So I’ve been thinking about some scar headcanons:

Wilson and Willow have clearly got a lot of battle scars from all the monsters they face every day. They’d probably spend time comparing scars and competing to see who’s got the gnarliest one. 

Maxwell’s got scars on his wrists and ankles from being on the nightmare throne for so long. 

Charlie has multiple gashes on her back and arms from when she was transformed into the grue. Maxwell almost completely broke down the first time he saw them.

Had a fab girl’s night out with a really close friend of mine last night… we ate yummy cheese, drank wayyyyy too much wine, talked about everything ever and it was just so so good. Towards the end of it we started throwing out crazy ideas about traveling somewhere together during one of the long weekends in May…. and guess what guys about 10 mins ago we booked tickets to Hong Kong!!! YES!!!!!

Snark in cross-examination

The week that’s been

Nothing really exciting happened, so have some unappetising photos of food that I’ve been eating/making - oatmeal with blueberries & seeds, banana bread I made for M, this wild rice, spinach & basil pesto salad I got from the summer market (it looks horrible but mmm so good), and last but not least the paella we cooked on the BBQ up at the bach.

Today is the first day of semester, I’m already so stressed about Masters. Only 2 of my courses are up online (first year is coursework, second year is thesis at Vic), and just reading through the course outlines is making me hyperventilate a little bit. Please let me survive the next two years. Please.

Haven’t been back to the gym yet, I don’t think I’ll go until we’ve settled into our new apartment - it’s quite out of the way from where we’re staying right now, and I don’t feel any pressure to go back, which is a nice change from last year where rest days were horrible and stressful. This year I’m focusing on moderation, in regards to everything: exercise, food, study, socialising.

I was meant to be doing a triathlon yesterday, but decided not to, since basically all of my exercise gear is still in storage and I just didn’t feel ready for it. I ended up going for a 5km run in the morning, a 15km cycle in the afternoon and a quick dip in the ocean yesterday anyway, so it was almost like I did it?? Bahahaha.

Current exercise plans are to run every second day, and eventually start doing yoga again once or twice a week (once I can afford the membership again, travelling is an expensive business). There’s an extremely steep hill by M’s parents’ house which I’m planning on running up a couple of times a week, I’ve already attempted it once and while it’s horrible and makes my soul hurt, I definitely think I will benefit from it.

This has been a long and boring post, kudos if you made it through! 

Pisces anything hasn’t been good lately
like everything sucks for Pisces
Libra and Sag are living and breathing success and happiness
and then Pisces is scraping by
Personally, me being a Pisces, all the horoscopes are accurate but sad and angry
we sound like awful, depressed people
and most Pisces are
including me

I’ve been wondering what’s wrong with me and I can’t figure out what it is
Maybe I’m a slut
maybe I’m a bitch
Maybe I’m just a bad person
but whatever the cause is
I haven’t figured it out yet
It’s easier to just blame the stars and planets
and I wonder
Is this is what it’s like to be part of a religion?
where you believe in it so things are easier to deal with?
where you have no proof of it being real but there’s no way to prove its not so you blame it to save yourself?
I don’t know
maybe the stars do
but I’m lost and tired
I’m sad a lot because of who I am
a Pisces
and it may not be real
I’m okay with it
But for now
It’s the only thing that’s saving me from the consequences of things I have done and have not done.

Oh my God the first season of Doctor Who has commentaries for every single episode I am so happy

I feel like I am scheduled to have another moan about popularity, or my lack thereof on the internet