Seattle Pride was amazing this year! I carried the flag in the parade again and actually ran into quite a few followers who recognized me since I wore my jacket (y'all made me feel like a celebrity!)

I’m so happy to live in this city. Even during the darkest times we never stop expressing ourselves through art, marching and protesting, or building community. Happy pride, Seattle 🌈


Last minute frantic cosplay prep. 

Both the arm and the bracer aren’t quite done. I have to revisit the closing method–velcro is so not working. I think I’m gonna have to get some grommets and lace through em even if it spoils the effect slightly. Worth it.

And just cause I know someone’s gonna bring it up, I know Merle’s wood arm is on the right but I just wanna make things easier for myself and have the hand with slightly more mobility on my right side.

//i’ve been waiting for the sun to rise where you are//

-bisexual slytherin artist aesthetic
((requested by @jacky-sama ))