i can think of like a million other mainstream songs to get upset about and question the lyrics/video/message/morality/inequality themes of besides “formation.” like, even if there was something wrong with this song, WHERE HAVE Y'ALL BEEN? you sing along with songs about disrespecting them bitches and hoes all day and it’s all in good fun, but oh no heaven forbid beyonce celebrates being black???

“dan and phil are lazy. they don’t care about us because they don’t upload regurlarly.”


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ok my point is. dan and phil do so much for us. yes, dan takes awhile to upload sometimes, so does phil, and that is okay!! they are probably very busy doing other things for us, like preparing for a world TATINOF tour, like planning for their next radio show, or hell, for all we know, they’re adding more 7 second challenges to their app! they may not be the fastest uploaders, but they still give a shit about us! do you see other youtubers doing liveshows for us every week? no! dan and phil take time out of their day’s to make us happy and keep us entertained. they do care about us, they just do different things to show it, you just have to notice it. so for gods sake, stop getting mad if they take 2+ weeks to upload. 

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I’m more amused by the fact that he had the audacity to say that the boys had no artistic credibility because they stood in a queue for the x factor, but his parents are both famous actors. His mothers first husband was an actor, and her new husband is also a publicist. Where is his artistic credibility when his fame was literally handed to him?

as pissed off as i am about the reason why sanji’s arm is injured it is quite interesting to see what sanji’s reaction to having an injured arm… and who the person responsible for that is (death glares at a certain ooc mossball) he definitely seems to be troubled by what zoro did and his reaction to that is to cook to distract himself from that, which i thought was more of a thing the fandom likes to headcanon him doing than a (semi)canon thing

Friendly reminder that I find it very offensive to tell me “your art gives me the vibe of this artist”

You’re basically telling me I have no artistic voice of my own. That’s fuckin’ rude. Don’t do that.

I didn’t want to share art only to see someone tell me this. Along with “now I wanna go draw X character from this franchise that you remind me of!” Especially after a night of struggling with my own self identity through my art.

To the person who made the comment:
If you didn’t know this, now you do. It’s OK, just next time ask yourself “would this be something I’d want to hear?” You don’t know what kind of demons an artist is dealing with. Think before you post.

  • me:...gravity falls is gonna end soon and im upset