“The Demon Who Successfully Stole a Fresh Baby But Doesn’t Know How to Cook it And Refuses To Call His Dad and Ask For Help”

Grgrznyk the Demon was finally going to shove it in his dad’s stupid face.

His dad always teased him, taunted him, telling him that he wasn’t Demon enough to kidnap a baby from a crying mother’s desperate clutches— and even if he DID somehow luck into a living baby, he wouldn’t know the first thing to do with it.  Young Demons of today are SOFT!

Well, dammit, Grgrznyk was gonna show his dad what’s what… now, he might not have ripped the baby from a mother’s loving embrace because it seemed overly harsh (opting instead to delicately snag it from its crib), but he got the baby all the same so what does it matter?  Now he just needs to cook it, and… uh…

Crap.  Grgrznyk realizes he has no idea how to cook the baby.  DAMMIT.

And there’s NO WAY he’s gonna call his dad and ask for help… he’d never hear the end of it! 

Maybe he’s supposed to boil it?  It seems like it might work, but he also remembers the baby he ate as a kid having a crispy skin… it wouldn’t be crispy if he boiled it…or… maybe it would?  Does he take the pajamas off?  You’re not supposed to eat that, right?  Or…?  And what about the diaper?

It is kinda weird to have to kill and cook it yourself… seems so simple when he’s eating a juicy slice of baby meat off his dinner plate.  What the heck is he supposed to do first?!

Nothing frustrates Grgrznyk more than proving his dad right, and he’ll be damned if he’s gonna let that happen.

But… this baby sure is pretty cute when it’s alive, though… sitting there giggling all precious like…


Originally Posted 12/5/2011


You couldn’t sleep. It’s weird, after a long day you’d normally collapse into bed, exhausted by the day’s events. Instead, you lay there in your pajamas wide awake. You urged yourself to drift off, but sleep doesn’t come. The time comes when you have nothing else to do but wait.


You picked up your phone, hoping that he’d still be awake.
The familiar buzz tone sounded off rhythmically. A click.
“Hullo…,” A groggy voice echoed through your iPhone.
“Luke, I can’t sleep.”
You heard a rustle, and a few footsteps.
“I’ll be right there, babe. Give me 5 minutes,”
You hung up and collapsed back onto your bed.
Soon enough, 5 minutes passed and you heard your door open, as your boyfriend, Luke trudged into your bedroom. He dropped his coat to the floor, and took off his scuffed flip flops. He climbed into your bed, an kissed you lightly on the forehead.
“Hey there, beautiful, you okay?” his deep, sleepy, raspy voice whispered into your ear as you pulled him close to you. He snuggled into you, letting you place your head onto his chest, his heartbeat lulling you to sleep.
His strong arms wrapped around you, keeping you warm. You could hear him breathing in and out. And you knew that moment, as you were finally drifting off, that you were the person that loved him most in the world.

A/N: Well shit. I wrote this one during the summer, my first 5SOS One Shot :) Lmk if you want more! Please request any time. My next pref is coming out soon, I just thought I should share this with you ;) xxx, gabi