faves page 2🌻

There were so many beautiful and awesome blogs who entered my updated/second faves page so it was really hard for me to choose,pls don’t be sad if you’re not on my faves page yet.I will make another soon💛The ones listed with the bulky writing are my forever faves!

A- arthsykid artbuug artsypuppy

B- beegogh bhumblebre

C- cloudmango cloudiegogh cometpal claudemonetgrl cometbud cloudybub

D- dozyrose

E- eggstheticc empatizing 

F- fizzhles floraebud  fruitsykid flowurine

G- goghsgarden ge-zeichnet 

K- kelpykid 

L- lemonhade leaficle

M- moonchjld m0netkid

O- ohmyholycactus olivegardenofficial

P- plantbear p-alo

S- sparkly-bee st0tic

I know I said I will only choose 5 forever faves but I couldn’t let the others not be my 4ever faves,somehow all of the chosen blogs are my 4ever faves!!