“Under My Thumb” by Rolling Stones

Aftermath (1966)

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n: nocturnal - disclosure ft the weeknd
a: about a girl - nirvana
t: temporary view - SBTRKT ft sampha
u: up all night - drake
r: realiti - grimes
a: aint no time - future
l: library pictures - arctic monkeys
l: lithium - nirvana
y: you da one - rihanna
a: angels - asap rocky
s: somebody else - the 1975
t: tonight - frank ocean
r: real - frank ocean
o: off to the races - lana del rey
l: love is a laserquest - arctic monkeys
o: oldie - odd future
g: get myself into it - the rapture
y: you know you’re right - nirvana

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The totally 80s weekend stations and oldies stations remind me of my childhood and being in the car and hearing my parents listening. It's like American comfort

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Ahhhhhh! You reblogged a song by Mika?! (Blue Eyes) This makes me way too happy! I'm totally Obsessed with him so seeing that such a wonderful person as you appreciates his music is the best thing ever! I love you even more than I did before! <3

mIKA iS A N OLDIE, HUH!!!! or, not an oldie, but i think i found out about mika back on newgrounds???? in a naruto flash edit??????? in like 2007???????? i def think my first song was lolipop, and i got mildly obsessed with grace kelly??? i remember showing him to my friend in high school (so, like, 2011?) and us being like… so… he kinda looks like freddie mercury, doesn’t he. and then the various hours of conspircacy articles about him being related to freddie, and then having the entirety of the boy who knew too much on my ipod nano and being hyper aware of everything he did, and YEAH

mika is an old favorite!!!! :D i don’t keep up with him much, but if you’re into that slightly odder take on music, i’d suggest amanda palmer??? she’s been my favorite artist since 2008 and genuinely one of the most influential people in regard to Me Being ME, and i have to shove her down everyone’s throat. it’s who i am. listen 2 amanda palmer… ok..