ok, they’re still wearing the same (minus yuri’s shirt lol) as on this one

I imagine it going like this …

Yuuri drags drunk Viktor off to their bedroom.

Viktor (whining): Our little kotenok is growing uuuuuuup!!!
Yuuri (hushes him): They can still hear you, you know, Vitya
Viktor (whining even louder): But he’s in looooooooove!!!! So cuuuuute!!!!
Yuri (stomping into the room with an armful of pillows, looking ready to kill): Ok, that’s it! I’m gonna end you, old man! 

Okay, I had zero interest in Rom vs. Transformers until this big, sweet child showed up in the previews. Just look at this precious angel! LOOK AT THAT SMILE!

Also, worst teacher ever! Like wooooof… Guess…guess I’m going to have to get this issue next week… God damn it, Milne, how dare you make Stardrive so adorable.