Four Stranger Things kiddos!! This time they are signed.

A friend pointed out to me that I had ought to use a watermark if I am going to sell art, and she is 100% correct, so I will!

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Hi! I would like to know the reaction of chocobro, when they find out, that their fem!s/o teacher at school. Please!

Oh, absolutely! As someone who works in education, this is definitely gonna hit close to home~ So, here goes!

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Noctis takes the new information in stride, as he does with most things, but he’s always available to lend an ear if you need to vent about something, like one of the databases going a little screwy when grades are about to close or a student giving you some lip. He definitely respects your position and all the effort you put into your work, especially as someone who graduated at the top of his class; he knows what dedication looks like, and he knows what all the effort to be the best at what you do feels like. Expect Noctis to offer on more than one occasion to stay up late with you while you grade papers or tests. He’ll leave all the correcting to you, because he knows that no one can do your job better than you, but he’ll sit close by, tapping away at King’s Knight and stealing glances at you. And don’t be surprised if he drapes a blanket over your lap or, more often than not, fall asleep against you while you work.

Prompto instantly wants to know the ins and outs of what you do. Do you work with high schoolers or elementary kids? What subject do you teach, or do you tackle all of them? Is the teacher’s lounge as swanky as kids always made it out to be growing up? (It’s not, but he’s not necessarily disappointed.) Whatever it is, he listens with rapt attention, and he’s always the person you go to when you have silly anecdotes to share over dinner, like the time you found out you share a similar interest with one of your students halfway through the school year, or the Student/Faculty basketball game you’ve been practicing for. (Which he goes to. Brought a foam finger with your name scrawled in Sharpie and everything.) It’s because of all those little stories that Prompto can see how dedicated you are to your job, and especially to making sure your students are well-educated in a safe environment where they can feel respected.

Ignis is likely more concerned with the logistics of everything. Rather than focusing on the grades or silly stories, at the end of the day he’s infinitely more interested in the subject matter. He’ll frequently look over your lesson plans—not because he wants to critique them, though he can give constructive criticism if you ask for it—but because he genuinely wants to learn more about the places where you exercise your expertise. He loves your affinity for certain topics, and encourages you through the dullness of others, reminding you (perhaps in more ways than one) that passion is contagious. Ignis also understands that teaching can be a job that leaves you feeling overworked and underappreciated, and he’s more than acquainted with stress of his own. Expect him to bring you tea and gently clear away your work without further argument, because you don’t deserve to work perpetually the way he has to—and, perhaps, to offer to help chaperone some of your field trips, especially if it’s to a museum.

Gladio is, to absolutely no one’s surprise, the guy who makes the teacher kink jokes. If you ask him to do something for you—or to not do something at all—expect him to give you that grin you love so much and say something like, “Or what? You’ll give me detention?” (He’ll do it regardless. It’s just worth seeing the little blush that flares up every time he says it.) Teasing aside, though, he really admires what you do, especially if you work with high schoolers. It’s something he can relate to himself, given the ways he tries to connect with Iris and helped her with schoolwork in the past. He actually confesses to you, one night as you’re lying in bed together, that he’d want to be a literature professor if he weren't—if he didn’t have to be the King’s Shield. That maybe, when all of this blows over and the world is right again, he can do that with his life. He has to pull you away from little daydreams of “Professor Amicitia,” and adds with a wink that he could always use a Teaching Assistant—a job you would readily take.

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Do you believe about 'gay just for one person' thing?

Yes and no?

I believe in the “everyone’s at least a little gay” sort of thing (which is something my first year biology teacher said in front of everyone so it’s obviously science psh), where you can fall in love with anybody at any point in your life. A man may identify as a “straight” person, get married have children, but suddenly find himself developing feelings for another man. Happens all the time, when a certain person shows up. And I’m not just pulling this story out of fanfiction because this happened to close relative of one of my best friends :)

Basically, I believe in a world where labels are all stripped away, and everyone just goes by the tag of “human”. I don’t know if you noticed this, but something I often try (not always) to do in my writing is: I write in a world where the words “gay, lesbian, white, black, Asian…etc. w/e” don’t even exist–and believe it or not everything still makes complete sense.

 tl;dr Humans can spontaneously fall in love with other humans at any time, and who are we to put labels and names or even explain why people feel the way they feel ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

Members Announcement Round 1

Hello everyone! Thank you to all who applied! My co-admin and myself have decided to choose the members a bit early, so here goes. If you were tagged in this post it means that you’re accepted! We will message you with a couple of follow up questions and add you to the member’s page. We will also add you to the group so that you can reblog your creations to this blog.


Congrats to all of you! We both look forward to building a great net with you. Get excited!

Tag your class: seeing a cockroach in your room
  • Knight: Grabs any shoe that's close to kill it
  • Tank: Stomps it immediately with your foot
  • Archer: Throws whatever object is close to you at it in hopes of killing the little intruder
  • Summoner: Screams for help so someone comes and kill it for you
  • Mage: Uses bug spray to kill it
  • Healer: Uses any net, magazine, glass or whatever object to let the pest outside your house
  • Thief: Leaves the room immediately
  • Dark Mage: Lets the cockroach roam freely before it dies because you fumigated beforehand
  • Bard: Screeches in fear hoping the cockroach just goes away

Some of these will not apply to many people so pls take them with a grain of salt. Also I’ve been collecting these pretty much for the two years I’ve been in college so it’s not a guide, they’re just… random I guess.

Making friends 

Warning - specially tailored for super shy people aka me

  • There’s a thing called the ‘first week window of endless oportunities’. It’s when groups are still forming and everyone’s desperate to make friends. This is the time to put your best self forward (I’m not saying be fake, just a little extra friendly).
  • Leave. Your. Door. Open. Do it. Even if you have a roommate. Best way to make friends the first week.
  • Actually get out of your room. You’re not going to meet many people if you hole up in your room. If you have a tv room or people are watching a movie, I don’t care if you’re not interested in what they’re watching, go.
  • If you have the balls to go to the room nextdoor and introduce yourself then you probably can skip this section by all means do it!
  • But if you don’t, going from door to door asking for help with your laundry takes a lot less courage + you will learn how to do laundry. Asking to borrow something (pencil, hair tie, hair dryer) also works.
  • If you’re staying at a residence hall, ask to sit with people at lunch! Nobody is going to say no, i promise.
  • Similarly if you see someone alone, ask them to have lunch with you! 
  • Also if you meet someone you get along with, as soon as you can, ask for their number ‘so you can go to the dinning hall together’. 
  • Remember people’s names - it makes people feel like you actually care about them. I know it’s hard but make an effort. Also it just gets annoying when someone asks about your name for the fourth time. Use mnemonics if you have to.
  • Asking what someone’s major is and where they’re from is standard procedure when you meet them but it doesn’t make for an interesting conversation. Think of other questions!
  • Make sure to arrive about 10 min early to your classes. There’ll be very few people and so it’ll be easier to strike up a conversation (actually people will probably talk to you without you having to say anything which is g r e a t)
  • Say yes - as a rule of thumb, your social life should prevail over your academic life the first two weeks. This is the time where you’re not really pressed for time. Say yes to watching movies, say yes to going to lunch, say yes to going to campus events (and even to parties). Obviously don’t do anything that makes you really unconfortable but do try to step out of your comfort zone
  • Make friends with an upper-classman from your same major. Or at least be on speaking terms. Talk to them on Facebook, ask them about your major, just use any random idc excuse to introduce yourself, it doesn’t really matter how you do it.
  • Don’t go home every weekend, even if you live close by. You’ll miss out on the best of campus life and some of the most fun memories with your new friends.

Keeping your old friends

  • If you know you’re going home for the weekend, try to finish most of your assignments/studying and make time to hang out with your friends. Spending time with them is the best way to keep those friendships alive. 
  • But! Don’t worry too much if you can’t come home or make time for your friends too often, you just have to make an effort to text them regularly. It will come naturally if it’s your best friend, but don’t forget to set a reminder to text other close friends at least once every two weeks.
  • You may think you don’t care now but you will once you come home for the summer.
  • If any of your friends are staying in your hometown for college, be ready for them to get another friend group. That doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about you, but don’t be mad if they seem to have a lot more plans that don’t involve you. You can always ask to tag along some time and maybe even become friends with these people!
  • Some people you’ll just lose contact with. Don’t fret it.


  • Please print out or buy a calendar that has a whole page for each month. With boxes preferably *shameless plug*. You may think you have it all under control but there’s nothing like being able to see all your due dates, hang out plans and laundry days at a glance. (Also js but the pilot frixion are perfect to use on calendars because they’re erasable).
  • There’s so much space under your bed. UTILIZE IT.

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