BTS Reaction to GF’s Obsession with Other KPOP Artists

Request: I’m currently jamming out to Monster by EXO so I was wondering if you could do BTS getting jealous to you listening to another K-pop band and you won’t stop talking about it. 😂

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Seokjin: You wouldn’t stop talking about Dean after Jin showed you ‘Bonnie & Clyde,’ and now he regretted it. “He’s so beautiful and damn, that voice though!” You yelled, your cheeks flushing whenever you would watch his videos on Youtube. “It’s the best-”

Jin immediately threw his arm around your neck, jealousy seeping into him and he began to tickle you. “Promise you’ll stop speaking about him!”

“Hahaha, I-I promise!”

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Yoongi: For about a week you had Jay Park’s, ‘You know’ on repeat. Yoongi’s eyebrow twitched whenever you said Jay was beautiful, and when you said “Okasian’s rap completes this song, ugh that beat is amazing too, I’d do anything to be with them,” for the thousandth time, Yoongi put his foot down and snatched your phone out of jealousy; pausing the song.

“Could you stop?” He snapped and you frowned. He meant he wanted you to stop talking about them like they were sex gods, but you thought he was saying the music was trash.

You snatched your phone from his hands and growled. “This is art.”

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Hoseok: He knew you were low-key in love with Got7 when he saw the way you would blush whenever you watched 'Just Right’ on Youtube. He believed it was just a phase, but oh boy was he wrong. After a couple months passed and he thought you were finally over them, the song came on the radio. The moment you began to scream and fangirl, singing along and doing dance moves; he was becoming jealous. Hoseok had enough once you screamed, “JACKSON OPPA!!” He shut off the radio and you immediately gave him a look as if he tried to kill you.

"Are you done?”

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Namjoon: Namjoon knew you were obsessed with EXO and he was fine with that. He was even there for you when EXO-12 became just EXO, and you were devastated because it didn’t feel complete. You were sad about it for a long time and watched Wolf on repeat, and Namjoon told you to get over them, that “They just make music, and you get annoying about them.” You never made a peep about them ever since.

Once he saw how your background was of EXO-12, and found you secretly on your phone scrolling away with a grin on your face, he asked, “Whatcha doing?”

You laughed while putting your phone in your pocket, “Not reading fanfiction, that’s for sure.”

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Jimin: Jimin was jealous, that’s for sure. The way you talked about CBX and how hot they were, he was boiling in anger but he couldn’t do anything about it, because he knew you were only obsessed with the song and how they looked so good in that video, 'Hey Mama,’ specifically. Whenever the song came on while you two were alone, you both would start dancing to it and he couldn’t deny the fact that it was so good, too good. He would sing it with you, although you would overreact to Chen’s parts. You scared Jimin at times and he would mutter a “Calm down,” but as long is it made you happy, he was happy.

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Taehyung: Taehyung wouldn’t care if you were obsessed with a group, especially Shinee. You loved Shinee and he did too. Whenever a song would come on from them when you were in public, the both of you would tap your fingers or nod your head to the beat—humming from time to time; but when View came on by them in the mall, the both of you would go nuts. You would immediately take out your phone, press record and start dancing with Taehyung while others around you would just stare at the both of you acting crazy and cute. Goals.

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Jungkook: “We’re gonna fly~!” You would sing in public. Jungkook was jealous that you even brought the song up, and he refused to give you your ice cream cone.

“If my wings could fly.” He corrected, holding your cone high up so you couldn’t reach unless you sang the BTS song instead.

“Babe, it’s from Got7.” You tried jumping for it and he began to tippytoe. “Stop being an ass-”

“Wings are made to fly~!” He would sing, frowning and trying to make you sing along.

“We’re gonna fly~!” You glared at the boy, but smiled anyways.

You both tried not to kill each other in public.

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BTS Reactions

He watched her from across the room. He watched her talk to her friends, sip water, laugh at jokes. He remembered when he was the reason for her smile, the type of smile that stopped a person dead in their tracks because it was just so damn beautiful. She was so damn beautiful. He remembered the feeling of that smile against his lips. He remembered going to parties like these and having her on his arm. From time to time she’d snuggle in deeper into his side and his grip would tighten around her waist. She’d look up at him and smile, he’d smile back down at her, as if time froze and it was just them in the room. But now. Now things are different. He watched her from across the room and watched her bite her lips while she was in the process of thinking. Watched her lick her lips after every bite of food. He could practically feel the heat radiating off of them. His body was on fire at just the thought of it. His body was on fire and his chest ready to explode because he wanted to know what she was talking about. He wanted to be the reason she was laughing. He wanted so badly to run up to her, grab her face, and pull her into the most depth-defying kiss ever. And he was this close to doing just that until he saw him. He saw him sit next to her and plant a deep kiss on her perfect lips. That’s when he went cold. His chest stopped exploding. His body went numb. The room was spinning. Everything was spinning spinning spinning and all he could see in his head, on loop, was another man kiss the woman that was supposed to be his forever.
—  the one that got away.

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Can you give your top 5 of lesbian OTP on TVshow ?

Hey sorry for the late answer ♥

I made a post a month ago here with my OTP’s (the gay ones :P Yeah I have non gay OTP’s :P)

I’m afraid I’ll only chose between my first ships (I grew with them) because I have so many.

Now if I had to choose 5 … Does it have to be in order ? :P

1) Xena and Gabrielle

Because yeah they’re soulmates. This is a journey showing their love I just love them so much and they are my first OTP.

Didn’t they get married ? Oops nope but it might as well be their wedding ^^

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Let’s end this by this beautiful dork gif

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2) Shoot

Let’s admit they have a beautiful story … A story of pain but damn I just love them so much. I first loved Shaw so much but when she was gone I learned to love Root. Now I’m really in love with both of them.

Amy Acker is the best bye !!!

3) Rizzles

The gayest non gay show on television … (The level of eyesex is really touching stars)

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Also I really loved the ending even if the latest seasons we lost their characters because let’s admit I didn’t like Jane at the end. What happened to our gayzzoli endings ? Probably gone with Jane … Also what the hell about turning her in Angie ? Anyway Maura is my fave she is perfect bye ♥

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4) Sanvers

Yay you know why :P I always loved Alex I always told myself she could date anyone I would support her and ship her with anyone (except Maxwell Lord) and thank god it was Maggie ! I can’t believe I told myself damn finally a straight character I’m addicted to ! Well … I did ship her with Astra but we know how this turned out :P

Anyway yep Sanvers all the way

5) Ok I probably should go with Swan Queen but I can’t because I really really love them but I can’t stand the show anymore … They changed Emma so much I only watched for Regina and now I will wait the end of the season to watch the entire season bc I can’t …

So I choose Doccubus ! Happy ending, awesome characters. Love them.

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And Lauren is my fave ♥ I do love geeks that’s why I love Maura too.

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Let’s end this by

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6) Why can’t I add something ? :P I’m sure gonna do it ! Brittana ! Ok I don’t know if I love them more than doccubus maybe more and happy ending too !

And they got married !

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Just I love them soooo much

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Santana is my fave ! (Ok I really like Rachel too but Santanaaaaa + Snixxxxx ♥)

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Byeeee everyone !

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EDIT : Oh gosh I forgot Clexa ! How could I forget them ? They’re in the top top … I’m ashamed of myself ! Lexa is the best ! Maybe I was in so much pain I just didn’t want to think about them …


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4- o'solo

4. In The Moment Kiss - Maybe it’s in the middle of an argument or you just looked to damn beautiful not to kiss, but their lips were hot against yours and it felt too good to stop. 

“Hey Kell do you want an omelette?“ 

Kelley scrunches her nose. "We always have eggs for breakfast,” she complains. “I bought waffle mix the other day.”

“Ok,” Hope allows.

“Besides, we have whipped cream.” Kelley brandishes the can proudly and smirks suggestively at Hope.

Kelley’s stupid smirk has always been Hope’s kryptonite. Even back when everything was confusing and they were professional players, spending their nights sneaking into each other’s hotel rooms.

In a matter of seconds Hope reaches her and she shoves Kelley against the closed door. The younger girl gasps in surprise and Hope smirks cockily before she takes her face with both hands and kisses her. It’s not pretty, it’s not soft, it’s messy and hard but still perfect. Kelley kisses back quickly and her eagerness makes Hope moan. Kelley swallows the noise and it’s unfair how sexy that gesture is, how little Kelley has to do to make Hope lose her mind but she’s pulling her closer and their bodies fit together just perfect, so how can she complain? 

In the meantime she presses her leg between Kelley’s, wanting to make her lose control. Eventually they have to separate and Kelley playfully tugs Hope’s lower lip.

“I take it you do want whipped cream?” Kelley’s voice breaks the moment. 

“Why do you have to be such a pain in the ass?” Hope teases good-naturedly. 

“I have to keep you on your toes Solo. I’m just trying to keep the passion alive.”

Hope scoffs. “I’ll show you passion.” Before Kelley can step back she hoists her over her shoulder and starts walking to their bedroom.


"What?”  Hope groans. Kell might be small but she’s starting to get heavy.

“Grab the whipped cream.”

Hope walks back and turns them around to allow Kelley to grab the whipped cream.

Kelley pats Hope’s ass. “Ok, go.”

It’s not the most comfortable position but it does give Kelley the opportunity to appreciate how fantastic Hope’s ass looks even upside down. She smiles to herself; passion is one thing they are never going to have to worry about.

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Me? Well, I hope you didn’t get this wrong, but thank you so much! You’re so sweet! I love you too!! <3

God damn it this is so touching I'm crying so much

This is the reason why Victor (and I) feel like it is a marriage proposal:

Yuuri: (To Victor) Please be my coach until I retire! (Subs)
Yuuri: Intai made, boku no koto, onegaishimasu!

Do you know what he uses in here
He uses boku no koto
Not boku no coach (looks weird but you get what I mean)
Boku no koto: It’s like please be mine

So it feels more like Yuuri’s saying: Until I retire, please be mine!


Victor kisses his hand like a response towards his proposal.

Victor: (so gentle and lovingly) I wish you’d never retire.

Victor: (Yes, I’ll be yours forever)


EDIT: A little error up there. When Yuuri says “boku no koto” onegaishimasu, it’s like saying he’s entrusting himself to Victor’s care (which makes more sense now that I think about it, because I realized boku no koto is like about me. Credits to @miyukieijun for pointing this out!)