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In 1966, Andy Dufresne escaped from Shawshank prison. All they found of him was a muddy set of prison clothes, a bar of soap, and an old rock hammer, damn near worn down to the nub. I remember thinking it would take a man six hundred years to tunnel through the wall with it. Old Andy did it in less than twenty.

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You really wanna know how to get to hamunaptra?……….Then get me the HELL outta here!!!

Sooooooo, I’m gonna just leave this here…..has this even been done yet???? I mean Evies a librarian for goodness sake… it’s darn near gajevy fodder! No? Ok, well anyway, I’m sold.
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Choice - Part 2.

Choice Part 1 - x


1- Choice part 2 pleeeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee I need it!!! It’s so good!

2-Can u do a part 2 of choice??please please please

3-Oh my gosh I NEED part 2 of Choice. It’s sooooooo good!!

4-I can’t wait for the other part of choices, it was so good I can’t wait like I read it over and over again it was that good. I love your writing it’s so emotion and it makes me laugh then cry then laugh some more, keep up your amazingly good work. I can’t wait for more from you. X😘x

5-Can u do a part 2 to choice please??6-When are you gonna do part 2 for Choice? I need it right now!

A/N- Jesus Christ you guys are way too sweet x This is the second part and I hope you like it x

Summary: Dean gets given a choice to pick between you, his motherly figure or Mary his actual mother.

Word Count: 2034

Speechless. A single word that explained how Dean felt, absolutely speechless. After what felt like eternity he was finally in her presence.

The woman who kissed his nightmares away but turned into his worst nightmare was right in front of him. He stared at his mother’s youthful face, drinking in every single detail. Her crows feet wrinkles he’d ultimately possessed, her golden brown hair that fell beneath her shoulders and her crystal blue eyes which shimmered under the glowing sun. 

She was still beautiful.

“Time to get up sleepy head” Dean sat upright on his bed feeling the sheets fall from his covered chest. He sat there, completely still with his jaw tensed and throat tight. He didn’t know how to react, his entire body felt numb.

He didn’t know whether he should jump into her arms or burst into tears due to the overwhelming feeling of happiness, so he simply stared. She noticed his still behaviour and being the caring mother she was, she rushed over to him.

“Dean? Honey, you alright?” She slightly drew the covers back and sat beside him on the mattress and she raised her soft thin arms. He concentrated on every movement she made, every breath she took, hoping this wasn’t just a dream. Her hands met his cheek and the single touch caused him to break. His eyes which were set on her hand snapped to her eyes and his brows furrowed.

“Mom?” He asked, still not believing his mother who he watched died, was sitting beside him. Her face drew a confused expression as she nodded not knowing what he was asking. 

Dean let out a shaky breath and a smile formed on his pink lips. He threw the covers back and pulled her into a bone crushing hug. She let out a surprise gush of air as his arms tightened around her, one under her arms and the other around her shoulders. 

Dean dropped his head into the crook of her neck, he inhaled a heartwarming scent of apples and vanilla. She chuckled and pulled back, kissing his forehead.

“You sure you’re okay sweetie?” She asked as they pulled back. He gazed into her eyes with nothing but love. He nodded and she smiled, gently patting his cheek.

“Alright then get up, i’ll go wake up Sammy” She was about to get up until she heard footsteps making their way through the house.

“DEAN? DEAN? DEAN! I CAN’T FIND” As Sam was about to scream your name he walked into Dean’s room feeling his heart freeze. Even though Mary loved both of them equally, Dean couldn’t help but feel more attached to her than Sam. 

Dean still remembers her kisses at night, he still remembers her asking him to pass the butter when they made pies, he still remembers the look on her face as she was glued to the ceiling. He watched her live and die, thankfully his baby brother didn’t have to. Dean’s thoughts were cut off as he heard his brother’s soft voice.

“Mom?” He whispered and being the loving mother she is she began to worry for her little giant. She got up and walked over to his frozen body.

“What’s up with you boys today? You’re acting like you’ve seen a ghost” Sam couldn’t help but chuckle at her as he thought she could be right. She sighed and ran her hand through his long thick hair. Sam shut his eyes at her comforting touch, he couldn’t help his throat tighten since this is the first ever loving encounter they’ve had. He leaned into her hands and she smiled.

“Alright you boys get ready, I made breakfast” Sam nodded against her palm and much to his dismay, she pulled away. Dean stayed frozen on the bed as she walked out the door leaving two emotional brothers behind. Sam made contact with Dean’s eyes and they both couldn’t help but smile like goofballs at each other.

“T-that’s. Dean… that’s our Mom.” Dean nodded as he got out of bed not breaking eye contact with his baby brother.

“That’s actually mom” Sam said not believing anything, he felt the corner of his eyes prick, knowing a few tears will slip. Dean kept nodding as he walked further towards an overwhelmed Sam.

“Dean… we have Mom back” That broke something in Dean as he embraced Sam, feeling as if he was holding him together. Sam hugged him with equal force as he chuckled in relief with a few tears slipping. Dean joined his joyous laughter and patted his back, feeling over the moon. They pulled away and Sam used both his hands to wipe his face while Dean used the back of his right hand. It was quiet and the boys could hear her angelic soft but loud humming echoing throughout the house.

“She’s beautiful” Sam commented and Dean still speechless just smiled at the empty doorway.

“How is this possible though Dean? Where’s Y/N?” Dean’s smile dropped as he realised Sam had no idea about the deal.

“I’ll tell you after breakfast alright? I don’t know where Y/N is though” Dean frowned at his stupidity, he totally forgot to ask where you would be. Sam looked at his brother suspiciously but nodded regardless.

“Boys get your butts out here already” Dean chuckled at her authoritative voice and he walked towards the kitchen.

“Apple pie life, Sammy. The apple pie life” Sam still confused he raised an eyebrow. He felt uncomfortable knowing Dean knew what was happening but he didn’t. Though he trusted his elder brother, like he always did. The boys entered the kitchen and they saw Mary placing three plates on the dining table with a stack of bacon and eggs in the middle.

“bacon? I thought it was oatmeal today?” Sam asked with a curious tone as he sat down next to a clearly hungry Dean.

“We had oatmeal yesterday sweetie, c’mon eat up” Sam shook his head clear mixing up you with his mom. How could anyone blame him, really? You were his only mother figure, ever. He only knew Mary from what he’s heard by his father and brother. Other than that you filled the missing gaps.

Dean filled his plate up with a heap full of bacon, four eggs and three pieces of toast, he grinned like a child on Christmas. Sam didn’t know how Dean could remain so calm, for godsakes their mother who has been dead for 27 years is sitting right in front of them. Mary watched Dean scoff down breakfast like water and she giggled.

“Dean take it easy hun. So Sam, is Jess alright with John? I mean you were gone all night, even though you live down the road was she okay?” Sam choked on his coffee as he raised his eyes to meet his mother’s concerned ones.

“J-jess? John?” She nodded confused as she reached over to gently rub his back. It may have seemed like a miniscule gesture but to Sam it was the world.

“Yes… Jess your wife and your 5 year old son, John?” Dean’s eyes widened as he completely forgot about Zacks deal. Everything was normal now, apple pie life, no more hunting.

“Jess?” He breathed out once again and glanced at Dean with hope glistening in his eyes. He shook his head and ran to the room he was in. Mary creased her brows together at his odd behaviour but shrugged it off. She focused her attention to Dean who was intensly staring at the butter, wondering what else could have changed.

“Oh I almost forgot, Carmen called in the morning. She said she couldn’t reach you so she guessed you stayed over. She wanted to let you know she had the early shift so she won’t be home till 8” Dean drank his coffee, washing down the amazingly cooked breakfast.

“Carmen?” It took Dean a second until he realised this was exactly like the djinn dream except  better. “ Right Carmen!” A smile grew on his lips as he remembered how perfect she was for him. He couldn’t help but cringe knowing the feelings were fake but right now he honestly couldn’t complain. The one woman he’s been chasing after was sitting right in front of him and life felt… perfect.

“What is up with you boys today?” Mary said to herself. Sam walked in, holding his jacket with an excited look on his face.

“I just got off the phone with Jess. With Jess, Dean! I have a son, you’re an uncle” Sam exclaimed whilst he chuckled and Dean pulled him into a bro hug.

“I’m happy for you Sammy” They pulled away and Sam shoved his phone in his pocket.

“Right well I’m meeting her at some cafe where I have no idea where it is but I have to go.” He twirled keys around his hand, he found them on the bedside table along with his phone.

“Go man, and bring back my nephew. I wanna meet this kid” Sam smiled as he slipped on his jacket.

“Are you both on drugs?” Mary asked plainly as she watched the scene in front of her unfold. Sam simply grinned and walked around the table to kiss her on the cheek.

“Even better, love you mom. Bye” As Dean passed Sam he stopped for a second before saying, “That will never get old” He rushed out the door but still heard Mary reply.

“Love you too bug, bring Jess and John over for dinner” He agreed and shut the door behind him. Dean sat back on the table and piled some more bacon on his plate.

“So do you have any plans for the day, hun?” Mary asked as she sipped on her coffee. He nodded and spoke truthfully.

“I do, I wanna spend the entire day with you” A soft aw left her lips and she smiled.

“Alright then, I was going to spend the day just watching the idiot box right there” Dean nodded enthusiastically, he would be happy even if she was going to spend the day doing chores. Dean picked up his plate, Sam and his mothers which caused her to raise a perfectly sculpted brow. He shrugged and walked to the kitchen causing Mary to chuckle. She follows after him bringing in an empty plate of bacon and eggs.

Much to her surprise he loaded the dishwasher while they made small talk. Dean kept asking random questions like “what did they do for his 21st birthday” or “where did Sam graduate” as Mary stared at him like a goof she still replied enthusiastically.

After they finished they made their way into the living room and they settled on the couch. Mary sat on the far right and Dean laid down with his head on her lap. Her left hand reached for the remote and her right hand played with his hair.

“Mom?” Dean asked as he looked up at her, even though he was 31 he had missed 27 years of love and comfort. She hummed as a reply while she flipped through the channels and her eyes stayed glued to the screen.

“Do you know a lady name, Y/N?” her hand froze on his head and her eyes snapped to his. Dean watched the sdness etch on her face as she shook her head. She gently picked Dean’s head up and got up from her seat.

“Uh I’m going to take a nap sweetie. Go home, Dean” Her voice shaky and her eyes welled with tears. Dean panicked as he wracked his brain for an answer.

“Mom, what’s wrong? you know her?” Dean furrowed his brows as Mary winced at the mention of your name. She shook her head and Dean saw a tear fall.

“Please baby, just…. I need to-” She inhaled a large amount of air and Dean didn’t realise he was already on his two feet.

“I’ll call you later hun, I love you” She wiped her eyes and walked out the living room, heading towards her own bedroom. Dean stood there confused, why was mentioning your name so uncomfortable? Dean sighed and gathered his things. He pulled out his keys and walked to the impala. He needed answers and he needed them now.

Sooooooo a month full of moving and two trips out of town has me sitting a little on the thick side (for me). 🙈 Lol. The traveling and being a little loose with my eating and nutrition has been fun, but for real…. back to reality this morning 😈💪🏼 I hit fasted cardio and legs at 7am and I’m back to my normal eating routine today as well 😃🙏🏼 Not gonna lie, this bigger booty isn’t bad 😉 I miss my leaner self tho 🙆🏻 Its all about what feels good to YOU for YOUR body. Not about what stereotypes we (or others) think we belong in. People make comments all the time about me being “too skinny” or “chubby”. 🙅🏻 Eff that. I can’t even hear that noise. It’s about being good with you. Just #loveyourbody 😘

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my boy Valentin got the best gene ever

and he’s also RTB

I’m gonna be breeding these two in a light nest! this is an interest check to see if i should boon the nest or not… let me know if you’re interested in one of these good lil kids!


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Infinite’s “Can You Smile”
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