So I was listening to Flaws by Bastille on the bus home and started thinking about Adrienette cause if you listen to the lyrics you will understand. So I started thinking about how Adrien compared himself to Marinette in Le Gamer and how the lyrics relate to how Adrien might feel about always being “perfect” and not being able to be flawed and let go like how he is as Chat Noir. And Marinette is this clumsy girl that doesn’t care about being awkward and hell even embraces that aspect of herself. So starting to think of Adrien’s insecurities I came to the conclusion that that’s how he might be akumatized, maybe even Marinette too.

So what if one day Chloe just says something but pushes it beyond her usual agenda because it wouldn’t affect Marinette unless it was extreme or embarrasses Marinette by pointing out every little screw-up or clumsy thing she’s done and how she’s so imperfect and it actually gets to her. And combined with her pre-existing problems with how Ladybug is so perfect and calm and cool and nothing like herself, it becomes the breaking point. And remember that packet from TF1 that got leaked and it gave Marinette a nickname. She becomes…

Miss Catastrophe.

Or Adrien who after not being able to express himself and keeping up the charade for a long time, finally reaches a breaking point. And again, like the packet labeled him, becomes…

Mr. Perfect.

Miss Catastrophe, who points out people’s true flaws, and Mr. Perfect, who’s near impossible to beat.

A perfect match for Chat Noir, and for Ladybug.

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On the mortal free will and circles in Dresden Files

According to the canon, activating and breaking a circle is an act of free will, and that’s why this is the mortals’ ability. However, one needs to also be careful not to break the circle unintentionally with one’s clothes, a shot bullet or even a kicked pebble. This clashes somewhat with the assumption that free will is all about intentions.

So, headcanon: the full mortals use free will the same way as faerie use magic, without really thinking of it, like breathing. It’s like the mortals have their personal will fields/auras that can interfere with will-vulnerable constructs, same as wizard auras interfere with technology.

Therefore, sub-headcanon: Thomas, same as other Whites, can break a circle only when he actually intends to, which would be convenient if he used circles more. From his point of view, this has also a downside, though: he can’t claim he did it by accident. From Harry’s point of view, this is an upside. Especially when they live together.

By the way, this can explain why circles are feline-proof: as far as cats are concerned, they just couldn’t give less a damn about whether it’s broken or not. (Of course they aren’t fully mortal. Come on, they have nine lives.) Zeno’s paradox of Dresdenversum about a human trying to break a circle by throwing a cat remains unsolved, though, but if cats owning wizards generally tend to be Mister-like types, the reluctance of researchers in determining the answer on the way of experiment is understandable.

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Everyone have some Jehan headcanons because I feel like there’s been a severe lack of those on my dash lately (which is unacceptable):

  • owns about ten oversized, self-knitted ponchos
  • once beat up a guy who tried to give them shit with Joly’s umbrella
  • felt really sorry for breaking Joly’s umbrella
  • literally every Ami’s personal hair dresser
  • always carries around at least three books
  • has one of those roof gardens full of plants and flowers
  • always throws ‘garden’ parties in said roof garden in summer when it’s warm and in the middle of the night and the light of the city is shining all around
  • plays the clarinett as well as the flute but no one knew until on the release date of the new Star Wars movie they started a Cantina Band flashmob with Grantaire and Combeferre in the Musain
  • Bahorel might be the best baker of the Amis but Jehan’s definitely the best cook even though everything always looks like some kind of weird goo and no one is able to figure out what’s in there exactly but it’s incredible every time
  • loves hummus (I don’t know why, I just feel like they do)
  • knows five languages (oh wait, that’s canon)
  • thinks mustard is an acceptable colour to wear
  • can eat the spiciest food without batting an eye
  • but can’t eat anything without throwing crumbs at birds so is literally always surrounded by birds when outside

bottomsrogers asked:

Tell me about skysolo and omegaverse :<

  • Luke didn’t feel comfortable in the Falcon at first because it smell too much of Alpha. Han noticed but couldn’t do nothin right away. After landing and rebellion and so, the next time Luke entered the ship, Chewie and Han had do such wonderful work cleaning it, he felt like kissing Han and that’s how he noticed he actually feel attraction towards the alpha.
  • So of course Han is a sweet guy, an asshole, but your asshole. And he is a nice, decent alpha. He moderates his scent with supressands and tries not to impone with his voice or his actions, it makes him nervous when an omega looks at him for too long because he is a shitty sweet talker and an even worse flirt. He would be a virgin if it wasn’t for Chewie’s master skills in flirting at bars.
  • Now, Han knew he liked Luke almost since he smell him. When Obi-wan and the kid entered the bar, he smell Luke and tried to put a face to the wonderful smell until the omega himself appeared in front of him. He tried hard to look cool. It worked, that’s the worst.
  • Their first kiss was too slow, too loud and too short. They looked at the other for an entire minute before laughing and trying again, the second time was better and Luke loves the way his nose fills with Han’s scent and the way his fingers and hands feels so warm under his skin, and how Han would take him by the face and caress his cheeks. It’s really sweet.
  • But the sex is right and good, Han is good at it. I mean, Like doesn’t have much to compare too but yes, Han is a natural when it comes to that. Also, he is in well control of his instincts so that gives them time and commodity to ply with it. Luke is loud and he blushes too damn much, he is adorable and so, but can dirty talk like the devil, it turns Han on to no end. While Han tries to be gentle and sweet, sometimes Luke just wants it and well, Solo is good at give it.
  • Now, heats and rut. They are in war when they met, so suppressants are they every day. It actually is a bothering for Luke because he didn’t use suppressants that much back in Tatooine were almost everyone is a beta. There aren’t much alphas in Tatooine unless they are slaves owners or pilots for the raises. His uncles were betas and he was a rare thing, to be honest (and another excuse for uncle Larss to keep an eye on him). He did not worried about it much because the farm was far from the town and when his heath hit, he had other ways to deal with it (that conversation ended with a hard on for Han) and his aunt Beru always make him tea and confort food for those days.
  • Anyway, Luke is good taking care of himself and he is fast learner. Once they are in synchro, heaths and ruts are a lot of fun. Chewie has to leave the place, he usually goes with Leia and they shit talk about her brother and friend.
  • Their bond Mark is on Luke’s neck, right side. His longish hair hides it, so everytime Han wants to run his fingers through it, he just have to pass his arms on Luke’s shoulders and he can reach it. Luke always gets goonspoons from it. He also likes it when Han kisses and/or licks it, it feels amazing.
  • … Wait, does this makes Han father of Ben with Leia and Rey with Luke? Whaaaaat. Ignore me, lol.
headcanon time!

i’m going to talk a bit about my designs for the valar and maiar - particularly their “face paint”, which is not in fact actually face paint! i’m going to put the rest of this ramble under the cut, feel free to read it if you’re interested (but feel free to ignore if headcanon / theory rambles aren’t your thing :D)

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Caryl headcanon...

Much like “the hug,” I am expecting this next Caryl reunion in 6B to be sweet, subtle, and perhaps without words at all.  

A relieved sigh, a smirk or smile at seeing one another.  Noticing a bandage on her head, he reaches out and touches it gently, frowning.  She reaches out and touches his shoulder, where his crossbow strap should be.  His face falls, and he shakes his head.  

She sees the blood on his face, tapping her fingers underneath his chin, she turns his face for a better look.  “Come on, Pookie,” she says, taking his hand.  “Let’s go get you cleaned up.”

(gif belongs to justamemorytoletgo-of, stupid Tumblr wouldn’t let me insert it with it’s gif selector thingy, original is HERE.)

ptvkenzie asked:

Hi, I was wondering if maybe you had any neat Les Mis things that you think about when you're sad to help cheer you up? If not it's totally okay though, I also understand if you're busy, I've just had a really tough day and I could use something happy right now

Hi, I’m sorry that you had a tough day. I hope it gets better. When I’m feeling down and use Les Mis to cheer myself up, I will often try to think of headcanons and things that make me happy. 

  • Something that made me happy today was thinking about Les Amis DisneyBounding when going to Disneyland and the reactions of all of them to that (Courfeyrac organizes it. Jehan, Grantaire, Bossuet, and Bahorel are all for this. Enjolras, Combeferre, Joly, and Feuilly are against it.)
  • They have a massive ruthless take-no-prisoners snowball fight every winter. They organize into two teams, build barricades (obvi.), and play until last man standing. The snowball fight where Enjolras finally wins ends with him taking off his red coat and waving it like a flag at the top of the barricade in victory.
  • Enjolras hates scary movies, so of course Grantaire selects one to watch when it’s his turn to pick for movie night. He absolutely did not pick that film and then sit next to him so that by the end of the film Enjolras is sitting in his lap with his face buried in his neck. Nope, he ABSOLUTELY did not do it for that reason.
  • Grantaire loves bubble baths and he always creates a beard out of the bubbles.
  • When Enjolras spills coffee allover his trousers one day he has to borrow Jehan’s yoga pants to wear during a meeting and now Grantaire may never recover.

I hope this helped a little and I’m always here for cheering up if you need it.

After some research I have decided that Adrien/Chat Noir is a Gryffindor and Marinette/Ladybug is a Slytherin

Traits for Gryffindor include:

-boldness and courage; Chat Noir is extremely bold (especially when flirting) and has shown courage many times while fighting

-daring and nerve: When it comes to fighting, Chat Noir is impulsive to a fault.  If he wasn’t daring and didn’t posses an insane amount of nerve, i don’t think he would be as impulsive as he is (also you have to have a lot of nerve to be willing to STRAIGHT UP tell a girl that you love her)

- chivalry and good-heartedness; ok i will fight you if you don’t think that Adrien is gentleman and when he flirts with Ladybug he is extremely kind and never crosses any boundaries that he shouldn’t cross and this cinnamonroll has such a pure heart, yeah he’s sin but he has a pure heart  

loyalty; Chat Noir is willing TO DIE for his partner.  If that’s not loyalty then I don’t know what is

Traits for Slytherin include (I know this can be seen as a negative/bad house but hear me out):

-cunning;  Ladybug uses a lot of wit when it comes to her Lucky Charm and she can be extremely cunning (like when she used fake earrings to trick the Pharaoh )  cunning also means crafty and calculating and she gets very crafty when she has to come up with unconventional ways to use her lucky charm

-ambition and determination; when Marinette wants something she will do what it takes to get it.  In Le Gamer, for example, she wanted to win the tournament to be with Adrien and she won or when she wanted to win the fashion contest, she spent time and hardwork to make a bowler hat that would win.  Also when fighting, she is determined to win and she does not give up until she has purified the akuma

-resourcefulness and intellect; refer back to cunning, like I said before, she is extremely smart and resourceful when it comes to using her lucky charm

Welp anways, those are just my thought on the two.  Let me know what houses you think they belong in!

Traits for Gryffindor and Slytherin can be found here. the link for the slytherin traits isn’t working and just keeps rerouting to gryffindor sorry

queerafkylo asked:

Also, let's talk about the SpaceBuzzFeed you mentioned. What articles we may found there?

This is our theme today. 

Okay, so BuzzFeed is obviously an important thing that exist in our time and of course it has to exist in some way in a galaxy far, far away, don’t you think? Now, I mentioned before that Ben/Kylo is fan of articles like

  • Top10 Padmé Amidala speeches that changed lifes.
  • The 5 times Leia Organa’s hair game was too strong.

He says he doesn’t care or even like the articles as they are but he uses it to get to the original sources for some stuff like the recordings of Padmé’s speeches and holos of her at public events and so in the articles about fashion and hair and so on, it has nothing to do with the fact that he can feel his grandmother high5 him every time he gets in the Padmé Fashion game. This was before he went to darkside of course. But since he still has his old blog, he keeps reblogging this kind of stuff and do metas because no one knows who he is anyway.

Another really useful things in SpaceBuzzFeed, like:

  • Test to know what kind of ship you could be.
  • Places to visit in Coruscant.
  • 15 holos that prove Poe Dameron in the hottest rebel ever.
  • Top5 type of troopers.
  • The 10 best Republic Academies to enter.
  • Top10 best Empire Academies to enter.
  • What battle against the Empire are you?
  • The forgotten heroes of the Rebellion.

And Phasma’d favorite articles she always sent to Ren to have a laugh:

  • Get to meet the rebel baby of Han and Leia Organa-Solo! Cute! [+Holos]
  • Five holos of Leia Organa and baby Ben in the senate that will melt your heart.
  • Top 10 moments that prove Ben Solo is our next fashion icon, thanks to mama Leia.
  • Ben Solo and his Wookie nanny, a real love story.
  • Are you Leia Organa level of mother or you need some parental guidance?
  • The new Jedi Academy and the perks of being part Skywalker (aka GOOD LUCK IN THE ACADEMY, PRINCE SOLO!!!!)

Dude imagine if Leia and her family got the treatment of the royal families here on Earth, oh god.

  • Top 10 possible good couples in the future for little prince Organa-Solo.
  • Would you be a good wife/husband for Luke Skywalker? 
  • 5 times Han Solo and Chewbacca shows us that friendship doesn’t know barriers.
  • This week on the Organa Royal family and Keeping up with the Skywalkers!
  • Naboo will have the visit of the Oraganas and Skywalkers!

I’m going to end up writing all these articles, man.


(Please try to understand my English)
Yang and Blake are babysitting Weiss’s and Ruby’s children, Yang tells how she got her robot arm. Blake interrupts Yang and tells the kids that she carried Yang’s unconscious body after being stabbed by her ex-boyfriend. When kids hear this, they ask to be carried by Blake because she was so strong. While Blake having fun with the kids, Yang gets jealous. Blake sees Yang pouting, and Blake walks over and kisses Yang on the forehead.