significant about their shared understanding of… frankenstein syndrome. damn, that’s a really good way to put it - frankenstein syndrome - why did it take me this long to think of it…

You know where I called “bullshit” lately, in the context of Dean/Cas? When I was rewatching “The Rapture” a month or two ago - when we met Jimmy Novak. Because Jimmy Novak is a character that HAS NO SEXUAL TENSION OR CHEMISTRY WITH DEAN WHATSOEVER. None. Nada. Their interactions are completely flat. If anything, he would punch him in the face and run away, but it’s not even personal, he would punch anybody. There is no spark between Misha and Jensen when they are Dean and Jimmy. Which means that the romantic tension of Dean and Cas is of course helped by the natural chemistry the actors have, but it means that Misha IS ABSOLUTELY CAPABLE OF ACTING AGAINST JENSEN, AND NOT MAKE IT ABOUT UST. Which means, this romantic/sexual tension is not Misha and Jensen, it is a part of Cas’ character and his relationship with Dean. It’s an acting CHOICE. Dean has that with every version of Cas that is still Cas. BAMF!Cas. Human!Cas. Emmanuel!Cas. Crazy!Cas. Endverse!Cas. God!Cas. He doesn’t have that with Lucifer!Cas or Leviatan!Cas, it is harder to see though, because these are predatory characters that are charismatic villains. But Jimmy is the only character that really has NOTHING to do with Cas. He is a different person. And the chemistry is gone, like it was never there. But the moment Misha becomes Cas again (even brainwashed one) it’s back. Like magic. Kudos to Misha for his acting, middle finger to everybody (actors, producers) who has been gaslighting us for the last nine seasons, telling us we’ve been seeing things.

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‘It’s time for your digital examination, Poppet.’

Senpai Seven, dedicated to @11daysofhell


well okay or I could do this instead of starting actual work this morning- just an alternate take on the new Gladstone design! done kinda quick but I had fun (colours of last two are based off the old comics and the modern comics)

tried to smush the concepts from the other designs?

it’s not my fault officer I was provoked