Malcolm X returns home after his house is firebombed at 23-11 97th St in East Elmhurst, Queens on February 14, 1965. 

After Malcolm X left the Nation of Islam in March 1964 they made several attempts at his life. In June 1964, the Nation of Islam sued to reclaim Malcolm’s residence in Queens, New York, which they claimed to own. They said it was bought for one of their leaders and Malcolm X is no longer a leader. The suit was successful, and Malcolm was ordered to vacate. On February 14, 1965, the night before a scheduled hearing to postpone the eviction date, unidentified attackers firebombed Malcolm’s house at 2:35 A.M. while he and his family were asleep inside. Malcolm and his family survived. No one was charged with any crime.

Later, Malcolm said, “I didn’t see anyone but I sensed there was someone out there. It could have been done by any one of many. I’m not surprised that it was done. It doesn’t frighten me. It doesn’t quiet me down in any way or shut me up. I intend to point out to the people of New York who I think is behind this and what will develop from it, if something is not done about it.”

He was assassinated one week later on February 21, 1965 at the Audubon Ballroom in front of his wife and children.

Things that are better than the NHL’s decisions

* Stubbing your toe

* Burning yourself with a curling iron

* Biting into a pizza roll and burning your tongue

* Introducing yourself on the first day of school

* Not being able to breathe through your nose

* Cold French fries

* Hitting your funny bone

* Getting a papercut

* Drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth

* A mosquito bite in between your toes

* Smudging your nail polish

* Kerry Fraser as a referee

* Michel Therrien as a coach

* Faceoff penalty rule

* Stepping in water while wearing socks

#ThursdayThoughts Apart from laughing hysterically at the answer Peter provided about his “Monster Hair,” I could see a Doctor Who episode like this happening!  In fact, such imagination has already been done. There’s an 80’s film called The Peanut Butter Solution where a boy has a fright and loses his hair. He gets it back, but chaos ensues with the hair continuing to grow at an alarming rate.