storythenymph  asked:

Star Wars!

Oh gosh sorry this is so late, I forgot about it *hides*

• favorite male character: Ummm… I have lots. Luke is the ultimate fave though. (But I love Han, Poe, Kanan, Obi, and Rex too)

• favorite female character: Rey and Ahsoka!! My babies

• least favorite character: Ummm I guess Jar Jar? I don’t really dislike any characters, tbh. (Does movie!anakin count ‘cause I hated his whiny butt)

• prettiest character: Poe “Hot” Dameron, let’s be real here. (Obi-Wan in second, oc)

• funniest character: Han, totally. And Rex in Rebels

• favorite season: ummm season 2 of Rebels. Also the original trilogy movies

• favorite episode: Empire, for sure.

• favorite romantic ship: HANLEIA!!! (And Finnrey, and then Kanera)

• favorite family ship: Kanan and Ezra, Ahsoka and Anakin, Clone Wars!Obikin

• favorite friend ship: Han and Luke, Ahsoka and Rex

• worst ship: R*YLOOO *gags*

Send me a movie/tv show!