me doing homework:

  • pees
  • checks fridge
  • drinks water
  • *looks at clock*
  • “i still have plenty of time”
  • scrolls tumblr
  • opens youtube for relaxing music-
  • then finding myself watching cute cats and dogs
  • opens new tab to finally start homework but instead types
  • “i need a 15 min break i deserve this”
  • *30 mins after, still scrolling through my dash*
  • *staring at the wall trying to find the answers
  • but ends up thinking what i’ll eat next*
  • *looks around trying to find someone to blame for my life*
  • *does something irrelevant*
  • “im so tired!!!“
  • *sleeps*
  • *wakes to pee*
  • *looks at clock*
  • *cries*
Study tips! - 2017

Hi guys! These are the tips that I have for now, the truth is that they work quite a bit at the time of studying and I hope they do the same for you.

1.      Make summaries and/or schemas:

I’m a girl more of summaries than schemes (concept maps, or mind maps), but any of these are good to analyze, understand and remember better what one is studying at the time. I know that many people, like me, have the problem to put what they were studied in either of these two methods, for example, I’m not very good with the schemes, therefore I support more on summaries and to make them as small as possible, carefully not to forget anything about what I am summarizing; This is why I want to advise you that no matter how difficult and complicated it seem any of these methods, try it. Eventually, you will handled the way to do it and you’ll not realize when you will be all experts.

2.      Uses colors:

Yes, I won’t deny it, I’m 100% a girl of colors. I feel incomplete, weird, as if something will miss me when my notes do not have color, at least highlight my titles, I need it, it’s something that is a part of me.

Careful! Use colors doesn’t mean that our notes are freshly come out from a fairy oven and it looks like a rainbow, no. Use them, but sparingly, as fair and necessary to put your notes look cute and you can difference the titles of the rest, or the term of its meaning… and of course the most important thing, that are organized and clean so that when it comes the time for studying, you can understand everything.

More than for aesthetics, I occupy the colors in order to have a more dynamic vision in my notebook, allowing me to better understand, memorize better and above all to find what I want more easily. However, I won’t deny that I also like to have my notes beautiful and colorful, I say, who don’t like to have their notes organized and beautiful? To nobody.

3.      Organize your time:

Sometimes when we sit at our study site we spend hours on the same subject, without advancing in others that also we have to study, so to avoid these types of mishaps that make our work to study more heavy, because it leaves all for after, we must organize our time of study. Some occupy the “bullet journal" method for studies, others, the timer. I used the timer until I met a wonderful applications that help you concentrate and at the same time, takes your time. For example, we have a well known application called “Forest” which is available for both IOS and Android, with the difference that in Android you can download the free version, which in IOS is not yet available, but there are other applications that are similar to “Forest” that are free, such as “Be Focused”, an application that also helps you manage your time , where you can save time and designate them for return to them whenever you want, you also have the option to have breaks. The only difference between “Forest” and “Be Focused” is that the first you have the option of listening to sound of fund for greater concentration, while the second handles you only the time, without the option of background music. These two earlier applications are part of many more that you can find both Android and IOS (if you want, later I will let a post with a list of applications to study that I personally find the best of them).

To organize your time, you must rely on what you are studying, because it all depends on the amount of content. For example, in biology is usually much content, concepts or terms to memorize and understand, so I left a full hour to study everything and make sure that I understood. If the content is very complicated, I can add a couple of more minutes, but without passing me in the hour and a half, because you have to keep in mind that there are more to study.

4.       Explains what you studied:

That’s right, explain in your own words what you studied. This may be by voice or video recorder, the idea is that once you’ve explained everything in your own words you can hear the audio, and ensure that you’ve understood all or at least the vast majority. So you will see your failings and strengthen your weaknesses., correct your mistakes and learn from them. Personally, I recorded my voice explaining the best that I can what I’ve understood, and if I’ve doubts about having it explained well or have covered all, I send the audio to my friends or classmates, that way I can have a second opinion and make sure I have done well.

5.       Record your classes if possible:

If you need to take notes in a class, but for various reasons, are a - b or c, you can’t be able to complete them, I recommend that you carefully get your cellphone and begin to record the class quietly, and when you will be already at home can play the audio and complete your notes without missing anything.

Although, to tell the truth, I recommend over talking to your classmates and ask for

permission from the Professor, and then record the class, both in audio as an image. If the teacher still not authorized it (because it’s supposed to record the classes within an establishment is not allowed), can get a little rebellious and record, put your cellphone somewhere in the room where it isn’t seen. Sometimes be a little rebellious is not bad, it all depends on the reason why you are, right?

Carefull! This doesn’t mean that you don’t take notes in class or not pay attention because you are recording, if you don’t understand the class less you will do it through an audio or video, where you don’t have the support of your present teacher.

6.      Creates memory cards (flashcards):

Although it seems typical, they are quite effective. There is the option of to make them yourself or you can download any application that can make them, as for example Quizlet, an application that is available both IOS and Android. This will help to quickly memorize definitions of concepts, or important dates, people and their works, etc.

7.      Transfer your notes in order, rewrite:

If you are one of the people who, like me, prefer to make a draft of his notes, and then pass them in clean (rewrite them), you’ll know that this tip really works. I won’t deny that it is more work, but everything has its reward, isn’t it?

Personally I’m of people who have better visual memory, which read and write helps me to memorize better. Thus I memorize and order my notes, both at the same time. In addition, it said that rewrite is equivalent to five readings, I don’t know if that is true, but I at least feel that I memorize best rewritting, well in my time to study I remember things I’ve written and I can understand them better.

8.       Listen to music to concentrate:

The truth is that this tip is pretty ambiguous and personal, because it depends on each person. Many people can’t concentrate with noise, so they only can study in complete silence, and others simply cannot withstand be studying with so much silence. I’m of people who are in the middle.

For me is inevitable listen classical, instrumental music, rain, nature or just a relaxing study melody sounds. It helps me enough to concentrate and accompany me at the time of study. There are a variety of videos on YouTube with relaxing music, classical or instrumental music, or sounds of nature to study, as well as on Spotify playlists that are pretty good.

Personally, I listen to music when I do exercises such as mathematics or physics, and as for readings or review, normally I do without music or with one that does not have too much rhythm, as sounds of rain, wind, etc., to be able to concentrate.

9.      Search material of support:

If you feel that you still don’t understand the subject, either because it is very difficult or because you don’t understand your teacher, you can’t stay still and do nothing. You have to auto-teach you, learn and learn any other way what you are passing in classes.

For example, looking for videos that teach you what you are going through, search exercises online, Power Point presentations, PDF documents to help you supplement your notes or your knowledge. There are many channels on YouTube that can help you to study, as also pages with books, exercises, and documents about what you’re going. The idea is to find supporting material that will help you to understand what you’re learning in class, so to be able to reinforce.

10.   Stay away from your social networks:

I know that many of us it has happened that from being studying we went from one second to another to be checking our Instagram account. Best for these cases is to put the cell phone as far as possible, if needed elsewhere in your home (obviously, if you’re studying at home), and in airplane mode so that nothing interrupts your time of study. Now, to avoid entering your networks through the computer or laptop that you are using at the time of study, you can download applications that will block certain pages by a certain time, and once activated cannot be it reversed, yes or Yes you should spend that time so that the pages are unlocked. These applications exist for both Windows and Mac.

11.  Uses Post-it (sticky notes):

These help me to write down something that perhaps the teacher said in class and would not have seeing completely with the theme that we’re passing, or be any possible question test, any dimension, a concept that I don’t know.

12.  If you have any doubts, questions, ask:

As they say the teachers, or at least of my school, “There no are silly questions, only fools who don’t ask”. So, if you have doubts, ask. No matter if you make a mistake, you must solve all your doubts because that will help you better understand what you are seeing. If you are in classes and you don’t understand, ask, solve all your doubts with the professor, because once you get home to study you won’t understand almost nothing, if it is that it is absolutely nothing, by not having asked.

If you’re at home or out of classes, studying, grab your cell and ask your classmates. The idea is to clear your concern in one way or another.

Personally, I really like to be able to solve my doubts with my classmates, because in addition to answer all my questions, we can exchange notes, complementing our notes, we can learn new techniques to solve exercises, etc.

13.   Review constantly:

I know that the work of reviewing every day is quite heavy, but it works. It’s truth. At least in my experience constantly review has helped me be able to memorize better what are passing to me in classes, since the constant review helps to retain longer the lessons learned, and a day before the test it doesn’t need to study too hard, ‘cause everything I learned it was be engraved on the head, and just only a small study session will need. Therefore I recommend that when you get arrive home after school review your notes at least 15 minutes that day, and everyday, in that way you will retain in your head more time what they are seeing.

14.   Gets emails from your professors/teachers:

In my case, some of my teachers send us documents PDF or PPTs we use during their classes, to study and reinforce what we saw, as well as complement our notes. Course, I recommend that if you are still in school, you can put on agree with your classmates and create an email as a group so that way you will not have problem in contacting your teacher. This is ‘cause in some schools have problems for contact their professors outside the establishment, and there are some schools that are quite strict in that area. If you’re in university, I don’t think that will be a problem to contact you through your personal email.

Carefull! Teachers are not always so cool, or so nice, to give you their mail, some of they put many excuses since in some schools the teacher-student ethics is fairly strict with contact outside the establishment, so they are usually quite reluctant to give them, especially if the teacher is handsome, so you have to prove that you are really interested in the material support and not in him, or in harass him (even while actually are haha, the key is prove otherwise 😉).

15.  Lean on your textbooks:

Many times in our schools deliver us books of the subjects that we will see that year (either whether we should buy them or they are delivered by the same school), and either that the professor uses them little or nothing within classes, we must have in mind that the book yes serves us and helps, or at least the vast majority of them because it is a support material that contains descriptions, images and vocabulary, and to answer key in some, that helps us to know in what we were wrong (for example, the books of mathematics, following exercise can confirm your answer with the solution key), this can serve when you are studying for a test, and also the test obviously. So it is best to always bear in mind that texts that give schools if you serve, independent of whether the teachers based their class in them or not, there will always be material that will help you to complement what you taught the teacher in class.

16.  Have a fixed study site:

To study well and be able to focus without any impediment, we need a fixed and comfortable place. This place has to be clean, orderly, and as much as possible wide (extended desktop), so we can have all our scope and not deconcentrate us to go for something that you need or miss. The best thing is study in a desk in your room, or in the table of dining room of your house, but is completely forbidden study in bed, as to be overly comfortable us enters laziness and sleep, interrupting our study session, and practically ensuring a long nap.

17.  Keep a schedule of fixed study:

Personally, I’m kind of people who aren’t very organized when it comes to schedules or events. Simply plans and me not get along very well, but I don’t deny that for a time I tried it, being constant in my moment of planning what to do later (in my bullet journal) and I found it quite beneficial. Apart from planning everything and organize my time, and comply with what I should do of course, I could see the progress of my studies, but as I said the plans and I don’t we get along very well. But that doesn’t prevent that recommend you organize your time, plan what to do, and between that define a time of day that is dedicated only to study. It can be in the afternoon after school, can be in the morning before going to school, or can be at night before going to bed, no matter the time, what matters is that you should defined a time to study and you can’t move that time, this will help to discipline your brain and accustom him that in this period of the day must be aware, attentive and concentrated to absorb everything, of course without forgetting small breaks in the study session. Over time you’ll see the results, giving you features that you do better absorb the information, that in that period of time your brain will be more attentive to what he reads or exercises, so you can understand much better than before.

+ Bonus: Organize your times.
For this, the best is do the technique of bullet journal, you can also go to the planner, but personally I like the BJ more, although like I said, I didn’t last long because a I’m really bad in planning constantly, but during the time I did it worked perfect, so I recommend that even if you are just as bad planning constantly, like me, try it. Who knows? Perhaps you become experts in the bullet journal.

Regards! 😄✌💕

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Why do those “Rain and classical music relaxation music” put things like the fucking can-can??? Even though its a great selection of music, i aint relaxing to offenbach. Im rocking through the roof like a 1920s flapper girl. Ready to run 20 miles while listening to this, i aint about to sleep. The rocketts would hire me on the spot after this


Watercolor action! Yay loose marks!! Lately I’ve been receiving questions about my style and how goes the change ☺️Thought I would take a moment to give an update!! I’m having lots of fun simply exploring. I’m not focusing much on finding a style, but more developing my skill sets and getting better at watercolors. I strongly believe “art style ” is not the end goal, it’s an added bonus. My love for art has always been rooted in the discovery process, constantly chasing those little moments of victory when things click. Overall, I feel relaxed and free 💖✨ About YouTube videos, between cons and needing a new harddrive, it’s been placed on the back burner :( I miss making videos. For more in depth Tori thoughts, check out my Patreon, lots of hideous drawings this month in the sketchbook PDF - which maybe be my largest so far!? About 50 pages?

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anonymous asked:

What's your regular skin care routine and then what's your like "pamper day" routine? If you have different ones that is.

My Current Skin Care Routine:


  1. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
  2. Klairs Supple Preparation Toner
  3. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% mixed with Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
  4. Benton Fermentation Eye Cream
  5. Cosrx Oil-Free Ultra Mositurizing Lotion
  6. Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream


  1. Botanic Farms Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet
  2. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser (if I feel like I need it)
  3. Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (2x a week) OR Cosrx One Step Pimple Clear Pads (when not using the BHA liquid)
  4. Klairs Supple Preparation Toner
  5. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
  6. Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
  7. Benton Fermentation Eye Cream
  8. Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream mixed with a few drops of The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold‑Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

My Pampering Night Time Routine

  • Always oil cleanse first! No matter what I’m using after, I always make sure I use an oil cleanser to create a clean slate to work off of.
  • Apply Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask.
  • Hop in the shower and do a quick wash (Using up the last of my Lush Rose Jam 💔 ). Apply OGX Conditioner (probably Kukui Nut) and let sit. Rinse off Lush face mask and follow with Fresh Soy Face Cleanse.
  • Exit the shower and get a bath running. Apply a well-soaked sheet mask (Prelab Aqua Energy 💖 ).
  • Get into the bath and dissolve whatever Lush bath product I’m going to use (Been loving the bath oils lately).
  • Relax and watch Youtube videos (There may or may not be wine involved in all of this 😁 ) Rinse out hair conditioner in bath water before I get out. Never get bath water on your face.
  • Get out of the bath and put some hair product in. I’m using up my OGX Coconut Curls Styling Milk. I’ll usually pull my hair back in a headband until I go to bed.
  • I’d then complete my skin care routine; I would usually go onto the moisturizing phase of my routine after a sheet mask.
  • Once I’m mostly dry, I apply body moisturizer. This time of year, I’d usually apply a lighter lotion, such as the Hempz Age Defying Lotion. I’d follow up with the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, because that scent is TO DIE FOR. 😍😍😍 
  • Get into my pajamas and chill out! Watch TV, do my nails, read, etc. etc. Until I’m ready to sleep.
  • Take my meds and brush my teeth. A little Glossier Coconut Balm Dot Com on the lips and L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream when I’m about to go to bed. So many good fragrances to lull me to sleep!
  • ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZzzzzz 😴
Daily Self Love and Healing Pt. 1

I can’t afford therapy. I’m on my meds and they work, but the cost just went up. Fortunately, in the meantime, I’m working on ways to help myself both practically and spiritually. I carry a lot of spiritual baggage, which means this is doubly important for me. 

Some of these tips are based on my own experiences, and some of them are my attempts at using actual psychology tools to develop rituals to help me. I’ll take it by days of the week sort of based on this post and expand it to various practical and spiritual practices and rituals. (This got long so I’m splitting it up into parts.)

Monday - Root energy, grounding, interconnectedness


  • Wash a dish. I don’t care what dish. Just wash one. Picture yourself washing away the build up of mental health scum. Got enough spoons to do more? Awesome. Wash another. One dish all you can handle? Way to go, you just decreased the pile-up of dishes! 
  • Stand outside for a few minutes. I don’t care where. Just get some fresh air. Think about how everything is connected. 
  • Journal your thoughts. Tell your journal all. Even if all of it is just “I hate everything and feel nothing.”
  • Ack, intrusive thought! Have a few sayings written down somewhere to help you combat that intrusive thought. Suggestions:
    • That thought isn’t helpful right now.
    • This isn’t an emergency. I can think about this later.
    • I don’t have to be perfect to be OK.
    • These thoughts are not me and are not a reflection of my value. 
    • It’s OK that I just had that thought/image, and it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t have to pay attention to it.
    • This is irrational, and I’m going to let that thought go. 
    • It’s a good practice to let go of this worry, and I’m going to practice.
    • I can handle being wrong. 
    • I don’t have to have this figured out right now. 
  • Eat a vegetable. 
  • Text a friend. Doesn’t have to be a whole conversation, but say hi. 


  • Meditate! Take a few minutes, find some relaxing meditation music on youtube and just breathe.
  • Actually root vegetables like carrots or potatoes can help with balancing your root, so do one of those for your vegetable. 
  • Burn some incense or whatever you use as an alternative
    • Patchouli
    • Cedar
    • Myrhh 
    • Angelica
    • Cinnamon
  • Herbs for the root
    • Rosemary
    • Cinnamon
    • Cloves
    • Ground coffee (drink your fave!)
    • Sage
    • Cayenne 
    • Dandelion
  • Crystals for the root
    • Obsidian (one of my faves)
    • Black tourmaline
    • Bloodstone
    • Hematite
    • Red Jasper
    • Carnelian (red)
    • Smoky Quartz
    • Anything dark/earthy or red
  • Repeat affirmations! Okay I can’t stress enough how helpful this is. These can help not just spiritually but can help cognitively. As a person with ADHD, it can be really helpful to have a phrase or two to use when I meditate so I have something to focus on. Even if you don’t really believe these at first, they can help rewrite your neural pathways to more positive thoughts the more they are repeated. Here are some Monday Affirmations!
    • I am loved.
    • I love my body.
    • I nurture myself.
    • I am united with the world around me.
    • I am grounded within myself. 
    • I am brave.
    • I am courageous for fighting this illness.
    • I stand for my values, truth, and justice.
    • I have a right to exist. 
    • I am open to healing. 
  • Do a grounding ritual. Shake it off, dance around, whatever. 
  • Thank the Universe/deity of choice/power of choice for your existence and the world around you.
Bitty’s YouTube Career

I’ve been binge watching Fine Bros Reaction videos and it just got me thinking.

This isn’t going to be coherent enough to be like a paragraph so it’s gonna be a list instead

-Bitty’s a YouTuber

-He posts regular updates to his vlog, and interacts with fans on his channel and through other forms of social media

-Now N never really tells us how YouTube famous he is, but I’m actually willing to bet that a vlog like that would have at least 1 million subs. But honestly I’m imagining more like 3-4 million, and these especially picked up during Bitty’s time at Samwell (like he had a smaller following before this, and the spike definitely happens like sophomore year and just grows into Junior/Senior year)

-(Bitty wasn’t hella aware of how much he was pining after Jack and people were there for the drama)

-SO YouTubers aren’t solitary creatures, they tend to interact with, and follow each other on YouTube and on other social media platforms

-And once Tubers become bigger, other bigger names notice them. They’re verified on Twitter, so any @’s they do are noticed by any bigger people

-(which means Beyonce definitely tweeted Bitty into his Junior/Senior year and says she loves his vlog)

-(this being in response to a tweet he sent out for his most recent video where he gushes on a Beyonce event)

-(Beyonce says she’s binge watched a lot of his stuff and now follows him on Twitter and YouTube)

-(Bitty is shook)


-So I imagine Bitty does lots of collabs! He’s totally done several with NerdyNummies, since they both bake

-and honestly? He’s paying for his college with this dough. Like he’s not making a small sum, and he donates a fuck ton of it to LGBTQ organizations, cause he likes money, but not that much. 

-Like I can see him as someone who doesnt want to spend his money on himself

-Going on, he’s friends with a lot of YouTubers. He doesn’t talk about his channel much to his friends and teammates



-And Bitty kind of shrugs and is like “I mean, I told you guys I had a thing in NYC”

-Holsom is fuckin speechless and like dies and ends up subscribing to Bitty and watching a lot of his collabs and asking him questions and stuff

-Bitty gets into YouTube rewind for 2016

-When he gets asked, he DIES. He immediately tells his team, because this just isnt something he can keep in

-Also imagine Bitty with his silver and gold play buttons <3

-Tons of YouTubers have books, so after much prompting from his fans, he makes a cook book for them

-It sells millions of copies

-He’s on YouTubers React AGAIN but to react to Rewind

-Also, Bitty going to like Vid Con and being invited to Creator Summits

-Bitty having Vine and phases

-Doing more collabs just with his team and like they love it and you can tell he’s just really relaxing into YouTube and like friendships and his like genuine openness about having a BF and being out to his channel and like having such a support group

-His parents totally know and love him so much. Suzanne is soooo proud of him and buys the cookbook and like all of her friends do too its SUCH a big deal

-Just <3 I need more of Bitty on YouTube and how this affects him because with his sunshine personality and everything, like he’d get a following. He really would.

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is a bit of a weird question, but I think I read somewhere on your blog (when you were answering questions about your profession) you meditate? Could I ask how you do that? Meditate, I mean? Thanks, hope you have a great day!

Yes, I do. I’ve been doing that randomly whenever I have felt a need for it since I was 19, but recently I decided to start meditate daily for at least 15 minutes.

Meditating is super easy! Basically it just means calming down and shutting the whirling mass of thoughts for at least 15 minutes. It gets easier the longer you do it, like any other hobby or activity, so there’s really no need to feel like a failure or similar if you can’t stay calm for 15 minutes at the beginning.

Here’s easy way to do it.

1) Sit or lay down in a quiet place, where you won’t be disturbed. Turn off all notifications from mobile devices ect. so your meditation won’t get disturbed by any extra noise (trust me; if you are startled from a deep meditation, it physically HURTS.)

2) You can be in a silence or concentrate on listening something; ambient sounds, ASRM music, zen music, special meditative and relaxation music ect. Youtube is full of awesome tracks you can listen to. Concentrate on really listening what you are hearing. 

3) Make yourself comfortable. I like to lay down as it relaxes the best. Remember to take calm, deep breaths at first. Deep breathing relaxes: for example one reason why smoking calms people down is that they take deep breaths in and breathe long breaths out while smoking. 

4) Enjoy yourself! Your body might get numb or tingling; that’s normal. You might have sudden emotional outbursts or feelings; that’s normal, too (means you are relaxing, letting go of resistance and it opens up emotional valves). 

5) Stop as soon as you start to feel exhausted or tired. Try some other time again. Meditation is supposed to be calm and relaxing. 

6) Meditate either at the beginning of the day or before going to bed. You can meditate as often during a day as you want to. 

7) Meditate 15 minutes daily at least for 2 weeks to see the effects in you the best. You can meditate more than that, if you want and if the meditation flows nicely. Sometimes I think 15 minutes has passed just to see it’s been 60 minutes! Time really flies when you get in the meditative zone.

Other things:

If you fall asleep during meditation, that’s completely fine!

It’s completely normal that some days you stay easily in meditation and some days it’s harder. Just like you have days when your hobbies or activities just flow and turn out nice, and then you have days when it just doesn’t work. 

If you mind wanders, don’t worry; correct it back to listening again. In meditation focusing is the work you do. 

If your imagination starts to put you into a nice place, like on a Caribbean sea shore or into your dream house’s bedroom, let it do so. You can imagine yourself freely to any relaxing place. When I meditate I often end up in my imagination to the place from the ambient sounds I’m listening (in a car during a rain, in pirate captain’s cozy cabin, into a garden, into a small creek with clear water ect.) - or to some other place like into my dream house’s living room! 

If you feel like you can’t do meditation alone, search for guided meditation audios from Youtube. Sometimes it’s A LOT easier to relax and let go when you have to concentrate on listening someone’s instructions.


マ 平
イ 和

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•*•*• 5th April 2017 •*•*•

- Breathe. (Most important one!)

- Sit alone (or with someone, if isolating yourself would have a negative effect).

- Buy a cheap face mask and put it on.

- Read a book.

- Watch a movie.

- Video chat with someone.

- Call someone.

- Clear up your contacts and consider removing people you don’t need.

- Write a journal.

- Write a letter (to yourself or someone else).

- Drink some water, herbal tea, hot chocolate or juice.

- Eat a healthy snack that you like.

- Jog/swim/cycle/etc.

- Drive aimlessly (but safely).

- Write a poem/song.

- Draw.

- Listen to music.

- Be with a pet.

- Cry, then do one of the others.

- Give yourself a massage.

- Have a bath/shower.

- Volunteer with something that means a lot to you.

- Treat yourself (not impulsively, but something you want).

- Allow yourself to feel how you feel and talk to a therapist/mental health charity.

- Do your makeup/nails.

- Meditate/pray.

- Go to a park and watch the world go by, either paying attention to the details or releasing all focus (except safety).

- Watch relaxing videos on YouTube.

- Forgive yourself and others (this does not mean allowing people to mistreat you).

- Say no (sometimes it’s necessary or you’ll be worn down).

- Embrace your “flaws” and remind yourself that things we see are usually edited.

- Lightly learn some interesting trivia.

- Unplug for a little while (but be safe).

We do so much to help our friends, family and others, but often forget about ourselves. Take 10+ minutes a week to do something to make yourself feel refreshed. Things may be tough right now. They may get better or it may be something that doesn’t, but you are worthy of happiness and support. There is no shame in seeking therapy and it would benefit nearly every person on earth. Taking care of yourself is not giving up or being selfish - it’s incredibly important.

“recommended for you: relaxing animal crossing music” im not pumping loud vocaloid into my ears at 3 am to be told to relax by youtube

My girlfriend once put on relaxing sounds youtube videos while she took a nap. She let them autoplay and woke up to an asmr roleplay about being murdered



thank you so so much for being an amazing group of supportive people. 
please feel free to subscribe, leave comments and interact with me on youtube <3 i would love my channel to be a success! woo!

justbeinncute-and4  asked:

Mister I'm having a panic attack do you know of anything that can help me.. Most of the time I regress but it's so bad I can't even think about it and can't focus and I don't know what to do.. I'm scared.